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  1. hard to say whats going to happend in this game....the bruins have got something to proof against the canadiens and would love to see the habs sliced out of the race so they will play with might...but are mightier begin bonk murray downey simpson should take care of the bruins fowards...as for are scorers..i say The Zed, koivu, kovalev and markov as for the bruins 2 by the berg

    habs win habs win! :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:

  2. Hey Gayulous.....

    What are you on? I'm all about the Cube.....love him.

    My point was Zednik has been missing in action........I miss him more then boullion, because I know what he's capable of.....The old Zed......

    Read the posts, get a feel for the conversation, don't just lash out........and 3 y's would've done the job......I get what your talking about, but you don't get what I'm talking about

    nice name changing there coming from a guy abviously in love with the ''Zed'' but nonetheless he his not the player he used to be...and i guess a hard hit to the head does that to someone...but i dont see him in the habs future...not with carbo and gainey...but boullion is just starting...let him gain some exp...i'm am positive that he brings a bigger change to the team then zed...like that nice penalty he got at 17:00 of the 3rd against the pens...also did you know that boullion leads in bodychecking ( before his injury ) and how many times did he ante up the team after a big hit??? tought so LOL

  3. I don't think I've seen Koivu score in 2-3 Months...hows that for loyalty?

    indeed i find that too deceiving...i mean the whole time he was playing i was hoping for him to put one in...boost up his confidence a bit....as they say in french he constently ''Swing dans le beurre'' i forgot how that expression goes in english anyways as for sticking behind our team... i totally agree with gohabs on that on...boullion and begin might be the ones who have the most heart on that team...i never see boullion skate at half speed....that said....lets bring the Cup home!!! LOL

    habs win habs win :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:

  4. There is no way the Habs can play the Devils in the first round Uness somehow Montrea can win the North East or the Devils win the Atlantic.

    its just wishfull thinking...they will prolly go against the rangers or the canes....they canes scare me alot...the are way more dominante team then the habs...but miracles happen in the playoffs...thats why its the best time of the year :)

  5. Look at my avatar. If I miss anybody? it's him.......

    What a dorky picture!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAA

    He's going to score on Tuesday....

    if someone the habs could do without its this guy ZED if i hate one player its him...and boullion is a great d and as great stickhandling...and contributes to the team wayyyyyyyyy more then Zednik...i hope koivu is going to score tomorow

    GO HABS GO :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:

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