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  1. Simply put, both Markov and Subban are capable of making their defense partners better. Together, that collective influence has done wonders. However, for the "greater good" it makes sense to split them and improve the top 4 as a whole. Gorges and Emelin will benefit greatly from having Subban and Markov with them, respectively, while Subban and Markov should maintain their outstanding performances. It's win-win.

  2. The one thing that worries me about jagr is his speed. This is a fast team. Jagr is so slow that he may not have fit in.

    I understand the importance of the speed game, but Briere is considered faster than Jagr and he isn't exactly fitting in himself.

    I'd argue that the team would be able to find a way around it. Have another player (e.g. Plekanec) gain the zone and hold possession until old Jagr catches up. Jagr an use his size and strength to ward off defenders once he has the puck in the offensive zone, which would lead to scoring chances as his linemates get into position.

    Of course, it wouldn't always play out that well. There would be games when his lack of speed burns the Habs. When he can't clear the defensive zone fast enough, or catch up to break up an odd-man break going the wrong way.

    At the end of the day, I feel that Jagr would have been more useful to the Habs top 9 than Briere regardless of speed. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but I was disappointed in the offseason when the Habs decided against signing Jagr and committed to Briere.

  3. Looks like the Habs finally made the switch during tonight's game vs. Phoenix. Considering the win, I'd say it worked out well. We'll see if it sticks.

    In my opinion, it's the best situation. Splitting Markov and Subban means the team has a puck moving defenseman on each pairing with a shutdown guy. The balance helps the team move the puck up the ice from defense with a lot more ease no matter which pairing or forward line is on the ice. It should lead to more offense in the long run.

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  4. We touched on this subject during the forthcoming HabsWorld Podcast: Episode 24, but I thought I'd narrow it down to two fan-favorites: Pacioretty and Gorges.

    If Marc Bergevin were to pull the trigger on a deal that would send either Pacioretty or Gorges out in return for an upgrade, which would you prefer?

    Pacioretty's name has popped up in trade rumors already this season while Gorges is believed to be a candidate to replace Gionta as the club's Captain as early as next season. While it seems unlikely either would be dealt - particularly in part due to their cap-friendly contracts - but if the Habs are looking to add a significant piece, they'll have to give up value in the process.

    So who would you move? Pacioretty? Gorges? Both? Neither? It's perfectly fine if you think it would be crazy to move either - just tell us why!

  5. Both Briere and Jagr carry an Annual Average Salary of $4 million (Jagr would have to obtain a full bonus of $2 million to get all of it). Briere is younger, Jagr has more points (so far). Jagr's deal is only for one year, Briere's for two. Briere is fast, but small. Jagr is big, but slow. Briere is French Canadian, Jagr is Czech.

    So, did the Habs sign the right veteran to shore up the top nine? Hindsight is 20/20, but the season is still young.


  6. Without question, Subban and Markov have become Montreal best defensive pairing since being united earlier this season. They're among the team's top five scorers but their production has slowed as of late - particularly on the powerplay. Emelin's return to the lineup has shored up the top six, but his game has struggled lately.

    So is it time to split up Subban and Markov? At even strength or powerplay or both? Why or why not?


  7. Stamkos had a rod shoved in that little bone. Best case scenario is he will be out 3 months and make it back in time to join Team Canada. Worst case is he will miss the year. Have to think it will catch up with the Lightning eventually - too bad the Habs couldn't capitalize last night.

  8. Assuming both Briere and Prust go on IR, we're currently counting almost 17 million in cap hit for players in the pressbox.

    Is any other NHL team even close to that?

    Without looking. No. It's atrocious and unfortunate. If any good comes out of it, it's that Therrien will be pushed in a corner to give the kids more responsibility and give them first line minutes.

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