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  1. Even though we are having a horrible season if we can bring in a good stable GM and coach we should be able to bounce back fairly quickly. We got really hurt by injuries this year and then add in the fact we just didn’t have the quality call ups we had the year before to fix it. That ended up leading to coaches being fired and players being traded and toss in the Montreal media to the mix and just lead to a lot of distractions this season.

    Next year we’ll have a bunch of junior players jumping up to AHL level and that might give us some better depth. Plus we should be drafting fairly early in each round of this years draft and might be able to get someone in 1st round that can jump straight into the lineup. Hopefully we don’t get owned by injuries next year and we buyout Gomez to free up some more cap space.

    We still have a decent core to build around and the key ingredient in an all-star goalie. Hopefully after the trade deadline the guys we expect to be key players in next season team get an increase in playing time and see their roles improve. Really would like to see Gomez off the powerplay and someone like Eller get some time there.

    Just like the last few years,there are many" IFS" in your post. The biggest one is: will the Habs have a new GM ?

  2. Whatever we make of the trade, we shouldn't deny that Cammalleri has it in him to be an elite scoring winger in the NHL. Something's gone wrong for him this season, but I don't think it changes that basic fact. Bourque, meanwhile, is at best an adequate second-line winger; in effect we traded Cammy for an older version of Kostitsyn. There almost certainly will come a time when Cammy is producing like an all-star for an extended period of time. Anyone defending that trade had better focus on the cap space gained and the 2nd round pick.

    I don't really understand the cap space advantage being talked about. Bourque and Cammy both make $12m. Cammi's contract is done in 2 years. We're stuck with Bourque for 4. Do you think that extra $3m of cap space would really help us become contenders the next year or two ?

  3. PG hit a homer with this trade. The 2nd rounder was fair value, If Geoffrion grows to full potential we stole him. Throw in Slaney who even if he doesn't make it adds a ton to the 'dogs and we are way ahead in this deal. Great move! Keep it up PG and your job is safe!

    It was a fair trade,Mrs Goat. And PG is toast. Geoff has 0 goals in 22 games this year.hope he pans out,but he's 24. if you like his #'s you must love the Palush/Enquist combo

  4. Kaberle isn't a 50 point player but Kessel is all of a sudden a 35+ goal scorer. Really, this is getting too much.

    Kessels stats:

    How's that kool-aid tasting. kabby has 35 pts last 82 games,with obvious deterorating skills. Kessel has 30 in 58 games and has hit 30 last 3 years before this and is getting better.Next you will tell me Gomez is a 60-70 pt guy. ROFL !!!

  5. Get over it. Smart teams do it. We are not in the state we are in because the fourth line winger happens to be a defenseman. We are in the state we are in because the TOP lines haven't been putting out as well as some top defenseman.

    How many top teams are playing 7 dmen ? I know PG/BG think they're smarter than everyone else,but they're not.The results over the last 7 years prove that. Other than PK who is a top d-man not putting out ? Diaz? Kabby ? Campoli? I can't debate you about this ,if you don't realize how important it is to have a 4th line that can give you 10+ effective minutes a night. Our top line has been excellent all year.

  6. With a lottery pick still possible, do you really want to give up our #1 this year? TO me that would be worse then Burke's move for Kessel. At least Burke didn't think the leafs would be bad enough for a chance at the lottery pick. I wouldn't pass a chance of drafting potentially the next Bure or Malkin for Carter. Now if Columbus was willing to take our 2013 #1 overall, then IMO that wouldn't be a bad move.

    I would only consider Carter if they took Kaberle and Gomez,along with whoever we have to give up. his contract is brutal. I'd rather have Vinny L. Say what you want about Burke,but Kessel is a young 35+ goal scorer,and there aren't many of them around

  7. Some thoughts....

    The tank is on. The Gill trade made it official, and Kaberle, Campoli and Weber in the last pairing is a disaster, and will lose us many games, thankfully.

    I don't like seeing us tank, but we can call this an "oops" year, come back with a high 1st rounder, new management, a healthy Markov and 5 or 6 young guns with real experience. Isn't that better than the classic bubble scenario?

    I like Ryan White. He fights, he agitates without being dirty and he's great defensively. When he's on offense, if he has the puck it's going to the net, when he doesn't have the puck he's going to the net.

    Eric Cole is the new assistant captain. Good job, finally, the merit system!

    Rene Bourque is definitely better at home and in big games. I noticed this in the heritage classic last year, where he scored two goals.

    Gomez is gonzo next year. Same with AK.

    Agreed about Bourque at home. Very disappointed in him after his initial games.He was pretty nonexistant vs. the B's and has only played 5 playoff games (I believe),so that's unproven.Gomez is back next year,better learn to deal with it.Molson didn't get rich by throwing away millions. Cole should be the new captain.Still dreaming about Markov ?,LOL. White needs help in the physical dept. He's a middleweight,and coming off a serious injury.He's the type of player the two stooges should have been acquiring the last couple of years,instead of garbage,soft journeymen

    Who actually won last night ? Buffalo stayed closer to getting a better pick.

