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  1. And Gallagher...wow. Makes the rest of the prospect forwards almost invisible. He is slick and tenacious out there, and also showed some pretty good smarts. Looking forward to seeing him play some more games with better linemates.

    I am hoping I can catch a Giants game and watch him play now that I am in Vancouver!

  2. The bankruptcy doesn't have a lot to do with the team itself, though. It's one of the two main ownership groups going belly up due to a variety of factors.

    True, but their whole situation face planted pretty bad

    Though I think they will be a much better team this year

  3. Was it? Top teir team since the mid-1990s, haven't had Stevens or Niedermeyer since the lockout, and lost Rafalski a couple years after. Meanwhile Marty is pushing 40. This has been happening for a long time.

    They still won their division in 05-06, 06-07, 08-09 and 09-10.

    It's only been 2 years... division champs for 4/5 seasons then two years later they are bankrupt? I think that is pretty fast.

  4. Who will be the 7th d-man once Markov is back (if he even misses games);

    Weber, Spacek or Yemelin? Weber most likely i assume ?

    I wish it was Spacek who would be the 7th, but it will probably be Weber who will be filling in for injured forwards and d probobly

  5. You're right, he's a top end defender. Would Winnipeg, a non-playoff team, be wise to blow four first rounders on Doughty who may just help them make the playoffs? The only time I could possibly see that making sense (to give up that many firsts plus cap space) is for a team where that player would be the final piece to a long-term puzzle.

    He is no question a incredible talent, but 4 1st rounders can do a lot, losing 4 would limit other moves in the future, I wouldn't do it.

    Maybe for Stamkos but... not Doughty

  6. There's a pretty good chance things are going to get a lot worse too. Unless Alex Kincaid turns into an elite prospect overnight, they don't have anyone to replace Brodeur who has to retire soon (one would think) while Parise may very well be gone next year too. Losing their top forward, top goalie, and one of their next three first rounders would be devastating. If their owner can't afford to spend to the cap much longer, they'll be in Islander-like trouble.

    That was a fast fall from grace...

  7. The top 4 is strong, but depth-wise that is not a Cup contender's blueline.

    People have brought up the names of, Woywitka, Diaz, Spacek, Yemelin and Weber for the bottom pairing. The problem at the moment is we do not really know if any of these players are capable of playing in the top four if any of them go down... but there are 5 of them. I believe that when you have 5 defense men who could compete for the bottom pairing, well at leased one will make enough progress or has made enough progress in the off-season too move into the top four if we have a serious injury. If we have multiple like last season then we will be in trouble... but I do not believe what happened last year too our blue line is something that occurs frequently.

    We will be fine. The fact is, if given time too heal, neither Georges or Markov's injuries have the tendency too come back.

    I believe with this roster we can run for the cup.

  8. Anyone think like McKeen's mag ? That Buffalo will win the East with 106 points ?!?!?!

    It isn't unimaginable... but I really do not see it happening, they got better and should have had a better season last year, but something about Buffalo doesn't seem too click

  9. On another note, I wonder if PK will be public enemy number 1 to our opponents. I wonder if Yemelin will be instead. Especially when he starts running over guys and boarding them on a regular basis.

    Or maybe people will start too take out PK then Yemelin will return the favour... I hope it doesn't take too long for him too adjust I wasn't a fan of him originally because I do not want him too turn into a cooke-esque dirty hitter, but it would have been nice too have him too destroy a certain Slovak...

    Something like this...

  10. I look for big things from him for about 30 games, along with about 50 where he seems to be skating around in a daze. In other words: the usual. ;)

    As long as those 30 are in the playoffs i won't complain ;P

    Side note... they are making the same face :P

  11. So pumped. Also, I read the language barrier article on the Canadiens site, regarding Avtsin and his integration in North American culture, and it's extremely reassuring. I'm excited to see what he does this year, and a friend of mine got a place downtown Hamilton, so I think I'll be heading down there for a few games once the Hamilton season starts. SO PUMPED.

    Yeah I read that myself, I like that Brendan Nash was mentioned as being the big help, because I think he could very well make the team soon and being a good presence in the locker room is always a bonus

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