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I'm Fed Up With the Attacks

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I'm getting really sick of all the BS that is going around these forums.

Accusation: I edit threads and have people banned because I disagree with their opinions.

I find it extremely hurtful that any of you think this. If this were true, then I can think of a few members who would no longer be with us. I disagree with a lot of opinions, but I fully support their right to post their opinions. I will attack their argument and defend my own position, but I do not use my Moderator powers to suppress my opposition. If I, or other mods, were trying to suppress opinions, we would delete posts. Instead, when I disagree with people's opinion, I post my own opinion and defend my beliefs. In the past, my opponents have always followed suit, and rebutted my arguments with their own ideas and facts. Lately, however, people have been attacking me, rather than defending their ideas. I'm sick of it.

Everyone is allowed to express their opinions, as long as it is done respectfully. This is why people like ~moeman were banned. Not because we disagreed with his opinions, but because he used foul language and racial slurs while expressing his thoughts. ~moeman's actions got him banned, not his ideas. If he had been willing to follow the rules, he would still be around to discuss his opinions. We gave him numerous chances to start posting his thoughts respectfully, but instead he attacked the mods verbally and continued using his racial terms and foul language.

We at HW have no issues with people having fun and posting their opinions. Heck, rule #1 of the HW Forums is to have fun! We simply have a problem when people show disrespect to others while expressing themselves. The only time I (and other Mods) edit posts or warn users is when they break the HW rules. I have never edited the content of a post and I never will.

[Edited on 12-20-05 by Fanpuck33]

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