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  1. Hey Aussie Posse, you awake yet? 7:30 am Sunday morining up here, best to everyone, and Let's Go Habs! :ghg::que::ghg::can::ghg::can::ghg::que::ghg:
  2. I only hope we put half as many pucks past Raycroft as you put exclamation marks in your post, then we will be set!!!!!! Go Habs Go:ghg:Go Habs Go:ghg:Go Habs:ghg:Go Habs Go
  3. It's 19:15 a.m. in Japan, one hour ahead in Australia? No hockey TV over here [Edited on 16-4-04 by JeanLucPilon]
  4. Damn! Again and again we slack off and let them back into the game!!!
  5. Lucky we made it through the powerplay, then scored. Now we have to keep up some pressure and shut those mofos down, but I know the Bruins start headhunting in the last five minutes
  6. Hear Hear puck!!! We want to turn it around and finally get a goal on this PP, like someone said when they kill it seems to take away our momentum. (can we decline penalties?) Add a third but then watch out 'cos the Bruins will get even dirtier.
  7. Yup, sounds like Komi has been hitting, good! We need to fight fire with fire. :ghg::ghg::ghg:
  8. We are winning!!! I think the Habs have to know now that they can't sit back with a 2 goal lead against this team -- got to get a third! Sounds like the refs have let quite a few things go again? [Edited on 16-4-04 by JeanLucPilon]
  9. This is what you are going for: Naturally, it tastes better than it looks. One bowl will have an immediate impact on your GAA. And your colon. You need cheese curds (but not cottage cheese). I suggest you buy the gravy mix in a package from an import supermarket. Fries should be both crispy and greasy, deep fried of course and preferably in oil with chicken fat. Bon Appetit! [Edited on 14-4-04 by JeanLucPilon]
  10. Hear Hear habsfan, keep the faith, let's go in and kick their ass, bring it back to Mtl and see what happens. And take a page from their book -- if it goes to overtime slash and trip at will. :hlogo::hlogo::ghg::hlogo::hlogo:
  11. 1 Theo is is letting in soft goals in this series 2 Those goals have cost us two close games 3 Now we will probably lose the series 4 Those betting against us will make money 5 Las Vegas is only a short flight from Mtl 6 Theo's family is involved in gambling 7 Therefore Theo is throwing the series PS: I am kidding (but, there is a nagging thought back there...) Anyway I'll be in Vegas next week, if I see a bunch of Quebecois picking up a big bag of money, we'll know.
  12. Good effort, bad result. :puke: Next time, guys :ghg:
  13. This is brutal tension. Please Habs, in the name of Maurice Richard, score a goal and win this one! :ghg:
  14. Esteemed Montreal players, in the name of Jean Beliveau, please score a goal and win this game. Thank you. :ghg:
  15. Too bad it's not 4 on 4 I like our chances better with some room to move. Tell me it wasn't another soft goal?
  16. Nail biting time again -- Christ it's always a one goal game with the Bruins!!!!!!!
  17. yup chat not reliable. Let's get that goal -- Koivu / Zed are due! (Nashville up 2-0 on Wings I just heard!)
  18. A happy day, Habs are back in it -- see you guys next game! :que::hlogo::can::ghg::can::hlogo::que:
  19. Great work -- if we keep this up and *crosses fingers* chase Raycroft it would really turn the tide in this series -- spook that rookie!!!! :que::ghg::can::hlogo:
  20. Put Steve Lambert on the first line with Crazy Larry
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