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  1. 1 hour ago, Commandant said:


    I was much higher on him before the season.  Hes slipped as the year went along.


    Part of that is not playing for 3 months.


    Hes a late birthday so hes in his third qmjhl season and older than other prospects.  Despite that, even when healthy his game stagnated between his second and third year.  Im not seeing the improvements i expected.


    Third while his offence is there, its not at the same level as guys like drysdale who look like Makar.  Its also a bit below guys like sanderson, guhle, schneider as well.  They have passed him when he didnt take the step forward.

    Fair. I think that your prospect descriptions on the site would benefit from some more critical comments. Or a section describing what flaws/restrictions they have. Most in the first round seem like glowing reviews but its hard to judge one vs another from them.

  2. On 5/4/2020 at 8:17 PM, Commandant said:


    My list has a clear drop off between 8 and 9.  The two swedes are in the top 8.  Lundell is not, his skating is poor.  That can be improved but why take him ahead of guys who have the same skill level and already skate much better.


    Take whichever one of the top 8 is left from my list


    Tier 1: lafreniere

    Tier 2: 2 and 3

    Tier 3: 4-8

    Tier 4: 9-12






    I'm curious what makes you rank a few of these dmen above Justin Barron

  3. 2 hours ago, Commandant said:


    Whether or not someone is an overager is determined by the year of birth.  Those who turn 20 before December 31st are overagers.


    So yes... someones 20th birthday being january 1st is 20 and an overager.  They would be 21 for thensecond half of the season.

    That was the question I poorly worded the first time :P

  4. 4 hours ago, Commandant said:


    During the season a team can have 3 overagers on their roster at any time.


    Its the start of the season.  But even after that, you can trade or cut an overager to make room for someone else.

    Okay so if someone turns 20 a week after the start of the season they dont count against the overager limit. Hence why there are always a handful of 21 year olds?

  5. 11 hours ago, tomh009 said:


    That's not quite the situation with DiPietro and Andree, though. Andree was the 67s' clear #1 until the deadline trade with Windsor Spitfires. After the trade,  they each played roughly 15-20 games, it's a bit difficult to tell the exact numbers. But about two thirds of Andree's starts were while he was still #1 -- and the 67s were leading the east division even back then. DiPietro's numbers with Ottawa (excluding the Windsor part of the season) are actually a bit lower, 2.51 GAA and 0.897 save percentage.


    Even if Andree finished the season as a backup, I'd say that he was easily a better goalie than the majority of the OHL starters. But once DiPietro got injured, neither he nor the team ever gained the confidence to beat the Storm.

    Thats fair, I dont know the details of the OHL.


    So excited for Memorial Cup this year though! Lots to watch as a habs fan.

  6. 17 hours ago, DON said:

    Teasdale and team coasted to Q championship with 4-0 win.

    Was at the game... by god Teasdale is a beast. He just dominates the play when hes on the ice and is always finishing his checks.

    53 minutes ago, tomh009 said:


    I think the confidence factor is huge here. Andree and DiPietro performed nearly equally in the regular season: 2.48 and 2.40 GAA, 0/910 and 0.91, both about 40 games.


    But DiPietro shone through three rounds of playoffs, and the team was super confident in him being able to backstop them. Once Andree stepped in to fill for him in game 3 and Ottawa lost the game, though, that confidence was blown. And the rest of the team began to play worse, too.


    So, I wasn't intending to minimize the impact of losing DiPietro. Really, what I was trying to say was that Andree was not the only problem once DiPietro was injured. And I think we are more or less agreeing on that in the end.

    ill say you have to be a little careful with backup goalie stats in junior.


    Mooseheads backup McLaren had 1.81 gaa and .930% this year (better than Gravel the starter)... because they pretty much only played him against Acadie Bathurst and St John (who both were beyond pathetic).

  7. 1 hour ago, DON said:

    6'3" or 4" and can score a bit, will have most teams scouting him heavy.

    Has his skating looked "good for his size"? Skating is so important, like a McCarron who is just 1/2 step too late to the puck, to the hit, etc. to play at NHL speed.

    I had read Lavoie's defensive game really needing improving, maybe he has worked hard at it or more focused with draft coming up perhaps?


    But, i think will still be a handful of nice options at 15, even if he is taken sooner.

    His defensive game just jumped in the playoffs. Hes so much more active than he was during the season. Could be just the hype from being hot but it shows hes capable of it.


    Skating is not a concern for Lavoie. Even if this strong backchecking is a mirage.


    Edit: I was reallypro McCarron mainly because I saw him score two hatties in the ahl live.... Lavoie is a 100% different/better player.

  8. Saw Ducharme at the Drumonville-Halifax game tonight. Ex drumondville coach so not sure how much scouting he'll be doing... but I hope the habs are watching Lavoie's playoff run. By god if he slips to 15... he has been insane (been to half Halifax's playoff games).


    His goal scoring has been getting most the attention in the playoffs but his two way game looks incredible this run. He disrupts so much with his reach.

  9. 4 hours ago, BCHabnut said:

    Go with bpa. Everytime. Unless they are too close to measure. Then take the position. If you are loaded with small dynamic wingers, and your pick comes up and a small dynamic winger is way better than everyone else, you take him anyway. If they are equal, then you can look at current needs.  But in 5 years they may not be current needs anymore 

    Especially given our current young d in Mete, Juulsen, Brock and Romanov + maybe Fleury.


    Not all will pan out but there is pedigree at this position.

  10. 11 hours ago, Neech said:

    I had higher hopes for Hudon than this, but it seems clear that CJ doesn't like him much.  And since the team has outperformed my expectations, I'm inclined to give CJ the benefit of the doubt.


    Hudon seems to have the vision and touch that would translate if he were more athletic.  His defensive troubles are a little surprising; I anticipated that he would be more of a two-way player.  Again that might be a function of his lack of speed and strength.

    Even with his defensive issues I think Edmonton would be foolish not to trade for him.

    He'd be the fourth 5th highest scoring forward even though he's only played 23 games...

    650k salary and an RFA... not sure why they wouldn't pull the trigger.

    Hitch might Ty Rattie him... but he'd be better than some of those guys they are running atm.

  11. I am on the fire Bergevin train after this one.

    Team had a massive weakness in transition (major reason why our offense was dogshit) now we have absolutely no defenseman who can fill that role for more than 15 minutes a night? Guys who either cant stay healthy or in the lineup? Great.


    Is Schlemko going to be leading our breakout? Streit? Good lord help us if they for check we are done :))


    Hears hoping Davidson turns into a God. 

  12. 2 minutes ago, Habsfan1989 said:

    Can we stop with this already !! it is over and done , get over it or just stop being a habs fan and start being a Nashville fan already my god. 

     Oh and by the way just to push your buttons on this how come PK never gets pick for team Canada if he is the best and a God ??? 

    Because team Canada knew the trade was coming and wanted to add fuel to the fire.


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