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  1. Im loving the first two games!

    Im routing for Tampa, may the bruins burn, and Vancouver, lets go Canada!

    Tampa has Lacavillier, stlouis, stamkos, all fun players and good guys and Guy is the coach plus im pretty sure one of their assistants had a brain tumor or something, they were my secound after montreal heading into the playoffs from the east.

    Im really hoping Vancouver brings the cup back to Canada...

  2. My memory is a little foggy, but in your memory when was the last time a finesse team won the Stanley Cup? I think you got to go back to Gretz in Edmonton.

    All teams needs some form of 4th or 3rd line energy and checkers, but not someone who will get suspensions and give the team a bad rap.

    I love energy guys who will run around and throw hits and guys who will stick up for their teammates, but not players that will do cheap shots away from the play or retaliate hurt someone or just get bad penalties.

    Discipline is what we need, considering how many penalties we took this season.

  3. No question that if everything goes right, we will contend. But to me that is not a winning recipe. Things will go wrong.

    Look at Vancouver. They have 6 legitimate top-4 defencemen. THAT's Cup-worthy depth.

    As for Bieksa, the Canucks are capped out, aren't they? They won't be able to afford his raise.

    I would just be surprised too see Montreal pick up a big name in any position, mainly because we havn't been able too before, Danny Briere anyone?

    Youre right Bieska could go, but lets say a team like Toronto makes a move on him, they have the space, he and his wife are from southern Ontario, they still have a home there...

    I would love to have him and would love to have improvements on the lineup too make it deeper, I agree that a lot would have to go right for us to contend, but I do not believe we will get anyone.

    I hope I'm wrong though!

    Here's to optimism!

  4. Loved Wamsley's post

    Personally I do not want him on Montreal.

    Montreal is and should always be a finesse team, a fast team, a team who does not take cheap shots.

    If he has a mean streak well he can take his services to another team. Sure, sign him, then trade his ass and pick up a prospect who could turn into someone great!

    There are too many "mean streak" players in the league and if I see a hab give a head shot like we have seen from Chara or Cooke, or step on someones skate like Ryan, we'll I'd be disgusted.

    This is not the image I want for our team.

  5. Personally, I dont see any major changes coming, I think we will have virtually the same roster as the start of last season.

    Bieska is NOT leaving Vancouver, we won't sign a big name forward because we won't be letting any of our top six go, plus we tend to be conservative in these situations. We would have been in the top 3 spots had Georges and Markov and various other players not been so injured. I know all teams say this, but honestly we all know how much better Montreal is when we have Markov on the ice.

    I believe we have a crew we can make a great run with, especially with the emergence of Pac into what I expect to be a high scoring and incredibly important player for us next season.

    Georges sounds determined as nothing else to get back and have a great season, Eller is young and will be improving over the next while also... I'm feeling a come back by Gomez he has seemed ashamed of his play this season, and Cammalerri will produce more if he stays healthy, the injuries really affected him.

  6. Should be great!

    Who see's upsets!

    Washington could be upset again . They have been playing great... but they did go 1-3 VS the Rangers this season.

    Miller would have to carry Buffalo past Philly, I think Philly will have that one.

    We can totally beat Boston and everyone knows this is an even series.

    Pittsburgh VS Tampa, that will be a fun one to watch, I'm routing for Tampa, I'm from Nova Scotia, but I never liked Crosby. Stamkos is a much classier act and I also am big fans of Dwayne Roloson and St Louis.

  7. I am extremely happy to see Montreal playing Boston in the first round, great way to head into the playoffs with that last game too!

    Its going to be a epic series considering the hight of the tension between these two teams at the moment, the history as these teams have faced off more then any other two teams in history and more then a few series in resent memory to boot!

    I cannot wait and I know are guys can beat Boston and start another amazing playoff run!

    Heres to a cup, long live the Habs! *CHEERS*!

  8. LOL! Sheesh man I thought the game was over for us when Mikko scored on that penalty shot, ouf the habs barely scraped out with those 2 points.

    Good thing Picard went and apologized to Auld during the celebration, if anyone caught that. He nearly handed em the match :o!

  9. I think we should bring up Alex Henry,Jimmy Bonneau,and Andrew Conboy..i dont what lose anymore guys before the playoffs and we all know boston well be out to hurt us..

    I believe it has been mentioned a few times montreal doesnt have Bonneau signed too a contract so he cannot be brought up.

    Personally I say call up no one and just beat them on the score board... No point calling people up we will probably playing them in the first round.

  10. Im really impressed with Pouliot's play early and PYATT PUT IT IN! I believe that almost deserves a star solely to celebrate the occation!

    PK's Hat Trick the obvious highlight and I like AK staying hot White's multi dementional game and the Wiz doing his thing.




  11. Still lots of hockey left in the season but I like where were going. Hopefully Plek, Halpy and Gill will return asap.

    The return of some key players would really vitalize the team!

    I have too say though, we really are a deep organization, how many other teams could pull out a win with 9 players injured!

  12. I'll believe it when I see it. :)

    I'm not convinced he's actually coming back in the playoffs, and if he does, he'll probably be rusty and timid for a while even if it turns out he isn't permanently damaged - especially since the first round of the playoffs is likely to be against the Bruins. I bet Chara would love to finish the job.

    I cannot agree with that, I think he would be right ready to jump into his first playoffs. He may be rusty, but he is the determined type and im pretty sure he would battle through and work hard to help and prove that he is fine. Especially if it is against Boston, note he does think Chara did it intentionally so I can see him trying to stick it too Chara by playing his heart out.

  13. Okay, lets hedge some bets, who is in who is not.

    I do not think the Leafs or Hurricanes will be in it.

    I am thinking a three way 90 pts tie between Devils, Buffalo, Rangers ending like this...

    7) New Jersey Devils- 90

    8) New York Rangers- 90


    9) Buffalo Sabers- 90

    What are others predictions?

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