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  1. Well, I'll be at work again tonight, but the boys are undefeated when I"m working nights at that particular job.. I'm doing my part, they'd better do theirs!

    The last time we played Philly, the game was closer than it should have been. Let's dismantle them!

    GO HABS GO!!

    yeah but it was at the beginning of the season...the team still had confidence....but this could be one of those games for them....they did beat the best team in the west....heres hoping habs will be on a hot streak...the win last night must of boosted the room and team chemestry...did you see after sourays goal? as if we won the stanley cup!!

  2. Don't forget also that it's 4 million by the end of the year, not 4 million at launch. The specialty stores aren't getting that many of either console, EB's are only getting a max of 15 per location whereas some TRU's and BB's got 100+.

    Don't have Tales but my friend bought it and I borrowed it from him. Really good game.

    It's f****** cold, someone convince me to take the bus to EB. :lol:

    do you guys have ice rinks yet???or its not cold enough??

  3. This is one reason why I think the Habs will miss Claude Julien this year...he was always able to fire the team up between periods...Carbo hasn't figured this out yet.

    i think you are forgetting one of the bigger aspects...most of the habs players didnt respect Julien...i dont think Julien is missed in the locker room...i rather be motivated by a guy who as rings then a guy who could hardly skate....

  4. 2 songs from the latest album only. Fly and Another stranger me. 5 songs from Imaginations from the other side and the old classics of course. If they play kinda the same set for you you will be happy :D

    ahhh i can't wait its in five days!!! on top of it i wont miss any habs games...it goes like so ....tuesday habs...wednesday blind guardian show...thursday habs game...how btter can my week go? ohj wait habs game on friday...ne ways good enough! i hope they play banish from sanctuary.....goodbye my friend and other classics! the new album i didnt listen alot...they changed somewhat a bit

  5. well no better place then here for my 1000 posts!

    ohhh and yeah marky theres something worste then the runny nose and sore throat....the night of thousand sweats....when you get to the fever point...that sucks...especially when you have to take a cold bath too cool down....i hate those

  6. i am the one who voted deissapointed....for the one and only reason that im dissapointed in the second line....the rest of the team have ecxited my expectations....if only it werent for the lack of points from the second line

  7. in flames will be in town the 11th

    not sure if i'm going

    war heart!!!!!

    I'm an outcast on the path of rebound

    Everything is frail, I desolate, crush, and burn

    I have chosen darkness to be my guide

    War is in my heart, death is by my side

    Warheart! No remains from compassion or love

    Warheart! Hate your fellow as yourself

    im going to see Blind guardian on the 29th ill try to go see Bodom i have a couple of friends going

  8. well its a "good thing" they arrested all the mafioso's....wierd enough i was watching Goodfellas as it was happening...but all i can say is its going to be worse now...with the "gang the rues" of montreal and im pretty positive they are going to be more around..and more troublesome...i mean the mafia do there business without the modern man noticeing it...but gang de rues is a whole different storie..

  9. man still nothing from the second line...i mean they seem to try but have no luck putting it in....isint irritating that samsonov shoots when he should pass and pass when he should shoot? my toughts....and not to be negative or anything...but where was latendresse tonight?

    cant wait to see higgins back ...and happy to see Bouillon back in line up....Buffalo is going to be a good challenge...if TO can score 4...we can score 4...im expecting a big game by Kovalev on friday..mark my words friends!

  10. me love you long time !!! :lol:

    moi je deteste sa quand un joueur retien l'attention des media et fans apres sa plus rien ne vas..prennez comme exemple Begin, avant que la presse le remarque il avait quoi 10 but de scorer? tout suite apres que la presse le remarque on dirais sa lui a monter a tete pis ya pus rien faite ( scoring wise) de la saison....ou presque....

  11. I don't want to lose Souray at the deadline, even IF he leaves next year (but I see no reason why he wouldn't resign with the team he's had the bulk of his NHL success). To be honest, there's not many on the team I'd like to get rid of...save Abby, something about him just bugs me, he reminds me of Theodore...he just lets in the soft goals.

    I think gettin grid of Ninny for a draftpick would help be able to sign Markov and Souray next year, abby too. Trading them for picks saves us like what 4.5 million?

    Especialy as of late Aebi as played a la theo..but the guy had a better start then Huet...thats why both arent steady #1 goalies...expect to see Huet loose the hot hand and Aebi to get back into his game...

  12. Am i glad that there is no picture avail of me, otherwise i would be no. 3 ;)

    Go Trizzak! For longe hair :D

    lol i just cut my long hair yesterday for my fathers 66th birthday...when my hair gets long it gets to the point of monstruosity,,,i have too thick of hair...but if i had thin hair for sure i would have death metal hair!!

    god damn would be sleeping right now but freakiin pol;ice helicopter wont stop circling around my block......wonder if they are after me and all my "illigal dling" :lol: (better get my shotgun)

  13. I'll let answer that with this convo I had seconds ago with JLP

    JLP Slacker: is that a pic of you?

    Tristan Tapscott: yes

    JLP Slacker: no shit?

    Tristan Tapscott: entirely lacking of shit

    and the shit, if you had been reading earlier, is in fact bananas. B-A-N-A-N-AS

    yea i red on earlier...but fergie wins overall...

    cool pic..very pearl jammish i find lol...dont know why

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