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  1. Yell out the window, The Habs have won the series! Passersby confused. :hlogo: [Edited on 22-4-04 by JeanLucPilon]
  2. Logic: We outplayed the Bruins in two games which we lost, probablity is we win this one despite being outplayed.
  3. C'mon guys, step up we want a hero! Go Habs :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  4. C'mon Hans, time to break out and turn it up!!! :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  5. Begin lost four teeth and took 30 stitches in period 2 of game 6 then came back and played in period 3. That inspires the team, you could see it in the pic of the other players standing round him. :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  6. Sounded like he misplayed the puck a coupla times and got some help from a post as well... :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  7. We sound lame, the Begin penalty gives them a man advantage on fresh ice, we need to kill then start to pick it up or this will be an anti-climax. :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  8. Sounds like we are not quite there yet, intensity-wise... :ghg::ghg:
  9. and Good 3:00 a.m. in UAE! :can::ghg::que::ghg::hlogo::hlogo::hlogo::ghg::que::ghg::can:
  10. Great way to start my day! What a series this has been so far -- waiting to hear from Puck and others who were at the game, I know you'll all be here Monday, see you then!!! :que::ghg::can::hlogo::can::ghg::que:
  11. ZKK line hottest in the NHL!!! Fuggin' A!!! :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  12. Sounded like that hit turned the momentum for the Habs. Hopefully there will be more of that in the third, not the dreaded "defensive" play that lets teams back. Hit! Hit! Hit! Komi has to be loving this!!! :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  13. Roppongi ... the entertainment district of Tokyo Roppongi is not bad, a lot of foreigners, many Americans, not really my style actually I prefer Shinjuku where i live, It has more of an edge. Or or Aoyama and Harajuku/Shibuya. I was out that way last night.:ghg::ghg::ghg:
  14. Did Begin get hurt when he missed a check? What a soldier he is, bet he comes back for the third!:ghg::ghg::ghg:
  15. Young bartender down the street wears a Habs jersey. Plus there is this girl: http://www.assemblylanguage.com/images/Habs1.JPG :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  16. Been living here for a long time. I'm a freelance writer. Here is my latest "article": http://boards.go.com/cgi/nhl/request.dll?M...ove=firstThread (the above is an off-color post put up in reply to a bunch of "Habs are divers" and "Let's kill Ribeiro" posts, no offence intended if you can't take black humor don't click on this) :ghg::ghg::ghg: [Edited on 18-4-04 by JeanLucPilon]
  17. Yeah!!! I am screaming out my window in Tokyo!!!!!:ghg::ghg::ghg:
  18. Big PK! We need to keep it up and pad the lead, this is when we sometimes start to sit back, can't do that. Sounds like Bulis is having a good game?
  19. Wow!!! Komi hits Thornton, then Koivu scores then Bulis hits the post!!! Way to go guys, KEEP IT UP!!! :/) :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  20. sounds like the Habs have picked up the pace after Langdon's goal :ghg::ghg::ghg:
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