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  1. It's not like Henry was fighting any better than Kostopoulos or anyone else. He got beat pretty easily in both of his fights. He landed maybe a combined three punches.

    As for his "honor system," that's the instigator rule. We don't want him getting ejected every time he wants to fight someone, or we'd be playing with 11 forwards all the time. The only time you want him getting an instigator is if there is something big to retaliate for.

    say like when the Habs were down 6-1 to the Bruins and the Hunchback (Lucic) was gloating and taunting the Montreal bench after he beat K-Rex in a fight?

  2. Welcome back Spiderman!

    :clap: :hlogo:

    welcome back spidey and i agree with walmsley 110% spidey and the guys do a great job.

    Nice to see you back Spidey. My only question is what ever happened to Cataclaw. Well still nice to have you back and i have always loved your game threads.

    Now game talk. Lets Go Habs. this is a tougher series than most people ae thinking. The Habs need to continue to play fast against this Boston team.

    thanks guys.

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