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  1. Nice fail by the boys tonight...they sure are getting good at it. That first or second overall selection in the draft is within reach.

    Unfortunately you can't usually predict how an 18 yr old is going to turn out.need a total housecleaning,starting with BG,and then the rest of the ex Ottawa losers,goat and Timmins

    Quiet thread.

    Boring game.

    Not only are the habs irrelevant in the NHL,but are now irrelevant to the home fans. what a crappy state of affairs

  2. On twitter I saw more than one tweet mentioning how Gauthier was offered a 5th round pick for Campoli but Gauthier was holding out for a 3rd. A deal that bit him in the ass perhaps? Oh well.

    Next step if I am the goat is to look at the waiver wire.

    Campoli should be placed on waivers and part ways.

    That can't be true,can it?Maybe his most pathetic if true.

  3. I love rough and tough hockey but am puzzled by this. Like most of you I want a guy who can fight but more importantly play. I would have loved to get a middle weight like an Anthony Stewart when he was available. In other words a guy who can defend himself, stick up for guys but ply a regular shift.

    Why Staubitz however when you have a guy like Schultz nipping at the bud. I'm guessing this was a financial decision instead of hockey decision because the Habs pay only half of Staubitz instead of the full Schultz?

    i'm with you. It's pointless having an enforcer when the season is over,unless it's to take the pressure off White. Besides Stewart,there were plenty of tough guys who can play,that were available cheap on July 1st. Rupp,Torres,Winchester,Asham,Konopka,Vandermeer,O'Brien and others. You can pick off some you don't like,but 3 of those type of guys scattered in the lineup would have made a big difference this season. For toughness and character. All for around $5m combined.

  4. Seriously...I actually feel sorry for Plek. It's as if an asterix should be placed next to his stats from this season.

    Yeah,he got treated like crap all year. He has been set up to fail. Give him Pacs and Cole,and I would think he'd be the leading scorer by a wide margin. he's close as it is. Those lines are definitely reminiscent of the 2000 habs

  5. Yeah it's pretty much a fact that Bourque is better than Kostitsyn. Bourque does everything he does and more. If we must have a player who tends to float sometimes, lets at least have one that can produce.

    Trading two UFAs for 2 second rounders (which figure to be high second rounders in a pair of deep drafts) and what we hope will be a solid bottom sixer? An excellent deal. I applaud PG on this one.

    Ha ha. Comparing two inconsistent lazy floaters. Neither one has produced this year. They're both known dogs. I am glad AK and his 3 goals last 31 games,0 g in 14 game streak that he does every year is gone. I just can't believe we're stuck with the same b.s for another 4 yrs w/ Bourque. He's as untradeable as Kab or maybe even Gomez

  6. I am really, really wondering what people were expecting to happen at the deadline. Trade Campoli, Darche, Kostisyn, Weber and Moen for Rick Nash?

    We converted two UFA's into a halfway decent prospect and 2 second rounders. Basically we did what everyone criticizes us for not doing, and would still be criticized for this year if we had not done exactly what we did. Habs fans are by far the most whinny and spoiled in the league, always wanting it both ways (or neither, who knows).

    I rated deadline day B-, C+. We got assets for the only two UFA's that had any value. Moen may be hurt long-term so no offers were made.Campoli,Darche and Nokie have zero value. They were basically unwanted UFA's/journeymen. Kaberle and Gomez are untradeable because of their contracts.

  7. I completely agree, everyone who I talk to talks about Montreal rebuilding, but I really don't think we are in that position. A few additions via FA and letting some kids into the roster next season will make us a competitive team imo.

    Campoli,Weber,Kaberle,Darsche,Moen,Nokie,Budaj and Gomez could all be gone under the right circumsatnce. Replacing 8 players sounds close to a rebuild to me.

  8. Moen will no question be resigned. Montreal expressed confidence and loyalty in him. We will probably see him signed for 3 years or something, might be a tad long, but no question he will be coming back.

    I'd like to put some kind of wager that he's on another team . No way he comes back to this circus.

  9. 2 more years of Kaberle, sweet eh! I am joking a bit, but overall i am glad he is signed for 2 more, sure he is a bit pricey and a bit soft, but you cant argue with his offense and the experiance the young d-men will need next fall, especially if Tinordi/Ellis or Beaulieu get called up.

    And Spacek and Cammalleri were 2 i have crapped on for past 2 years, so am quite pleased both are gone.

    I guess no one wanted to trade for Gomez.

    Anyways, hopefully Moan will now sign for a fair salary?

    i guarantee Moen will be one of the first UFA's signed by another team.he's not coming back,nor should we want him to for anything more than a year or 2.Kab. wouldn't be SO BAD if he was in a big,rugged defense corps,instead of one of the softest in NHL history

    Not even being able to garner a 7th for Campoli shows why he was unsigned before the season and what a friggin lame acquisition he was

  10. Palushaj stays up and Leblanc goes down? Strange.

    "Pile-of sh*t staying up here,means the tank is on full force. We have 20 games left. Right now I think we are the worst team in the NHL,and would be surprised to see us win more than 5 or 6 of our remaining 20.Especially based on our play over the last week or so.

  11. gaustad + 4th is traded for a first rounder..

    am I the only one thinking that kostitsyn > gaustad?

    If my team was in the playoffsIi would no doubt take Gaustad over AK. This is a classic move of addition by subtraction. I never liked the trade of Sergei,as even at 20 he played all 3 forward positions,the point on the PP and killed penalties.Things AK never could do. He was immature at 21. Who isn't?

  12. Quite a title for forum, "Disgrace of a Team"?

    Holy crap, that is a bit much isnt it?

    The sky will not fall becasue the Habs have an off year.

    I know you are likely just venting a bit, but even in this shitty season, i see lots of positives and cant wait till next fall.

    Not a good title but not much positive to say when you're one of the 3 worst teams in the league,and basically a laughingstock as an organization.

  13. Well, time to forget about this one (although I think we'll have a postgame article tonight), I'm going to start working on the 'Twitter Trade Ticker' and put together our little deadline central page (which will be on the forum this year).

    I don't think I've ever been too happy on trade deadline day,(or July 1st). The worst was in 2008,when we were rumoured to be getting Hossa and our only move was trading Huet for a 2nd.We were legit contenders that year

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