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  1. http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news...d40&k=89853

    Most probable target is Fairview shopping centre. I mean, it's the only place I go every single day of my life for the past 4 years to take buses. It's only logical.

    i dont think they are taking it too seriously...like they say they get letters every 6 months or so...probebly some frech drunk wrote it down...probebly doesent even remember sending it...im french but have no problem with the anglophones...they should give it a rest

  2. alright anyone out there who as a 360 and xbox live it would be aswome to have some games against each other...instead of playing against morons and other lurking creatures out there hehe

    i think you had people by email...if its the case my email is


    and in gears of war its darth td

    Right now i have GoW till wednesday but will buy it

    Gears of War

    Ghost reckon advanced Warfighter

  3. Yep, either in deathmatch or we can play together in Campaign mode I think. I haven't touched GoW online much, I went on for a couple days but everyone playing was always a whiny 14 year old kid shouting stupid crap into his mic. A couple hours of "Boom, muthaf***ah, you're dead!" or "I touched boobies at school today! Hahaha!" REALLY gets on your nerves. I'll go online and poke around though, my gamertag is jetsniper33.

    If enough people have Xbox Live and GoW, we could probably fill up an arena with HW people (I think you only need 6). HW's official GoW deathmatch. That would be sweet. :lol:

    yeah i know what you mean about whiny 14 year olds

    ill try to add you to the friends list

    but thing is i rented GOW but i intend to buy it...any other online games really worth it?

  4. Hey jet do you have Gears of War? if so is there a possible way to play against each other...him still a noob but find that game amazing on my 46 inch hdtv. my online name is darth td ...(but as i said him pretty much new to this Xbox live)

  5. Yeah, what was up with the "for all Canadians" tagline?

    unless in the Us you have the "Hinterlands who's who" program...which i am positive it only plays in Canada you wouldn't know about the show...i guess thats what he meant...furthermore not find it as funny as us Canadians...correct me if him wrong

    Funny tough...me too i tought it was real at the beginning until he mentioned "hammock" lol

  6. i hope they feel like shit...towards the end i was hoping for the sens to score more...make the wound bigger...but i think Gainey is going to take things into hands...take care of some unproductive players...expect things to move...the Russians need to go...(man i was so excited when we got Samsonov...what a let down)

    Detroit are going to be difficult...when the last time The habs won in Detroit??

  7. Pis ses deux la...ils ont besoin de lunettes! ils disent des conneris c'est pas possible...

    J'avais commence une "thread" dans la section non francophone tantot mais il y a tellement de mauvais jugement de la part des deux ... que j'ai decide de plus y en faire de critique C"EST BIN DONC TROP!!!

    la dernier game ils on commencer a parler de football...pis de parler de lequipe preferer a Yvon...je le detestent...Short...sa serais quoi l'anti-christ de ton eglise? heh

  8. what went wrong with ps3? i mean i am going to buy one for sure ( i used to hate Xbox..now proud owner of Xbox360) i just dont understand...i for one cant wait for FF7 remake...i saw a PS# yesterday at wal-mart...left me confused as in if i should of jumped on the occasion to get it...but funds couldbt let me afford it

  9. after seriously thinking...i think the habs are going to bring this one home tonight....Atlanta is a perfect team to end a slump and gain once more some Confidance...i expect the habs to skate there ass's off tonight...Go habs go!!!!!

    i have faith in thee!

    i'm not one to brag....dont you all love it when im right :D GO HABS GO!!!!!

    CONGRATS MISTER 500!!!!!!!!!!!!! great game great effort!

  10. hey jet you seem to know alot about the consoles...i heard that xbox 360 is having a lot of overheating problemes...and that it is suggested to get a third party fan to cool the system down...any help?

  11. Lats should stay with Koivu, they kind of complete themselves... Koivu doesn't go and do hits to get the puck back, but Lats does and Koivu has a lot of speed on skates, which Latendresse doesn't really have, so I guess both of them kind of complete eachother, but I would of like to see Higgins instead of Ryder, but it looks like were getting a new third line cause of Bonk... Grabovsky and Lapierre still here? I guess they'll maybe get a contract soon seeing the Murray and Downey are out and Lapierre and Grabovsky are in... Guess Carbonneau wants to see them play again.

    i guess with Higgins not producing, Carbo is going back with the line he had success with.. i mean night after night Latendresse as never lacked effort...higgins in the past few as (maybe the flu...but still)

    so i can bet that we could expect alot from the eager Latendresse...only question mark is Ryder...n e ways we shall see!

  12. i just got an Xbox 360 yesterday i paid 350.00$ canadian ...brand spanking new withthe wireless manette

    next as to be a wii...but those are very hard to find!

    i played Rayman and wii sports all weekend! amazing game play...not so so graphics..but its all about gameplay

  13. Je voulais juste savoir si y'avait qqun qui a une connaisance sur les differents centre de formations dans les alentour de montreal et laval...J'ai finalement decider ce que je voulais faire. A part le centre "le Chantier" a laval..c'est la seul place que je connais qui donnent des cours d'electricien.

    N'importe qu'elle aide est de la bonne aide!

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