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  1. Yeah, I watched it before I went to bed, first episode of Curb I'd ever seen so I was completely lost for stuff pertaining to that show.

    Jason going on and on about how crappy the finale of Seinfeld was and Larry considering letting the network head die though had me laughing. Oh and Michael being distracted by the restaurant.

    You can tell they're throwing some Seinfeld-esque scenes in too. Larry, Jason and Jerry arguing about tipping at the end just felt like classic Seinfeld. It was pretty cool.

    yeah it did feel warm to the heart seeing the old gang together, George Costanza is actually based on Larry David, but anyways i have all nine seasons on dvd, it got me back to rewatching them from scratch lol

  2. The Seinfeld reunion episode of Curb is on tonight if anyone is interested.

    watched it, it was so and so, i liked how Jason Alexander was saying "the fans deserve a better finale than the one we did"

  3. You're forgetting Resistance is set in WWII. First one is decent, second one is incredible. I personally found WaW to be a bit of a dissapointment. It was decent but it followed Modern Warfare and everything was a step below. I had the campaign beaten in less then a day. Got it on a Sunday afternoon, beat it on Monday morning. Had no desire to play anymore after that, went right back to CoD IV.

    Call of Duty IV is still the best shooter of this generation but it's set in modern day (hence Modern Warfare). You can't go wrong with any of those three though.

    Bad Company: extremely generic shooter that didn't stand out to me. It doesn't do anything terrible but nothing great either. Theres better options out there for what you're looking for at the same price.

    actually, i never even played the campaign!! i went straight online, as for Resistance 2, i bought it, returned it the next day, i kinda like more the realism in fps, end wasent at all impressed, i am a GOW fan , altough not anymore, ever since i got the red ring of death

  4. Disappointing. Means I have to get a new graphics card for my PC for the one that fried. Incidentally, no way I'm getting that for Portal (though I'm sure it'll be fine). HL and the part of HL2 I played on my computer were easily the best games I've every played. By a substantial margin.

    So, no one has played Bad Company? What other war type games are out there that are good? I'm particularly a fan of the WWII stuff, but I'm flexible.

    the Best World War 2 game at the moment on the Ps3 is by far Call of Duty : World At War

    yeah i remember when halflife first came out, playing online with that game was my best online experience, that shotgun was simply amazing!!

  5. It's going to be just like Call of Duty, it's just a name change because the developers are different (actually thats only theory. I haven't really bothered to look into why they dropped Call of Duty from the name, lol). It's actually speculated the change will in fact hurt sales.

    If you go on youtube, theres some leaked footage for Modern Warfare 2 from Gamescom in Germany last week. It's pretty sweet.

    ill check it out, i really enjoy that series, Cod 5 is amazing

    whats your psn name?

    mines Darthtd

  6. Modern Warfare has actually split from the Call of Duty franchise. It's just called Modern Warfare 2 now.

    Uncharted 2 is the one must-have PS3 game this year. If a PS3 owner gets anything this year, it should be Uncharted 2. As for turn-based RPGs, theres nothing on the horizon other then Final Fantasy XIII itself. I'd suggest checking out Disgaea 3 or Valkyria Chronicles though if you haven't already.

    thanks jets, your always up to date! hey why isint Modern Warfare with Cod? is the game going to be similar? better ? what the hell is going on?

  7. any good Rpgs coming out soon? talking about final fantasy turn based rpgs, sony has lacked in releasing some, also what are the must have games coming up? i know i will be getting CODMW2 , its going to be amazing

  8. i have been playing guitar for quite some time now, and i am pretty sure some of my fellow habs fans also play, be it drums base, keyboard or even the friggin banjo! i mostly play heavy metal , but appreciate playing 70's rock and blues! got a total of 9 guitars and a base, ill upload some pics later

    :clap: :hlogo: :clap:

  9. No. I just read a critic a week ago saying that some parts of the books would be missing.

    yeah like they did with the fifth movie, i had just finished reading the book when i saw the movie.

    a movie i am really anxious to see, Inglourious Basterds

    link to preview

  10. That's probably the best idea, but it isn't always easy. Most of the people that talk hockey with me are largely ignorant and derive their "opinions" from what TSN, Sportsnet or Don Cherry tells them. It's astonishingly difficult to tell a person that knows nothing about hockey that they... know nothing about hockey.

    But like you say, the media has been pretty far off in recent memory, so I take comfort in the fact that the media is panning Bob's moves. Although I'm not 100% sold on what he's done, I must say that I think we've got a contending team at minimum, and that we may surprise a lot of my friends. ^_^

    tell me about it, saddly my brother listens to ckac all day at his work, and sometimes i find he gets brainwashed by all the junk he could hear there, ohh well

  11. any one see the new potter movie yet?

    read the book, the movies dont portrait it correctly, unless of course you didnt read any of them..

  12. Then it's his fault for getting the store to repair it. Should've gotten Microsoft to do it directly, would've been free.

    hehe he sent it to microsoft, they sent him the box and all to send the Xbox, shipping and all was free, but not the repair

  13. Microsoft extended the warranty on the RROD. Even if you bought it the day it came out, you'd still have 2 years left on the warranty. My old one had the Unreadable error so I did the towel trick and forced it to red ring. Got it fixed for free and then sold it to my buddy for half price.

    my friend bought it the same time as me at same place, and charged him 120$ to repair the rrod

  14. If you got the RROD, why didn't you just send it to Microsoft? Then you could have a 360 and a PS3!

    well the garantee was over so it would come to about 120$ to get it fixed...i sold all my xbox stuff, i was always a sony fan boy anyways lol

    i had gotten the xbox for gears of war

    no i am really happy with my Ps3 metal gear 4 was amazing, now i just got a kick ass tv, going to replay the whole thing in 1080p :bow:

    and watched 4 movies so far (got the tv this weekend) Nightmare before xmax, the dark knight, hellboy one and 2 amazing eye candy heheh!

  15. http://g4tv.com/thepile/videos/36553/Sessl...ne-Mailbag.html

    Adam Sessler put fanboys in their place after the flame wars started over Killzone 2, great video. :lol: When he's not being forced to do really lame jokes on X-Play, the guy knows his shit. Plus he gets to work with Morgan Webb every day who I wish was my wife (pretend I never said that, I could get in trouble. >_>).

    Basically Sessler is pretty awesome.

    Hey all, i used to own an xbox 360, actually created the xbox 360 thread here, but got the Rrod, got a Ps3 instead, havent regretted it yet, if any of you want to challange me at either nhl09 or cod4 add me up darthtd is the name, also planning on getting cod world at war

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