  8. - Ryan White is quickly navigating up my list of favorite Habs players.

    - Gomez played maybe his best game of the year.

    - The forecheck the last couple games has been a breath of fresh air. This team is currently playing differently than most of the year. Not sure how it will equate in the standings but it's been fun to watch.

    White is already there for me. We could use another couple like him. This tanking is new for me. Makes the games very apathetic now. I can't remember not watching/caring about the 3rd period of a close game. Either the game was sloppy and unexciting or just my attitude knowing the season and any playoff drive is 100% over,instead of 90%

  9. As Commandant pointed out he has been above 47 pts or on pace for above 50 the past three years... and as a hab would be on pace for 42 this year.

    Bourque has put up similar numbers to Cammy... but Cammy is a -5 as a flame and Bourque has shown some kind of physical presence. So for the same production we saved money, got more physical and apparently more sound defensively. That trade also added Holland who is having a tremendous year in the WHL.

    Kaberle trade I now have no opinion on, its a wash for me. I like Bourque more then Cammy and we got another piece in that trade. I didn't think we would get that much for Gill, I was hopeful for a second round pick. Instead we get a 2nd and at worst a very solid young bottom six guy (with size and strength) who could possibly be top six. We wouldn't have even signed Gill in the off-season, plus what more could we have gotten?

    We will see what else he does at the deadline but if he pulls off another deal like this I would not be happy if he was fired in the off-season. Despite his questionable handling of coaching and media. I would be okay with leaving that to rookie gm uneasiness and let those incidents slide.

    I would be almost as upset if he came back as I was when we traded Roy or Leclair. This whole mess is his and BG fault. He is universally ridiculed league wide by scouts,GMs and analysts. And deservedly so.How do we save $$ we Bourque ? We're stuck for 4 years with another VERY inconsistent player,who's physical presence is VASTLY OVERRATED,at $13m. It's spread out longer than Cammi's $13m,but at least we'd be free of that in 2 years,which is when this rebuild should start seeing results.Nobody,except a few here thinks the Kaberle deal is any good. If he can get traded by the deadline,without having to throw in a pick for incentive,I will put up any self degrading avatar for the rest of the year.He's untradeable. Pace/schmace,he is a 35 pt player now. 7 pp assists in his time here. terrible player. As bad all around as Campoli.

    I want returns for Moen, Campoli, Kostitsyn, maybe Weber and if we can, Kaberle and Gomez. I don't hate acquiring Kaberle but if someone wants him for a pick, you pull the trigger.

    Why would he want to come back as a UFA,whewn he surely will get offers for contenders,which we are 2-3 yrs away..if we get some competent management

    I'm sad to see Gill go, he seemed to be a good guy. But I gotta say, I'm pleasantly surprised by what Gauthier got in return for Gill. Now, If he can get as much for Moen, things will look good for the future. Let's be serious here, what are our chances of making the playoffs this year? 5%...maybe 10%. I'm not saying that we should tank the rest of the season, but if we can get some good return for Moen, and Campoli, I say pull the trigger.

    We got for Gill exactly what was expected. To me,looking at the stats,Geoffrion is another Palushaj and the best thing about him is he helps give Hamilton some depth. if it prevents Schultz from coming up here,then Iwouldn't be happy

  10. Returns for player will be higher now because there's no take it or leave it mentality from the buyer. If you want someone right now, a little more than a week from the deadline, you need to make good offers or the player won't be available at deadline day to back the seller in a corner.

    Get what you can for moen. he doesn't seem to be the type that wants to come back,after this years circus,so get what you can so you don't lose him for nothing

  11. Habs last had two 1st round picks in 2007, got Ryan McDonagh and Mr Pacioretty (thank you Craig Rivet for Pacioretty, but moreso for Gorges), if they could get a 1st rounder for Gill, i would be pleasantly shocked, but would be some sweet to repeat with 2 more quality picks like those!

    Are you saying you like getting Gorges more than Max Pac ??

  12. Nope. Weber's back tonight, he'll take Gill's spot in the lineup, Campoli also will dress.

    Speaking of tonight, there's no GDT yet, anyone want to tackle it? I'm going to have enough on my plate with the trade.

    7 dmen again ? sigh

  13. Well, thats 3 good trades this year; as both Kaberle and Bourque are huge upgrades over Spacek and that other hot dog. Congrats Mr.Gauthier

    I had thought just a 2nd would be good enough for Gill, so if Geoffrion ends up being a 3rd or 4th line LW, just a bonus.

    Kaberle deal was laughed at league wide. It's the worst trade he's made. Lets get the lies from you PG fanboys out of the way. Kaberle is NOT a 50 pt guy. he hasn't scored 50 since 07-08. He has 2 g 31 a 33pts in last 82 games. 25 hits,8 pim. He has 24 pts in 58 games which is about a 35 pt pace. he is noticeably declining offensively and is butter soft and terrible on defense. And we have 2 more yrs of $4.25m for this Ex TO turd. Bourque has 3g 2 a 5 pts in 14 games,and Cammi has 4 g 2 a 6 pts in 13 games. That trade was bad for both teams.Gauthier is universally ridiculed,as are people who thinks he's done well with the "hapless Habs" as i read today

    Not bad. Maybe Geoffrion excels now. He was the 2010 Hobey Baker winner. I wish Montreal would have him up for a cup of coffee right away...oh well.

