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  1. It seems as if the NHL isn't too happy with the Islanders who, as part of their summer promotion, have been re-airing games and having a viewing party. That's not the issue mind you. Their problem is with the Isles' decision to re-air the brawl-filled game vs Pittsburgh and their attempt to celebrate it.

    Also, another NHL'er has died today as Rick Rypien passed away in his Vancouver home earlier tonight. He had just signed with Winnipeg earlier this offseason.

    Apparently he has been battling depression... that is really sad too hear.

  2. For most players (drafted, sign at age 20), they're exempt until the end of their entry-level deal. Once a player gets to about 26 and has a couple years of experience, they're eligible no matter what more or less. I haven't made one for this year yet but I do post a waiver status page on the site, you'll notice from last year's that Picard (who was on the same type of contract as Woywitka) needed waivers and he is younger than the Habs' newest defenceman.

    I feel like I am being educated in the ways of the hockey world every time I sign on here haha!

  3. A two-way deal means squat diddly in terms of regular (going down) waivers. Those are determined by a players' age and experience. As Woywitka is 28 and has several years of experience, he most certainly must clear going down.

    hum, I didn't know that either.

    Good too know!

  4. I guess it depends how the lineup shakes out. If Spacek is a lock for a bottom pairing spot, then who is the regular #6? Yemelin seems the most accomplished of the group. I can definitely see him on the 2nd PP. I could definitely see Weber on the 2nd PP, too. Same with Spacek.

    I don't see an obvious forward to play the point on the PP... Seems like we have more than capable D to do the job.

    I think Gionta is on the top unit because he's a RH shot. After Gio our RH shots drop off to the group of 4 players battling for 4th line spots: White, Trotter, Palushaj, Engqvist. Of course, Weber might be dressed on the 4th line, too.

    So I see our top unit as Cammalleri-Plekanec-Gionta-Markov-Subban.

    Second unit: Cole-Gomez-Kostitsyn?-Spacek-Yemelin/Weber. If both Yemelin and Weber are dressed I think they'd be the regular 2nd PP unit on D.

    I think not having Max on the power play is kinda out of the question giving just how well he did last season.

  5. I have too say i really think MaxPac will be closer too 30 maybe even get there next season.

    He said he is in better shape then he was last season and I believe he will be working even harder.

    I'm going too go really high on my guess and call...

    30-32-62 for him!

    (im kinda just reallly hoping it happens :P)

  6. I have too say I am really not a fan of no touch icing, i know it would save some horrible injuries, but I do not like the no touch it actually bothers me when i watch non nhl games and they just stop it when there could be a really exciting rush for the puck instead of just an icing...

  7. Oh, the city of Nashville does plenty to honour their musical heritage. They could've done a lot better than Predators I agree, but I like exposing other stories about a city. I mean, I like that the Blue Jays' AAA affiliate is called the Las Vegas 51's (referring to Area 51) and not the Gamblers or something. Although the Las Vegas Shotguns would be hilarious.


  8. Why would Winnipeg want a guy just drafted, who is 2-3 years away in exchange for the #3 pick (behind Stamkos and Doughty), from the 2008 draft. Bogasian is a stud defenseman who was rushed in and mishandled by Atlanta. I see him turning things around in a big way with the change in management. In the few Atlanta games I've seen, Bogasian looked very good.

    If I was the GM in Atlanta, there is no way in hell I'd move him and the only guy from Montreal I'd consider moving him for is Subban or possibly MaxPac+.

    And if I were Montreal's gm i'd never consider it

  9. We can cross Emery off the list as he is Chicago-bound to replace who currently is listed as the backup, Marty Turco. It's a tryout deal for Emery, that could be a coup if he plays well enough to beat Alex Salak.

    I mean he has attitude issues and all in his past... but I think he is definatley a solid goalie who would push most starters in the league for their job, i think its a smart signing for Chicago.

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