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  1. Didn't know where to post it, but this is a translation from a Randy Cunneyworth quote : «Que tu te serves de cet élément-là (de robustesse) ou non, ce n'est pas toujours important, a noté Cunneyworth. Mais il faut que les autres équipes sachent que c'est là. C'est une autre corde à notre arc, et c'est bien de savoir qu'on peut y recourir au besoin.»

    I don't really know how to translate "robustesse" but in english :

    "Using this element (sturdiness??/grit/fighting/hard body check) or not is not always important. But other teams has to know that you have it. It is another string to our bow and it's good to know that we can use it when needed."

    BOOOM I like RC and I'd like to see us adding a few grinders who can play 10+ mins per game.

    nhlnumbers.com have Brandon Prust as a UFA for next season. I'd target him BIG time !!!

    Only took 60+ games in a lost season of the 8 year BG/PG plan . And are we really much bigger than the past ? Diaz,Campoli,Kab,as new additions don't strike me as big. And Bourque has some size,but rarely uses it.I'll give big props for getting Staubitz,but I doubt he's here next year.Just in the last year we've dumped Laps,Mara,Sopel,O'byrne,Gill, AK,Pouliot(who is the same physical player as Bourque).Also added Emelin.So no,I say we haven't gotten bigger.

  2. I'd say Emelin is developing into being quite good. Subban can already shut down guys while also being an offensive threat and Gorges is of course a defensive stalwart. Once Tinordi is up, that gives Montreal four guys who know how to either shut down, block shots or bang and mash somebody.

    The defence looks extra terrible when you have Subban playing outside his experience, Kaberle half caring, Weber being inept and Campoli being a ninth defenceman. If this team had Markov to push the Weber/Campoli/Diaz trio to a seventh role, this team wouldn't look anywhere near as bad as you might think.

    We need to be more patient with Emelin. Great physical player that we've sorely lacked since Komi. One of my faves,BUT,he makes a ton of rookie mistakes,as much or more than O'Byrne ever made. It also hasn't helped that he's been paired with garbage like Camp,Kab,Diaz and Weber. definitely a top 4 candidate in another year or two

    I just dont know how Timmons/Gauthier pick em, was it just a coincidence that several 4th rounders were d-men? And they just simply keep crossing off a list as they get taken and take the top one available at the time?

    Becasue a guy 145th and a guy 144 or 146 are of exact same calibre.

    If was me i would take 3 forwards and maybe 1 d of top 4, but goalies are a dime a dozen it seems these days, so why waste a pick?

    If the Habs do finish 29th, their 2nd pick is almost a 1st rounder and 4th pick is almost a 2nd rounder.

    I know just semantics, but am really looking forward to a nice haul this June, similar to 2007, but with the top pick being even better than McDough.

    And will be nice to help forget this year ,or at least get some positives from it, and Canucks winning the cup finally will be nice also.

    Timmins needs to go as much as PG and BG. Other than LL,we don't have one NHL player in the last 4 drafts. And does he ever draft a big/tough/gritty forward.

  3. :clap:

    As a hab fan:

    -Hate the bruins.

    -Hate the Leafs.

    -Hate the flyers.

    And growing up in Calgary as a habs fan - hate the flames.

    I don't live in Canada,and I never really considered the Leafs a rivl. They've always sucked to much to be relevant. i hope we aren't heading in that direction

  4. YOu got to be kidding me - there was ZERO defence on both goals. The first one was a rebound of the post. The second a cross crease play.

    Wow, is this Price worship everywhere. Say one thing negative about OUR CAREY and everyone comes out.

  5. The ideal scenario is to have guys like Lucic who can punish and intimidate while playing lots of minutes.

    Having a goon is clearly a distant second-best option. Yet there does seem to be a certain psychological value even to goons, in that we really do hear players (most recently White) saying that they feel more confident, more protected, with those guys in their lineup. Intimidation is a bona-fide factor in this sport. I don't know if the goon will intimidate the opposition but he might help our guys feels less intimidated. If having a goon helps our guys to play a bit bigger in their boots, then that brings value.

    Pleks,Gio and Cammi said the same. their opinion matters more than martin,gauthier or the vocal minority of pacifist fans

  6. God god, on what level of thinking is Kaberle and Campoli being on the ice at the same a good idea?

    Garbage pairing. I can't remember ever disliking a Hab more than Campoli.Isn't there someone in Hamilton that we can give some NHL time to ( Nash,St.denis ? )

  7. You know the season is over so you'd think they'd ry some different things.


    1) let's see if Cole-Pacioretty can play on opposite lines.

    2) Let's see what Pleks can do with actual linemates

    3) Maybe it's time to try Emelin on the PP anyone

    4) Maybe it time to see wait Gomez can do from the press box

    Next game let's change things up.









    And more importantly let's see Kaberle on the left point to Emelin on the right point for the PP. He's got a good shot let's use it.

    That's ugly.

  8. Off topic but I noticed this and I'm surprised others haven't.

    Louis Leblanc

    GP: 26 G: 3 A: 4 PTS: 7 +/-: +2 TOI: 10:26

    Rene Bourque

    GP: 20 G: 4 A: 2 PTS: 6 +/-: -9 TOI: 17:36

    Why in the hell is Louis being sent back to the AHL!? Unless this is Gauthier's way of making sure Montreal gets a top three pick, then kudos.

    Wow, good comparative stats. Didn't realize that. This may not be the best atmosphere to have a 20 yr old bluechip prospect up here. It's getting ugly. Hopefully we'll be rid of alot of these deadbeats before Sept starts.

  9. We need someone to watch over the kids we are going to play down the stretch. Seems to fit that bill.

    Agreed,and that should go in to next year also. Keep in mind Pleks,Gionta and Cammi all said at various times that they either: liked seeing BGL on the bench,and/or that the lineup needed toughness/enforcer,even before the infamous "Boston beatdown". Only JM and the anti-fighting "doves" disagreed.

  10. The whole reason Anaheim is potentially trading him and Perry is because they want to goto free agency.

    Of course there's the possibility but Montreal would likely have to win the Cup. Otherwise, why stay?

    Money talks. And the Habs have plenty of it. Give them Gomez-type money.Gio came here because we offered him almost $10m more than anyone else

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