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  1. Is it just me or is there very little flow to the game so far by either side

    boring game so far....only line playing good is the bonk line....2nd line pleks keeps giving it away ....or dumping it in...and kovy and sammy dont forecheck....give it to kovy let him bring it up dammit!!!! ryder seems to be sleeping

    well back to the game

  2. Not for this game but I can try to find you some.

    Which games are you interested in going to.

    any of them...if you have for the 14 of december it would be perfect...my birthday teh 15th...cause i know for sure you cant have any for the 16th...im ready to "mettre ma main au feu" but all in all any tickets you can get your hands on tell me...ca\use its close to impossible to get any tickets...

    and as for the game tonight the key is to stop Ollie and lets hope that Belfour wont have another one of those great games he had last game against us

  3. Yeah, same here since Friday. I got on the bus and it got to the end of my street before it got stuck. After listening to the tires spin for 5 minutes, I just got off and came back home.

    man i wish it would snow here!!!i think we could expect a mild winter again...sucks when you actually like snow.

  4. So, I know that Bonk is doing well on the checking line, but man this team needs a 2nd line centre. If someone could pass the puck to Kovy and set up a few goals, I think you would find him producing a lot more. Bonk has been playing well, and it would be nice to see him centre the 2nd line.

    i too tought this would be a good idea...but the thing with bonk is if you want him to produce you cant give him too much pressure...look at him play now...he seems to be having fun as if he was playing with some friends...put pressur on him and he cracks...i say let plekanec a couple of games more to see what he can truly give to the team..the past few games they had plenty of good oppertunities....now if they can only sink some more in.

  5. Yes, but it isn't working. When I decide I am in the right mood to see it, I'll just rent it.

    ADD: But thank you for asking! :clap:

    I must admit I have this thing about downloading movies actually. I download music every now and then, and I've downloaded a couple of computer games, but never any movies.

    ok i think the same way...but good luck finding it...at least here i couldnt find it anywhere

  6. one thing to look at this early in the season is the schedule strength. For the most part, division mates should have similar SoS. The only difference would be that the lower-ranked teams should have somewhat harder ones as, e.g., detroit gets to play the blues, but the blues have to play detroit.

    Look at the Eastern Div:

    Buffalo - 6

    Toronto - 13

    Montreal - 3

    Ottawa - 1

    Boston - 10

    TO 13? Their SoS is most definitely going to go up as the season continues. This shows that their current record is somewhat illusory. They are picking up wins against lesser teams... this indicates that they are likely due to hit a snag later in the season.

    what do you mean SoS?

  7. I've heard about it and I've heard it's supposed to be a very good flick.

    the story is about a not so far future japan...where disispline is tought by the army...sending thousands of kids on an island and to kill eachother off until theres one left...do you have a torrent client?

  8. and that's only one of four, fellow habsfan...

    i'll be displaying parts of the others over the next little while.

    They're all hand-made custom-built acoustics...

    I'll give you a taster... one's a cocobolo back & side with an englemann spruce topped concert body six-string.

    another is a flaming myrtlwood back & side with an englemann spruce topped jumbo body twelve-string.

    the fouth is an african blackwood back & side with an extreme bearclawed sitka spruce topped dreadnought six-string.

    and that won't be the end of it all if I get my way... I'm looking at getting a madagascar rosewood classical built then a prehistoric kauri parlour, a (maybe koa) dobro and, finally an acoustic base (not sure of the wood yet... that's maybe four years away). :D

    GO :hlogo: GO!

    how much those it cost you to make a custom made guitar? and there sounds must be quite unique? you dont make em yourself now do you? i loveplaynig with 12 strings..i get the feeling im not playing alone lol

  9. I teach kindergarten :):):):)

    hands down the best job in the school and the best one I've had in my career so far.

    GO :hlogo: GO!

    after reading the word kindergarden a few times in my head i started to wonder is that a word from sweden or german?? lol just wondering.

  10. That's cool, that's who you are, and I'm not begruding that. BUt this is a hockey forum and mentions of god might make some people - like me - uncomfortable or make them not want to come back here.

    ...ok..its just word...just skip shorts comments then lol...but i dont think, other then you that people feel uncomfertable ...lol...and on top of it he as a wicked guitar

  11. well our next challenge is the panthers...hope the habs will regroup...saw a bit of frustration near the end....but all will be well and huet will be back in goals...time to seek revenge from the panthers and get two more points...time to put this excuse of a hockey game behind us...ohh and one more point...last night the habs played against the Sabres..as the flyers played the weekest team in the west...i think both efforts were quite different...n e ways

    Go habs GO

  12. 1 1 1:06 35 T. PLEKANEC 2:00 Hooking

    2 1 1:45 20 M. JOHNSON 2:00 Interference - Goalkeeper


    2 17:17 52 C. RIVET 2:00 Tripping


    2 17:49 44 S. SOURAY 2:00 Slashing

    Refs just love to give us 3-on-5 PKs...

    there was a vouple of tripping and obstruction against us that didnt get called...that pisses me off the most....the obviese calls not gettuing called....especially when you see a ref staring that way

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