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  1. Cammalleri - Gomez - Gionta

    Pouliot - Plekanec - A. Kostitsyn

    Moen - Moore - S. Kostitsyn

    Pyatt - Metropolit - Lapierre

    Markov - Subban/O'Byrne

    Hamrlik - Spacek

    Gill - Gorges


    I'd call up Subban - but I don't think we'll see that happen unless Habs go down 3-1. Even then, that'd be like saying, "You're our last hope. Save us!" and I don't think that would be fair to throw him into the fire. He'll be there next season...

  2. 3-1, including two overtime wins... hmm. Injury to Parise really won't help, he's been great this year. Guess EHM wants to make it a little harder to stay on top of the league. Pittsburgh is close behind. I guess Afinogenov or Tambellini is going to get a chance to *shine*. haha

    Theodore playing very much like his real life counterpart... good thing we have Lundqvist for the playoffs.

  3. Is it just me or did the camera stay on Cammalleri way too long - maybe thinking he was Plek? (#13 / #14... easy to confuse). RDS same problem (same camera...). Also, RDS had announced Cammalleri as the goal scorer on screen.

    Either way, great vid because of the caption at the end regarding the Theo/Tomas Jagr joke. :P

  4. I'd just intentionally overheat it anyway and send it in. Once it gets past the warranty it's like $150 to fix it. Or are you all set to start gaming a lot more now that school is over?

    I'll have to find my bill and see how much time I have to get it back in.

    I'm not sure that I'll be gaming that much, actually... but I use my X360 to watch movies, listen to music, etc.

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