    There'll be no pressure on "little BOOM BOOM in Montreal,lol

  14. I'd disagree with that. Dumping Gill definitely makes the Habs defense weaker, thus making it more difficult to go on a miracle stretch run to make the playoffs.

    That said, I'm pleasantly surprised with the return on this trade. Glad he didn't go to a top conference team, as Nashville is 5th or so in the west, making the potential return on that 2nd round pick that much better. That the Habs received 1 decent prospect in the deal makes it that much better. By all accounts, Slaney is simply a contracts toss in, so I'm not counting him.

    definitely makes us sellers. he was probably our 3rd best dman,and certainly better than Campoli or kaberle. I thought Gill was a good hab and he definitely gave it his all with limited skills. Was well worth the contracts he got. Great team player.

  15. It was a great game. Who was that wearing #52 ? The best game I ever saw him play,and actually one of the best games any Habs forward not named Pacs or Cole has played all year.P.K was great also. Physical and end to end rushes. I'd like to see White get some help in the physical/fisticuff dept. I don't understand Gomez on the PP. I don't understand with 6 sec. left in OT,they design a play for Kaberle to shoot.RC is a great motivator but not a good tactician. And oh yeah,lets hear the PG fan club(you know who you are) defend Campoli again.

  16. It's worth repeating, this thread is about trying to make the playoffs. Not what your opinion is on where you'd prefer the team wind up. The eighth place Leafs have a tough game on Saturday in Vancouver. It's possible we make up ground this weekend. Friday night in Buffalo, which normally has many Hab fans in attendance. Then a day off Saturday, and a Sunday night game vs the Devils at home. This game against Boston shows this team still has plenty of fight in it.

    We got 1 out of 4 points at home,in two games that could have gone either way. As Don Meredith sang: Turn out the lights,the party's over

  17. You're the one doing all the fantasizing, for a lottery pick. This team just fought back against the champs, and got a point. The players and coaches are not giving up. And I realize this pains a few of you, but neither is management and ownership yet.

    Ownership is obviously concerned with how much money they can squeeze out of the sucker. PG is trying to save what surely will be his last NHL job. And RC is trying to save his job. Of course they won't give up.Why do you say it "pains us". You are talking like you're the #1 fan out here.

  18. I hate the B's ,but they stick up for each other like no other team., I really hope White doesn't play Wednesday. he has a bullseye on him,along with P.K. Schultz would have ran some interference for him. Thornton,Lucic Mcquaid will be fighting/running them,and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it.Except cry to the refs and the league to protect us.And I don't think the refs are going to be protecting P.K. Oh,we may get a couple extra PP's. Whoopee

  19. That's all great, but not realistic, and not something that's going to happen. We've spent the last five months debating why this team has under achieved. It's not at the Bruins level, but it's also not a lottery team. Selling off the pieces that we all believe are available probably won't help us next season, as they'll likely only get us draft picks. The idea that we could trade up is pure fantasy, if it happens, wonderful, but don't hold your breath. We started the season as a team that would fight for 8th, and that's where we'll finish. The core of this team won't be traded in an effort to "tank", in my opinion. I think we're going to have to accept this. Let's see if I'm wrong. This fighting for 8th stuff is garbage, but I don't see it changing for now. As the Cucumber suggest, this team is probably going to stay the course, and hopefully improve slowly, in small increments.

    Actually we are a borderline lottery team. Sick of all these "we're better than our record" posts. We aren't and just shows how little this fanbase actually knows about hockey. How about" we arem't as good as our record the last 2 years" because we had Price and Halak bailing our asses out every night.Last night was a perfect sample of this team. Another blown 3rd period lead because,our forwards were too tired,because we have no 4th line to take the burden off them. A very substandard defense,led in ineptness by Campoli,Kaberle and Diaz.

  20. I agree but you can also get more offense (where we lack) and have everybody (Lucics and Hortons) of the world spending more time defending big bodies in their own end. PSST--- BIG CENTERS

    Which of our centers do you get rid of. DD,Pleks and Eller are all #2 or #3.Big centers are at a HUGE premium. it would take one of those,plus ALOT more

  21. I agree that players pride won't let them tank and that trading away some of our assets will help the team and give youth a chance to reach potential or reveal it...

    I don't think saying "with a few changes the team can be a playoff team in 2013" is accurate. I think with a few changes we can be a contender. Not only for the playoffs but for a top spot in the west. I think our team is on the verge of becoming a very strong team, it just needs a few pieces filled into the roster to make it so.

    No players ever tank for a draft pick,as to be a pro a big majority have too much pride. The tanking comes from management and coaching.

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