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  1. je les detestes...sourtout quand ils rentrent des "plugs" pour le football ( et parle du Football ) Pendant que nos glorieux jouent....souvent ils critiquent un joueur qui a "mal lancer la rondelle" quand cetais clairement un passe....ou vice versa! ils mennervent a tout les niveaux....j'ai hate qu'ils prennent leur retraite...le seul tolerable a rds sont Normand Flynn...Le Baron ce prend pour Don Cherry sa pas d'allure! ok maintenant mon coeur est vide!

  2. the rds broadcasters are speculating that Souray as an injured wrist...explaining why he isint shooting or anything as of late....

    i dont understand Carbo on a few things...why the hell his Ryder on the first line...he's only good to cough up the puck...he his the most aggrevating player to watch...no wait maybe Plekanecs...but still...now i said it before and ill say it again...bring up Lapierre GOD DAMMIT

    with that said...starting to worry with our habs playing...Higgins was totally invisible...and this for 2-3 matches

    EDIT: now i can stop bitching i have a load of my chest

  3. Based on our last outing; I'm hopeful now that we have got the ship moving in the right direction; Now lets have fun.

    OV and boys will be tough, but we can OverCome; prediction 6-3 Habs.


    goals by: Koivu, Kovy, Sammy, Lats, Ryder, Johnston

    goals by: OV, Semin and Zubby

    did we pick him on waivers? hehe just kidding

    habs should win this...but Ovechkin as his own challenge to beat Markov one-on-one.....proving that Markov can't stop him....so its going to be a interesting match up!

    go habs go!!!

  4. Great work by the PK

    Higgins and Koivu look better on the PK WITHOUT RYDER

    Great playing by Streit and Plex. Streit is impressing me like crazy as a forward.

    there more the time goes the more im thinking we can do without ryders 20-30 goals...the kid creates more then 20-30 scoring chances for the opposition....so really we could do without him!

    n e ways lets hope the habs take things into there hands...gloves...sticks

  5. I haven't heard a thing either. Poor bugger, he took an awful whack to the face. ...Plekanec had some mustard on that shot. He's gotta have a broken jaw at least, I daresay. That would mean he's out for a bit... no excuse now not to call up Lapierre.

    why so we have Murray and Downey.....LOL i hope Guy is going to do the call up!

  6. anyone else didnt understand what the hell Radek Bonk was saying on Rds? sounded more like gibberish then english


    as for the habs i dont know what to say....the lack of shooting as finaly crept on them...kovalev seems to be coasting again...samsonov showed a few flashes...but nothing great

  7. OK 10 regulation losses, we have filled our quota. Now we win the rest this season :D

    That second line better get something done and hopefully Abby can stone em and get his trade value up. Geez where is Lapierre when you need him? :(

    hey sharp i've seen you on the leafs forum...glad you found this one....best habs forum there is..period

  8. A bunch of clothes (3 sweaters and some pants)

    The first season of SNL

    Season 7 of South Park

    A Watch

    HNIC DVD trivia game

    Led Zeppelin early days and later days

    Jam Packed FoxTrot (soooo bummed that Amend is quitting)

    The Simpsons 1000 piece puzzle

    The best of StarWars PC games

    Some other stuff.


    which is?

  9. Hope Ed Belfour doesn't show up tonight in a Tampa uniform.

    Too bad about last night. Montreal should have won that game. But I'm sure they'll get back on track with a win against Tampa tonight

    i cant beleive our PP is still first...whats our record in the last two game 1 out of ten? well heres hoping the habs win tonight


  10. Perezhogin: 0 goals in last 10 gp

    Bonk: 1 goal in last 17 gp

    Johnson: 2 goals in last 21 gp

    Samsonov: 2 goals in last 27 games (both goals in one game)

    Kovalev: 2 goals in last 15 games

    Plekanec: 1 goal in last 19 games

    A round of applause! :clap:

    quite troubling if you ask me...good thing we are winning most the time...or else this would be a much bigger problem at the moment

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