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  1. I fully believe he will be completely fine, plus if he isn't, me made it too the conference final without him once and we almost beat the cup champs without him again, we will be fine. It would suck too have him against the cap, but we as a team will function just fine.

  2. 1. frees up more cap space. I would like to have some money at the deadline and get a player or two fow half price.

    Mainly, I want Moen, White and Pahlsson as a line though, lol

    The trade would free up like 1 million and we have around 4 million in cap space atm, there are articles (and another thread) about questioning if that is too much.

    That would be an entertaining line though :P

  3. I don't like it, for the following reasons:

    1. It's too close to the Conservative Party of Canada logo for my liking.

    2. But of course, the real parallel is with the logo of the Royal Canadian Armed Forces, which it deliberately apes.

    3. 1 and 2 above are related, because the Conservatives are consciously trying to shift Canadian political culture in a more militaristic direction (hence their campaign ads describing us as "brave warriors").

    4. While all Canadians should be respectful of the armed forces, whose members make great sacrifices and undertake great risks in our name, for a hockey team to so glaringly align itself with militarism is in effect, if not in intention, a political statement. There are those of us who see war as a fearful necessity of last resort - the most morally serious undertaking in which a people can engage. Now the Jets are demanding that their entire community rally around a glib expression of militarism, turning a matter of life and death into nothing more important than a hockey team. This is the sort of de facto propaganda that helps to condition a society to celebrate war rather than resist or lament it. And that in turn leads to tragic lunacies, such as the mindless and catastrophic American rush to go into Iraq.

    Canadians in the Pearson/Trudeau era had a much more mature attitude to war, which contributed to our self-definition as peacekeepers and supporters of international law. Unfortunately we have taken a step back in this regard, back toward an adolescent rah-rah militarism. A shame the Jets chose to roll with that.

    I agree with every word of that.

    Plus they look awkward with the jerseys.

  4. I think they are just saving as insurance, what if there is an incredible amount of injuries too one aspect of the roster where we need too sign something.

    Say goalies get injured, there would need too be action there, if say the injuries that hit the blue line this year happen again and then our Yemelins and Diaz's do not pan out and are not up too par. I think it makes perfect sense to leave the cap room.

    Freedom too react is better in my opinion.

    I would not be opposed too a cheap signing like John Madden at all though, I always liked him.

    Hamilton should be able too fill that 4th line player though.

  5. I think a lot of people here are overlooking Willsie, Trotter and Woywitka.

    I believe Willsie will be in the AHL all year, if injuries are limited and Trotter will see time but he won't be a regular unless he makes a leap.

    Woywitka has the best chance but I think he was picked up as more of an insurance role in case, Yemelin, Weber and Diaz or even Spacek regress or do not make a smooth transition too the NHL level.

  6. Youth do have a higher chance of moving up in the depth chart because they are young and still have much room for unexpected development... but there is equal chance they will crumble under the pressure.

    I love the idea of developing players from within your own organization because i think they would be more loyal too the team and consitancy in the lineup is something i think all fans value and I definitely count myself on the youth bandwagon for that reason and if ownership shows that kind of loyalty too its players i believe that would help and future FA talks in the future :)

  7. Buffalo will farm out Morrisonn and Kotalik to get under the cap, they won't lose any impact players. Gotta feel happy for Sabre fans, now they have an owner willing to spend to the upper tier of the cap.

    They have been waiting a long time, they really are a solid hockey city too, they have a pretty solid fan base, I know people who are Buffalo fans and thats more then I can say for most non original six-american teams from my neck of the woods, everyone is Original Six, Generic other Canadian team or Pittsburgh (Im from nova scotia so the crosby thing is big here, im no fan of him though)

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