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  1. hahaha Thanks simonus. I am kind of sad right now though seeing as my return to Quebec is only about a month away, and now I cant chill with her. ARRGHH
  2. Alright so i'm talking to this french girl who I met in Quebec City last year on a high school trip (it was unreal)...anyways I have to try and talk to her in french because this one is not the greatest in english, so I was wondering if anyone can tell me what this means "elle sempechera pas de vivre pcq il y a des gars a lautre bout qui la trouve belle" haha to help you understand more, one of her friends was actually soo smoking hot (and yes i did) and so I just asked her if her friend has a boyfriend yet and thats what she said. lol so if anyone can help me with that, thats great. THANKS
  3. Ya, I dont understand this trade Koivu shit. Everyone expects him to be the saviour, and as a huge fan of his I can say that he is not that type of player you just build a team around, but he does have the heart and leadership and good skills that can help our squad a tremendous amount, if only Gainey could bring in a player to help out a little. (I.E TRADE RYDER)
  4. That was probably the worst display of protecting the lead I have seen. You guys have pretty much said it all so there is not much new to say. More bad news though, we play DETROIT next. If Gainey doesn't move Ryder soon I don't know what to do. I love Gainey, but sometimes this patience shit isn't the best route to go. Ryder has got to go. I am so rattled.
  5. Good recovery boys. I had a heart attack when Sundin tied it, couldn't believe it. We still didn't play too great that game, until late in the third with the lead. Its still upsetting the leafs came away with the point.
  6. Gotta feel for Stegall... poor guy
  7. Not gunna lie, i've been guilty of a couple of those babies
  8. agreed. He must've had 12 beers before writing that....that series of words. lol
  9. Congrats JMMR!! Being a moderator here is probably quite a relaxing task compared to being a moderator over at HFboards.com lol
  10. As far as im concerned, everyone is entitled to their opinion. My opinion, is that we need to do something with Ryder. Please lets trade him right now, package him and ship him away. He's no good for us anymore, he stinks out there night in and night out and just isn't the same. He is too one dimensional and although I like the guy his time in Montreal is nearing an end. Call up Lapierre or Sergei Kostitsyn already, lets get some more energy in this lineup. They are both tearing it up in the AHL right now and deserve a shot if the current players aren't gunna play. Call me negative all you want, but I do foresee 3 losses in a row, when we come to my city of Toronto and play like we usually do at the ACC, this time we aren't going to get the lucky "bounce" (McCabe giftwrapping Komi's breakaway) and Toronto is gunna come out working harder than us because they usually do even though we are the better team. I hope I am proved wrong, but this is just what I feel. ***To look on the brightside*** Perhaps we didn't play that poorly tonight, but the fact that the schedule had us playing Buffalo in a home-and-home series right when they are on a hot streak, it made us look brutal. Perhaps we were forced to play Buffalo 2 games in a row, right when they are beginning to return to their old form....perhaps if we played a more average team tonight we could've came out with the win. Who knows.
  11. GO HABS GO Let's just be sharp tonight, losing 2 in a row and then playing Toronto in Toronto always has us on our worst game.
  12. I don't know, I think you are being a little hard on them. If they do end up up in 10th like you feel, props to you but I see them better than that this year. The Sabres are very underrated to start the season, because well obviously they started off slow. However, that doesn't mean they still don't have all kinds of firepower in that roster like Roy, Connolly, Vanek, Pominville etc. They aren't producing like they should at this point, but we are catching Buffalo in the midst of their win streak, and possibly the resurrection of last years Sabres....That's why I'm not totally freaking out because I know this home and home against them is not going to be any sort of walk in the park. Montreal will come out flying in front of the home crowd tomorrow night and hopefully win that game, and give you some more confidence in this team. With that being said, I still think Gainey needs to trade Ryder because the season keeps carrying on and he keeps sucking even more. He is no good out there this year, and although I like him its time to say goodbye. Package him with Halak.
  13. Brutal call at the end. This game could've been headed into overtime. They definitly didnt play their greatest however, so maybe they didn't deserve it. No capitalization on our opportunities, including Streit's beautiful feed to Latendresse and our multiple powerplays, including the 4 minute one. Get some rest and head back to Montreal boys for Saturday night and come up big, we need that two points and it will be a big win heading into Toronto. GO HABS GO
  14. Saku turns 33 as of today. Happy Bday, and lets hope he plays great tonight!
  15. Agreed. Solid acquisition by Gainey imo. GO HABS GO!!
  16. I wish we got Georges Laraque when we had the chance...
  17. I really, really dont knwo what i will do if we lose this and go 0-3 against the Leafs. You guys living in Quebec think you hate it, if only you could live in Toronto and experience it. Last game was bad enough... PLEASE WIN! GO PRICE! GO HABS GO
  18. That was incredible painful to swallow. Have the lead the entire game and then come away with not even a single point. But, if we slow down for a second and realize we just played one of the best teams in the league, if not the best, and kept the game incredibly close it could've gone either way. However we couldve sealed the bag if we kept skating in the third, instead of getting outplayed and the Sens deserved those two goals.
  19. Atta boy, I like the attitude. As long as it's not cocky I'm fine with him saying something like that, it shows confidence and thats what this team needs. Great leader. Today will be a tough test, Gerbers been playing amazing, but this team can do it. GO HABS GO
  20. Fast paced game, but not a ton of scoring... big win none the less, Thanks a ton to Huet! Plekanecs goal was hugeeee, nice little move there. Big win, 2nd in the conference are we now?? anyways, heading to bed.. go habs go
  21. Sorry, didn't quite catch what you said, I have 24 Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears...
  22. Yeah I bet. Does anyone know the starting lineups yet? Grabo is scratched and Stits is in...
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