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  1. As far as loosing Bulis for nothing, I think that will be a part of hockey now. Look at the NFL, teams let big players go for nothing all the time. The only hope is we can offset loosing Bulis for nothing by picking up a solid UFA for nothing.

    I agree 100%. It may look strange right now since it's only the first year with the new economic system, but 2-3 years from now, losing someone for nothing will probably be very common.

    Also, how do we expect all our young guys to come up and make this team if we don't dump people. With the coming of Kostitsyn, Latendresse, Chipchura, etc, we will need to get rid of some guys otherwise they'll never get the chance. Unfortunately, Danis is finding this out the hard way. Hopefully he gets his chance next year.

  2. I just wanted to comment on the absolute fabulous play of the Bonk-Bégin-Murray line. Not only are they shutting down the other team's top line, but they are contributing offensively as well. In the last 5 mins of the game they totally dominated and kept the puck in the Iles zone. Bégin had 2 glorious chances in front of the net but got robbed both times by Dipietro. Wish he could have buried one cause he deserved it.

    Either way, if I was Gainey, I'd keep this line together and keep giving them plenty of ice time cause they are playing awesome right now!

  3. Probably Leaf fans burning it in disgust, got caught and claimed to be habs fans

    on a positive note we were giging in Brampton on Sat night. Leaving the hotel Sunday morning my Leaf fan road manager commented on how nice it was out. I said "yeah it is 6-2". Huh? I say,"spring in toronto, leafs are out" Poor guy couldn't look at me for a good 10 minutes. Great canadian moments in sports.

    Pure gold!!!

    Made my day...

  4. I've been lucky enough to be able to be at the Bell Centre for 2 games against the leafs and both times I was surprised at the number of leafs fans in the building. The atmosphere was simply amazing. Now those were games that really didn't mean much. I wish I could be there for tonight's game cause it should be even more insane in there!


  5. I am in a bad mood too, however, I am not going to make rash decisions on Huet's play. He is playing really well and that is what I want in a goalie. I have not heard any Devil fans jump on Marty's play after allowing 12 goals in two games. Why do we?

    Because Marty Brodeur is a proven goalie. It's easy to forget a few bad games from Marty when you remember the Stanley Cups he's brought to your city.

    I like Huet and all, but lets please not put him in the same category or context as Brodeur.

  6. Check out this article from the Ottawa Citizen :


    At one point or another on Saturday night I mentioned almost all of this to my brother. This guy's hit it right on! Shame on CBC!!

    P.S. Sorry guys, I guess I should have just added this to JMMR's "Great Article" thread. Just thought I'd post another article on the subject.

  7. Also one needs to take into account that just axing a player who is struggling can have an adverse effect on other players in certain circumstances. i.e. Does it send a message that management will simply give up on you the first time you hit a major slump?

    See, this is where I disagree. Management has not just given up on Theo, if they did, he would have been gone a long time ago. He's been given every opportunity to make up for his poor play yet doesn't seem to be making any improvements. Perfect example was when Bob took over and put him in net after Julien was ready to sit him. It appears as though Claude had given enough chances and was ready to play Huet more. Maybe Gainey will come to that realization soon enough as well. There's only so many chances you can give a guy. If he doesn't make good on them, then what else can management do?

  8. Wonder what the Toronto media stations will have to say about Perez if his hit list adds up. After that stick swinging incident (I hate calling it that...it seems much too euphemised and soft) I know he suddenly had to "keep his emotions in check." Yes...after one kneejerk slash that was aimed at the man's hip, which happened to hit his face because he was falling down...unbeknownst to Perez. "He's a total snapshow! A maniac! AHHHH!!"

    Now this Primeau thing...I wouldn't be surprised if he's suddenly called a headhunter. "The bastard nearly (cleanly) checked Primeau's head off! He's a monster! A 6'10" two ton behemoth! Chuck Norris is afraid of him! I think he eats babies. Why? Well he's never gone on record saying he doesn't eat babies. Why is that Perez? Too busy...EATING BABIES??!!"*

    Yes, I am bored. That helped a bit.

    *Stolen from SNL, teh interweb, and Clone High respectively.

    LOL! That made my morning!

    But c'mon now Trizzak... honestly... Chuck Norris isn't afraid of anyone!

  9. Last night during the game on TSN they first said that he had a groin infury. Then, later on, they said that he got a cut on his leg which got infected so he couldn't play.

  10. ya the telcasting was pisspoor, and they were calling dumb penalties both ways in the 1st.. but I think souray should get what he deserves and thats the 2 game suspension colin campbell has been giving everyone for anything. I do agree that the announcing was very unprofessional as always. I find the best way is to listen to the fan 960 with the tv muted. I think the kovalev goal was a fluke and the canadiens are luck they stayed in this game at all. I dont see how the flames played "poorly" 5v5 as they lead in shots by a large margin all game long.

    Ya well, Tucker didn't get anything for bashing someone in the head with a helmet, so I don't see how Surray should get anything for wearing a bandage on his wrist.

    Oh... wait a minute, Tucker's a Leaf so... darn, looks like Surray's screwed.

  11. Komisarek, however, is a disappointment. Not only have his skills not progressed, they almost appear to have regressed (he looked better in the playoffs against the Bruins). Add to that what appears to be a lack of effort, and I'm starting to wonder about this guy. Case in point: watch his play against Iginla on the 3rd goal. He lackadaisically shoved him a couple times, then watched him zoom past him on his way to the net. The whole time he essentially had his head down, and when the puck went into the net, he was covering no one. This isn't an isolated incident. Perhaps it isn't a lack of effort but rather a lack of confidence. Either way, he is not helping this team.


    I agree that Komi needs to step it up, but to come to his defense a little bit on that particular goal, the fourth line had been out on the ice for a while, then they get caught icing the puck. Naturally, Sutter sends out his top line to take advantage of our 4th line having to stay out there. Calgary was then able to cycle the puck in our zone for what seemed to be a good 2 mins and eventually scored on the scramble. You can blame him all you want, but that was an extremely long shift for our fourth line who definitely can't match up to Iggy's line.

  12. Hey guys, this is my first post although I've been reading the forums here all season. Not sure if this was ever mentioned but I was watching TV station CHOT (TVA) here in Ottawa which has been covering the firing of CJ. They mentioned this might have all started after an incident which happened on Dec 31st after the loss in Carolina. Apparently New Years is a huge thing in Russia, and on the plane home after the game, Kovy apparently did something to try and make the guys laugh and it wasn't taken very good by the coaches. I think we've all seen that Kovy hasn't been himself in the past few games since then.

    Anyone else about this?

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