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  1. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Habs fan first and foremost! But living in Ottawa I have to say I do cheer for the Sens (when they aren't playing the Habs) and I have to admit what I'm seeing tonight is a disgrace! How many times must Heatley flop on the ice to try and draw a penalty? Markov barely touched him and he did a super dramatic spin to the ice to get the call. I understand the team is laying bricks right now, but this isn't the way you want to start winning.... I hope Colin Campbell takes a look at some of this video.

  2. What a game man. I'm pumped up :D

    Even tough we lost the initial game this year, I feel a lot better about this game than the ugly 2-1 win last year in Boston.

    Now that was a refreshing post! I agree completely!

    Even though we lost, we were able to keep up with what everyone's calling the fastest team in the NHL. That will probably be one of the best games we see all year. End to end action, non stop speed, back and forth hockey. There's alot of teams in the league that won't be able to handle our speed. I hope we prove that tonight against the slow leafs defense.

  3. Not really sure what thread to post this in, so here's as good aplace as any I guess.

    After watching last night's game I was really impressed with Johnson! Now I don't know if it was because he was one of the only guys who looked like he was giving 100%, but he's starting to look like a very good acquisision. Should make the 3rd line very interesting to watch. Hell, who knows, maybe he can start playing centre on our second line.

  4. I was just watching Off The Record on TSN and they has Alexander Ovechkin as the guest. In his "next question" segment, Landsberg asks him who he feels is the best russian player currently in the NHL. His answer: Andrei Markov.

    I just thought this was interesting ans would pass along.

  5. Every player has flaws, why don't you pick on them as well.

    Koivu is always hurt. Kovalev only shows up when he wants to. Souray looks like a pylon sometimes. Ribeiro can't or won't play defense, etc., etc,.

    THe only thing Ryder has done is lead the team in scoring over the past two years and all anyone can do it bitch about him. F*ck...no wonder free agents don't want to come here. The guy scores 30 goals, the fans still find something to bitch about, and management doesn't want to give him a raise over his $1 Million dollar salary last year.

    Ryder has never professed to be a Rick Nash or Ilya Kovalchuk. What he is, is a guy who will score 30 goals a year, play a full season...he's only missed two games in two years, and actually shows up every night unlike alot of guys on the team. Not bad for a guy who drafted in the 8th round, worked his way up threw the minor leagues and is currently only making $1 Million a year. Get off his f*cking back already.

    AMEN to that!

  6. So Ribs are in.

    Then I'll cheer for him. Go Ribs Go! I'll hope he deke Arnott out in the stands next time they face each other.

    That's the good attitude to have. Let's support him and hopefully he'll work hard to give us one hell of a year. It can happen.... right?

  7. In all honestly, the Habs don't have anything to worry regarding the CBA cap. As far as the CBA cap is concerned, they could afford to pay Arnott, or any other UFA 5 mil a year. The decision lies with George Gillette and how much he is willing to pay for the players. I'm sure he's gone up to Gainey and gave him a "cap" on how much he's willing to pay in salaries. I would love to know how many owners in the league have given the go ahead to their GMs to spend the full 44 million.

  8. And now there are reports that Luongo will be signing for close to 7mil per season with Vancouver.

    Sure he's good, but if Huet plays up to his potential the next few season, at 2.75mil he'll look like a complete steal.

  9. Other than that, I think we are expecting too much, and not much will change. We can expect pretty much the exact same roster as last year with MAYBE 1 free agent addition, Kostitsyn as a regular, and the deletions of Bulis and Sundstrom from the roster. I expect Aebischer and Ribeiro to be qualified and returned to the lineup. Theres no real market for these guys.

    I don't really have a problem with this scenario at all. If you think of the amount of extra games we could have won last year had Huet been in net all year, we could probably have finished 2 or 3 spots higher in the conference, maybe even more.

  10. according to team 990:




    sundstrom-murray-X (prolly Kost)

    I tend to like this. Bonk hs been playing better. And let's face it, with Saku out, we'll need Bonk on the ice alot more to win some face-offs. Not to mention that Zhog-Plek-Zed have been working hard all series and it would be a shame to split them up.

  11. The replays of him on the bench show him playing with 'the holy grail' and the look on his face reminds me of a couple of guys I've had to attend to on the bench over the years......

    but then given the secrecy around NHL injuries, only his hairdresser will know for sure? :rolleyes:

    LOL! "the holy grail"? Sheldon may want to thing about hiring you to be his publicist. :lol:

  12. And I'll be in the belly of the beast. My father won tickets for tomorrow game :D

    Cant wait, this will be my first time at Bell Centre, and the first time I'll see an NHL playoff game life, altough I did went to Corel Centre before.

    I've been at both, and let me tell you, you're in for a treat. Corel/Scotiabank Centre is nothing compared to the Bell Centre. Enjoy the game, I wish I could be there too!

  13. I don't know where he got his info, or if this was a typo, but Jacques Demers says Sheldon injured his wrist last night.

    "Il sera intéressant d’avoir des nouvelles de Sheldon Souray, qui a quitté en première période blessé au poignet. Sheldon est tellement important pour cette équipe. On a vu que son absence a créé un vide, mais chapeau aux cinq autres défenseurs."


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