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  1. Great came... could have been a much higher score by Canada if it wasn't for Eche... he played fantastic!...

    I have to agree... Brodeur should have gotten a penalty... but, wuts a Canada-US game without some contraversy eh?

  2. I think the reason why we kept him instead of trading him b4 the playoffs, is incase of injury during the playoffs, or something of that nature.

    With the aquisition of Bonk, (I believe i've said this in a simular topic)... it just about nulified any chance of Perrault making a return to Montreal.

    Montreal was looking for that Defence centre with a scoring touch, Bonk bring that possibility to the team.

    Sure Perrault would b great to keep on the team, but, there is simply no more room for him. I know that Gainey and Julien want Mike Rebiero to continue playing on the 2nd line, (Full NHL experience).. thus developing him even furthur... (he already showed he can put up 60+ points in a season.... alwayz room for improvement).

    Playing Perrault on the 4th line would be silly. I say this only because, Perrault excells with more ice time. Sure he will pop in a goal here and there even with limited time, but, he is a player that i find gets better throughout a game, and, being on the 4th line wont help that.

    Given the chance, and higher amount of playing time on another team, I think Perrault can seriously do some damage point wise. I'm thinking he'll end up up north...




    St. Louis


  3. ahhh, that krazy Ex-Bruin... Is it just me... or is Markov alwayz getting smashed in the face?... IMO he should add on some weight/muscle... but either way, he still a great player, and hope the injury isnt too bad, so he will be able to return to the tourny, and ready for next season.

  4. I think both teams get what they need in this trade. With Conroy gone, Calgary needed a new #1 centre... and I think that Langkow and Iginla will make a good combo.

    As for Nedved signing with Phoenix, wow... they gonna have a mighty team, well... thats only if there is a season :P

  5. I agree with ya, I was speaking with a friend of mine today about that, and, I said, "as long as we have Brodeur in nets, we have the best chance at winning."

    Not to put theo down but, Marty has proven himself, and shows up for the big games. I have full confidence with him in nets.

    Plus, he's my fav goalie in the NHL... :P ...

  6. Originally posted by Fanpuck33

    At least the US won the game I was at.

    Lol, yea, I'm glad they did that for ya. I think it would have sucked if, Canada won there, and the US won up in Ottawa. :o

    But thats not the case, so everybody wins... except this guy ---> :guru:

  7. Canada beats the US 3-1... what a flip from the 3-1 loss we had. Not only were the scores switched but, in the same way that the US scored 3 goals on our replacement goaltender in the last game (Luongo), we scored 3 goals on theirs, (Conklin).

    Players getting the goals were, Vincent Lecavalier, Joe Sakic, and Brad Richards.

    Apparently Theodore played awesome, even though he let in the only goal the Americans got, but, he made a lot more saves than Luongo had to. (Chances of Theo backing up Brodeur lookin better :clap: )

    I'm happy to see that Brad Richards got in on the action and picked up a goal, he is going to be a huge part of Team Canada in the years to come. I think he has everything it takes to be that superstar player. (maybe im saying all this because he is one of my favorite players, but, either way, good to see Canada get the win.)


    [Edited on 26/8/04 by Macaskill]

  8. I have to stick with the Sakic line being be best, but, that Lemieux line is certainly gonna be a deadly one as well.

    Too bad for Smyth, as he is one of my favorite players but, I wouldn't be surprised to see him jump into the line up given the chance. I think he experience with the international play will help out huge in the locker room.

  9. Frankly, I think it is quite obvious, to a point, why lets say, America has MANY more Medals than Canada.


    Canada has merely 30 million ppl. America has what... 300 million?... I'm not sure on exact numbers but, I'm sure its a ton more.

    In this world, most athletes are born. By that I simply mean, there are ppl who are capable of being champions, and those who are not. When you only have 30 million ppl, the chances of you having many ppl able to be great at certain sports, im much less than that of a country with 100s of millions of ppl.

    Throw in the fact that we only have summer in most part of canada for 3 months?... Then the weather starts to dip. (sure you can do indoor activities, but, the outside world has an effect on the psychy of the population.

    As much as I'd like to see Canada bringing in a ton of medals, It is not always going to be possible. But I say we congradulate the ones who can during this time.

    Either way, If our time at the olympics continues this way until the end, and we only pick up a couple more medals, then, sure it will be a dissapointment. BUT, Just more reason for ALL of our athletes to pick it up over the next 4 years, and train harder than they ever had before, because, the real disapointment, would to not learn from the problems we had here, and improve for 2008.

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