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  1. koivu....kovalev....now one more personne...that asent scored in 6 weeks....he's due...if you know what i mean!!

    go habs go...beautiful late birthday present so far :) :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo:

    :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke:

    NEVER SAY THAT! You want to jinx us?

    counterjinx: CROSBY CAN SCORE 4 GOALS IN THE 3RD!!!!

    thank god for you sharpness on the counter attack....now let the gods decide

  2. No one here realised that Evgeni Malkin is Jewish?

    And habs in blood, u obviously dont travel much, cuz Prague (which is in the czech republic) had one of the biggest jewish communities in europe before WWII. and theyre are still lots of czech jews out there, and ive been to prague and they have the oldest Synagogue in europe i believe, very nice. You should check it out.

    and ill say it again, Malkin is Jewish

    ive been to italy tough....but not prague...going to thailand...but not prague....been around...perhaps....but not in prague

    as a Jew I had absolutely no problem with what Habs in the Blood said... I actually thought it was kinda funny.

    Haboholic - where do you get the Malkin/Jewish stuff? I've never heard that before.

    Yeah, there used to be jews in Prague... not so much anymore... Is the synagogue even still really active?

    thank you...at least i know it was somewhat funny...heck Jerry Seinfeld is my favorite Comedien...i know im no Jerry Seinfeld...but still i think Riker put it in best : Happy <insert reglious holiday of your choice here> everybody!

  3. So not surprised! Max plays a lot like Carbo used to. And its really no wonder our PK is so good. Just look at who Carbo can send out there: Koivu-Higgins, Bonk-Johnson, Plekanec-Begin are all very great duos... and now Carbo just dug up Streit-Lapierre which gives a breather for the other guys.

    Carbo said he'd have to go to Gauthier and asks him to find ways to keep Lapierre. Hmmm, what could that imply?

    maybe the fact that sending down lapierre is the only way to go without putting anyone on waivers?

    but lapierre as so far shown he his ready for this league...i mean Carbonneau didnt let him play in the easy occasions...he put him there in the crucial PK's and Lapierre answered very well...thing is, his he going to be consistant at that? i for one am ready to sacrifice either murray or downey...heck im ready to sacrifice both...ohh and on another point...notice how Lapierre didnt need to be on the first line to knotch his first NHL points? got to have you thinking there

  4. Franz Kafka. But that was clearly a joke, h in the b, and a funny one.

    I think Mathieu Schneider is the highest-profile Jewish hockey player right now. Honestly, the only one I can think of.

    Brad Richards is clearly a Scientologist. Or maybe a devotee of the Bangalore branch of Kali-Durga worship. I can't decide which.

    glad to see some people with a bit of humor in 'em... but im positive that there are many other jewish players in the nhl

  5. Then why say it?

    Is the one between Kovy and Gainey supposed to be Carbo? Looks more like Muller to me.

    it was suppsed to be a joke...god some people here take themselves way too serious

    Niinimaa is finnish and plekanecs is fricking Czech...how many jewish Czech's or fin's do you know?

  6. Here is what I am thinking, when Higgins and Begin are back go with

    Higgins Koivu Ryder

    Lats Plek Kov

    Perez Bonk Johnson

    Lapierre Begin Streit

    Downey Murray

    Komo Markov

    Souray Rivet

    Cube Dandy


    i would put Lapierre in center, hes right handed and

    Begin rather play on the wing

  7. I was at the game yesterday...

    it wasn't a great game at all and giving the fact that I was working afterwards and I got into an accident on my way to the game...let's jus say I didn't enjoy myself that much.

    only few bright spots:

    1- huet was spectacular

    2- lapierre is better than murray and downey. and carbonneau loves him BIG time !! geez, he's freaking playing the pk and he outhustled everybody yesterday.

    3- koivu looks like the captain we always expected in him...great game for his 6ooth.

    4- that souray guy can also pass the puck !!

    down side: did any body noticed how bad the ice was ?? guys were falling for no reasons and fans always thought there should've been a penalty...

    ryder played like crap and he could be buying himself a ticket to the press box: hey the pop corn is free!!

    samsonov can't play two good games in a row..

    I could go on with my downsides but we won the game...what else to say ??

    i knew not to expect anything out of him...hes done for 18 games....and Ryder the guy gives the puck more often then anybody on this team...really arguvating watching hi on the ice...ohh yeah...and his stupid hooking penalties...shouldnt he be used to it by now??

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