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  1. With the additions of Carter, Prospal and Wiz added in this offseason so far... They are now a really competitive team in my books.

    Nash has never had a real number one center. Now he has one.

    Prospal is a solid number two center and Columbus has Brassard and Vermette at center as well, as we have seen center depth has been key lately too many of the winning team, Pittsburgh and wretched Boston being prime examples.

    They have a under rated d lead by Russel and Tyutin the addition of Wiz adds some more firepower too the back end as well as a physical presence.

    Some solid bottom sixer's in Boll and Pahlsson.

    They lack top six wingers too play on their second line, though a top line of Umberger Carter Nash is very nice.

    If Mason bounces back they will have solid Goaltending on top of that.

    According too Cap Geek they have over 6 million in cap space so... there is room for more signings with only minor free agents left too sign they could make another signing on the wing... course that depends on ownership

    Well... should be interesting anyways.

  2. That depends on the type of player. I'd say 37 for the role Cole is supposed to play is definitely the tail end of his career.

    Deffinatly the tail end, power forwards that come too mind, LeClair, Tocchet and Shanahan. Were 38, 38 and 40. Messier was 43 but... thats Messier...

    So, he might retire after the contract, but he would still be a solid role player though. Sure he would be an overpaid role player, but I think he will be putting up numbers close too 20 goals... 15-18 kinda thing.

    Plus he will be an excellent mentor and a good guy in the room. I have no problems with this contract what so ever.

  3. I find it strange that people are so worried about the last year of his contract... its not like its Gomez's 7 million this year. His salary will not stop the team from doing anything in his last year whatsoever.

    I think this is EXACTLY what we needed to do and would was ecstatic when I heard this, you need too take risks in this league if you are going to advance, and honestly this is not a big one.

  4. This guy must be good, because Anaheim flat out refuses to move him in NHL 11. Considering I was able to get Crosby out of Pittsburgh, I must logically conclude that Mitera > Crosby. rolleyes.gif

    haha I had him on Hamilton in NHL 11 for a long time :P

    I found it kinda creepy when I saw him get picked up :P

  5. I agree. And I know I was somehow taking a minority position, but signing Hamrlik should definitely have been the higher priority than signing Gill.

    I think it was more important for the team too sign Gill due too his leadership and his experience with a cup. He is well liked by everyone and an a class penalty killer.

  6. The Habs just got around to announcing this via press release, nearly 2 hours after everyone else confirmed the signing. They don't have Cole's yet either...odd as usually their site is pretty quick with the pressers.

    Peter Budaj: He is one of the more intriguing options out there...

    Its almost like you knew...

  7. First of all we all expected that Avtsin was going to have to go through a learning curve considering its his first year playing in north america, second of all he just turned 20, so he's still very young and raw. But there is no doubt that this guy can become a force to be reckoned with, considering the fact that when he played in russia's league 1 junior divison he had 56 goals and 54 assists in 76GP, (yes he didn't really play against tough competition but those are really impressive numbers), and also to add that he was picked up by dynamo moscow the KHL's top team as a 19 year old who although didn't really produce (3 goals 6 assists for 9 points) he didn't play much either (30GP averaged 11.5 minutes a game) but he did manage to boast an impressive +6 on the team. So when you say he drowned last year it was "expected" and also to note that many experts projected this kid as a diamond in the rough kind of prospect with second or first line material so it says a lot. Now after a year of him getting his feet wet in Hamilton and also to (note played in only 58 games this year), I expect him to score at least 25 to 30 this year, and exploding on the scene. Also to point out palushaj is 5'11 -178 pounds, compared to avtsin who is 6'2 - 200 pounds so do we really need another small forward on the habs?

    What I said was that I do not believe Avtsin will be playing next year in the NHL. Palushaj got called up last year and will be called up again, as he is young, only 21, and his points jumped from 33-57 from his first too second year. I think you can expect Palushaj too make another jump this year too a 30 goal scorer. Will Avtsin be better the Palushaj in the future... probably, but I would not trust to call him up next year. I would also like too stick out another fact that may play a part. How well a player makes the transition to a higher level of play.

    If you look at these stats... He smoothly made the transition from High School too Uni leagues and from Uni to AHL and one can expect a smoother transition from AHL to NHL... Compared to Avtsin who as you have said has had trouble making the transition from Junior Russian too the KHL and from the KHL too AHL... He needs another full year in Hamilton. Players development gets hurt when they are brought up too early. This was shown time and time again with Bulldog players having great years moving up too play a game or two and coming down and not being the same player whatsoever after being shell shocked by the NHL. He also still is learning English which would make it even harder too move up too the NHL level.

    2006-2007Des Moines BuccaneersUSHL5622456762

    2007-2008Univ. of MichiganNCAA4310 34 44 22

    2008-2009Univ. of MichiganNCAA39 13 37 50 26

    2009-2010Peoria RivermenAHL44 5 17 22 22

    Hamilton BulldogsAHL18 3 7 10 8

  8. As Brian noted, it's more about the floor for Nashville than the ceiling. Just signing Weber and Kostitsyn to the lower of your numbers listed puts Nashville within 4 million of the cap floor, so that alone stops the need for Gomez's cap hit. And Gomez still has 3 years left on his contract, so Rinne and Suter's UFA contracts for next season can't be ignored.

    I just don't see Gomez going to Nashville. Spacek however...

    With the remaining free agents Spacek's departure would go a long way :)

  9. Wamsley's right that these guys are a dime a dozen. While I'd prefer to get a quality guy in that role and stick to him, a lot of teams are on this particular merry-go-round. As long as we get someone reliable, I'm happy.

    I agree, if a guy does well why not sign him again.

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