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  1. im lucky my GF is not interested all that much in hockey...but always asks who won cause it affects my mood afterwards...but she never tries to interpose between me and the habs.....she plans stuff after or before the game but never during....and as for rituals...i usually HAVE to watch it at home...i hate watching it with newbies screaming at the tv cause kovalev mishandled the puck...so usually i watch it alone...on the same spot on the sofa same position...everything...and at some point i even tought my girlfriend was a habs "oiseau de malheur" i swear to god...each time she would show up from work the opposing team would score a goal....must of happend a dozen times...at one point she wasent aloud near me or the TV lol

    just kidding about her not beeing aloud to come near me....but came close :lol:

  2. the key to those stats is the games played. Only team really to worry about if they got hot would be Boston. They've played one less then the Habs.

    i dont think boston is going to stay hot...now montreal could be in real trouble...they lack finishing and its starting to hurt them....

    now toronto as lost 2-3 in a row (not sure) but im pretty sure they are going to come out strong against the habs as they always do....im starting to pray now so they can win on saturday ( i dont actually pray) but you get the point

  3. A show created for the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. It's 15 minutes long and basically it's about this mad professor who finds a dead chicken and turns it into this cyborg chicken and forces it to watch bad tv. The show is all the TV that the chicken is watching and it's bloody hilarious. It REALLY rides the border line of being funny and offensive and has tons of guest stars. Seth McFarlane and Mila Kunis are on it a lot and so is Sarah Michelle Gellar. One little skit from tonights show that I found very simple yet incredibly hilarious...


    And for anyone who watched Voltron like myself, this made me laugh really hard...


    i bought the dvds...this show is amazing...seth green humour is great...plus theres plenty of stars that lend there voices! even burt reynolds lol! cant wait for season two

  4. The Show was amazing dude!!!!!! Blind Guardian are amazing live!!! the songs are all well performed!

    i have some video footage ill have to try and find out how to put em on internet

    but be sure to check out! at least 10 mini videos of 1-2 minutes

  5. man carbo need to revise is books cause habs need to score more....this match was boring...i hate shoutouts....so does huet get a shutout?

    belaknation is coming to montreal on saturday... gonna be a tough one... those boys always turn it up a few notches when they take us on.

    we can't take any time off with these guys... gotta push, push, push, push, pushhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............

    GO :hlogo: GO!

    isint there a game against Carolina before?????

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