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  1. Hard to take much out of press conferences but Beregevin said that there are elite teams like Washington Pittsburgh then everyone else is really tight.


    To most this would seem pretty obvious but it is telling that he does not see us as top contenders currently. Perhaps this lends itself to a trade.


    Personally I think we'd need two pieces who combined wouldn't be justified getting now but i'm interested to see what we do.

  2. 1 hour ago, Commandant said:

    Holy Hyperbole.... 


    Once again the idea of what you think the player is, and what the play on the ice is actually showing are two different things. 

    I dunno I've seen a few McCarron games in person at the AHL level and he has shown some incredibly soft hands around the net while being quick to get the puck off his stick in transition. Also the games I saw he was stationed in front of the net for St John's where he handled lose pucks very well... There are aspects of his game that could translate to a 2C. I don't think he'll hit that level because well... I generally am hesitant about big guys for obvious reasons... but to say what he shows on the ice means he has no ability to become a 2C kinda makes me wonder what you're smoking.


    Yes it isn't consistent but as a ceiling 2C isn't as ridiculous a statement as you make it out to be... do I think he'll be a top six center? No.

  3. 8 hours ago, Commandant said:

    The guys playing well are a run of good form.


    The guys playing poorly are never goiing to be able to get it going.




    As for markov... they are playing him way less this year.  2 minutes on average per game.  thats gonna help.

    I mean I haven't said that Galchenyuk is just in a run of good form. I think he is great. I said Weber has been really good and I never said he was going to get worst.

    I specifically was talking about problems that the team will face and mentioned some problems.


    I had solid reasoning for what I was saying but I mean you can just ignore that and pretend I wasn't making points if you don't happen to agree with them haha not how dialogue is supposed to go but w.e. I'll revert to lurking.

  4. 40 minutes ago, DON said:

    So Desharnais's 60point season, Pacioretty 39goal season, 30g season for Gallagher & Galchenyuk, Plekanec is still one of best defensive centres in the NHL, Habs got to semi finals with Desharnais-Plekanec as top two centres, Price has MVP...is that also the type of precedent you are talking about? Emelin plays big in bigger games it seems, so why not believe he keeps playing well?

    Come on Eeyore cheer up!

    Oh I believe in a number of our players and have always loved Plekanec.... but he had an incredibly terrible end to last season I mean the man is 34 years old there is going to be a slow down. My problem with Emelin is his skating versus teams like Tampa, plus we've seen five years of Emelin and despite him playing some good hockey this year I'm hesitant to believe this is Emelin and not just a run of good form.


    Obviously I'd love for Pleks/Markov to be able to hold up for the playoffs and Emelin come up big... just logically it is hard to believe it will.

  5. On 11/29/2016 at 0:48 PM, Commandant said:


    Yes if we assume that everything goes wrong, this team will be in trouble.

    negative stuff that has precedent.

    I mean we can ignore the fact Markov and Pleks have fallen off towards the end of the past few seasons... but sticking our head in the sand probably is a bad move.

    Also does anyone believe Emelin can stand up against the teams we are going to have to beat in the playoffs?

  6. Just now, habs rule said:

    We have an atrocious defence? I am not aware of that.

    Markov isn't going to be holding up by playoffs and any team worth their salt is going to abuse the living hell out of Emelin.

    Thinking of a series against a team like Tampa... with Emelin as our #2? I mean Weber has been great but I don't think he is going to be good enough to cover for him.


    Couple that with Plekanec probably falling off a cliff again to end the season.... not liking our chances.


    Price has made this D-Core like competent when they've had major issues clearing the zone and generally transition has been mediocre at best.... it is only a matter of time.

  7. 3 hours ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:

    Man...16-4. That record is sick. Interestingly, though, the Habs are still not widely regarded as among the league's top contenders. In terms of the East, it's always Pittsburgh, NYR, Tampa and Washington that come up.

    I haven't watched many habs games and thought "Damn this is definitely a 16-4 team". Still think we're completely screwed in a playoff series with the lineup as is.

  8. 28 minutes ago, JoeLassister said:

    It looks like Ottawa are insisting on not icing a real 1st line.  Hoffman - Turris - Stone  all on different lines and every offensive player has to play with some role/defensive players like  Pyatt, Smith and Kelly.

    Looks familiar :P

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  9. On 10/27/2016 at 11:20 AM, Commandant said:



    Thats never been the issue.... not one bit. 

    with the puck on his stick, he's great.... heck even with things like hitting and clearing the crease he's great.

    However, an important part of defence is getting the puck out of your own end.  Weber needs a partner who will retrieve a lot of loose pucks, and can skate the puck out of danger and start a breakout, or he will be hemmed into his own end a lot.

    What he does, he does very well.
    The mobility, and getting loose pucks and transitioning from defence to offence, he needs a partner to handle the heavy lifting in this area, while he handles other areas. 

    That doesn't make him bad, but it will be a challenge for the team to find him a partner, when markov and Emelin (limited mobility) are two of our LD, and Beaulieu (seems great on third pair, struggled beside Weber) are the three options. 


  10. On 10/8/2016 at 10:43 AM, dlbalr said:

    Bozon is pretty much a non-prospect at this stage.  He's a top six or bust type of player and he's not good enough to be a top six guy in the AHL let alone the NHL.  I think he was well on the way towards being non-qualified next June.  That said, Racine is also a non-prospect but St. John's defence depth was pretty weak (and that was with Barberio being added surprisingly).  He'll have more of an impact for the IceCaps than Bozon would have this year.

    I seriously question this. In multiple Ice Caps games I saw he played well then would get thrown to the bench.

    Can you even say he was giving a chance under that wacko?


    edit: why did my name change? haha

  11. I've commented for a while on how stupid people get about small performance blips as juniors. I don't care about the historical data. The historical data is also full of stay at home defencemen who couldn't play hockey and just knew how to hit people being taken in the first round. Too many guys still bust in the top 90 picks and nobody knows what makes a good goaltender yet to smartly draft. Basketball has figured out their drafting better than the NHL, but at least hockey is way ahead of baseball (it's still a crapshoot in baseball).

    Of course in basketball many of the prospects are older than the NHL prospects. Adding another year to half the draft class would make for more accurate picks.

  12. I say 9th pick or 12th pick. What's the damn difference. There are a lot of division games between now and next year. Let's play spoiler and teach the youngsters how to win in Montreal. I'm not gonna cry about losses but I wanna win. Always.

    I don't want Detroits playoff streak to broken tbh

  13. So yeah, Lefebvre... one of the two people available now to take this job.

    Here is the problem with an interim. Therrien is dead man walking.

    You hire an interim and he goes 15-5 down the stretch and you barely miss the playoffs, now there is a ton of pressure to keep a guy who isn't the solution (Lefebvre) and you've ######ed up the draft position. Why bother?

    If you have watched our AHL team under Lefebvre it is safe to say we would more likely go 5-15 with him as intern.

    That man has been a useless waste of space and a talent killer.

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