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  1. bourque gomez cole

    DD plex patches

    moen eller kosty

    blunden noki darche


    Gill, PK,Gorges,Diaz,Weber,Campoli,Kaberle,Emelin.

    Emelin and PK only top pair potential there. Gorges,steady but way overpaid and needs to be surrounded by size

    camm's scores on a deflect in front of the net!!

    brutal... i dont think he screened the goalie once in his whole mtl career!

    He had 36 pts in 27 playoff games with us. Look how the other stiffs did.

  2. The media has made it clear that anyone who doesnot speak French will be second class citzens. Congratulations, I don't see anyone lining up here unless we pay through the nose.

    That also goes for any french players/coaches,unless it's someone desperate for a job.The dark ages of the late 90's/2000's could once again be upon us if something isn't done quick.Thsi management thinks they are smarter than anyone else,though they've never won anything.Except for Gainey in Dallas,and they spent almost $100m to do it and traded away Iginla

  3. Well it has started...whether it was Gautier on his own or from orders from above(Gainey + Molson). In a totally unclassy display Cammy was removed in-game in Boston with the team trailing by 1 going into the 3rd period. What kind of message is this to the team? Do you really expect to see them pushing hard to jump teams ahead of them trying to reach the 8th spot for the playoffs when management handcuffs them like this? Can you tell me why we take the Russian Dozer out of tonites game vs the Sens in place of Campoli? Oh I forgot its an "Alum" game old Ottawa players get to lace'm up together. This team's management really doesn't want to win this year. We're sitting 12th but the Isles have 2 games in hand and we're staring at another loss vs. the Rangers Sunday with Budajai in goal. We are the team champions of the 2 goal game and its going to take us a while to get out of that rut.

    As far as future moves.."Kovy" above drafted up a pretty smart list. I'm torn on Weber as he is a "poster boy" for mis-used for the last year and a half. The guy is sheer dynamite on the PP with that shot. He knows how to sneak in and use it from the face-off circle or can blast away from the point. I think with fresh mgmt + new coach in place he could be a good asset for us next year. Kabby could be had for a pick for a playoff team thats looking for a PP-defensive playmaker. I think we need in the next 4 wks to approach both Moen + AK to see their feelings on signing extentions. I think with the gaffs our Mgmt has made this year it is going to be extrememly difficult to attract FAs here this summer. So retaining to big Power Forwards that can help this team is a good idea. If they are sour to rre-signing then you push them out asap and don't wait for the deadline. We cannot continue this habit of letting our UFAs walk away for free. This has cost us dearly in the past and hurt our future. We are living those results now. I just have this feeling that we are not going to address the Team's biggest need once again - #1 Centre. We need a Joe Thornton protoype player - that size, stature & ability. No more of this drafting or trading for the 5" 7" player types. Until the NHL had ridded itself of the nastyness that pervades the sport today - see Boston Bruins line-up and general on-ice attitude & antics......big and bold is the way to go......and one last thing. For crying out loud.....can they score for pete's sake! Isn't that the most important part of the game besides winning.

    Moen and AK are in contract years. This is as good as you will see from AK,which isn't that great.Bourque is a Canadian version of him.And we dumped 2 yrs of Cammi at $12m for 4 yrs of Bourque @ $13m.Moen is a very good playoff performer. I would try to sell high on both.Same with Gill. Campoli is a waste of space and get anything,if you can for him. kaberle is unmovable with his contract,unless Gainey heads up another team. Keeping Weber and Diaz is redundant. 1 "swiss miss" is more than enough.Stock up on picks and get some competent people to use them in off-season trades or upgrades

    Cammy wants to score with a perfect shot from the boards. He needs to go to the damn net and stay higher in the slot. You know, the dangerous areas that Pacs and Cole hang out in.

    I'm not sold on Pacs. I don't think he's ever scored 20 at any level,and definitely not 30

  4. Our problems going into next year: it's hard enough to attract UFA's with the tax situation,(you have to overpay by at least 10%) but being a basic laughinstock of the league,the overpayment will be greater. We have to fire Gainey and ALL the Ottawa retreads in this organization and get some fresh,competent people in charge. Might not be possible as Molson is proving he's a buffoon. And the year we get a lottery pick,the top prospects are Russian/Euros ,which we don't need anymore of

  5. We are almost at the halfway mark of the season and Kostitsyn now has 16 points. There is absolutely no way we get a 1st for this guy.

    AK46 has a bad habit of not showing up in big games. Afer watching him in the playoffs,why would anyone want to resign him.You know he'll be a slug once he gets a longterm deal. He's at his best right now,playing for a contract and it's not that great

  6. I'd like Markov to play as well this season, IMO 10 games would be sufficient, to see how the knee holds up, but what i DON'T want is them to rush him back in, or Markov push to get back in this year. I'd much rather wait until next season, then have them push him to come back this year.

    I'd rather see him hang'em up and use that cap money to acquire a stud D-man or a couple of bruisers.

  7. Why do we always agree 100% on these things? Are you a long lost brother??

    Gauthier's moves taken in a vacuum are good, but the way he is running the organization and the timing of everything sucks now. He needs to go.

    Hve to admit though, the last sentence scares the hell out of me.

    Just like with JM firing,it doesn't change anything if Gainey is still here. I want them both gone more than anything,and have felt that way for a couple of years.Gainey stocked the management with retread Ottawa losers (Timmons,JM,PG and RC) and now we're the losers

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