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  1. Yea, I must agree with you there Tony... they keep going and picking up vets... sure it will give them a good team for awhile, but, times are changing in the NHL, and, teams are lookin to younger talent now, which, might be a bit harder to acquire.

  2. Yea as Tony said, now that the fans like got a taste of having Kovalev out there, and the danger that the Koivu/Zed/Kovy line brings... It would be hard to live without it.

    I really hope something gets done soon!!!!

  3. 9... only because he tied for lead in scoring...

    I think Ilya has finally fully arrived to the NHL, but, he still needs to work harder in his own end... in my mind, he is not yet a full 9... but, i figured giving him 8.5 wasn't enough... lol

    Adrian Aucoin

  4. Smyth - Sakic - Iginla

    Heatley - Lemieux - St. Louis

    Richards - Lecavalier - Doan

    Draper - Marleau - Maltby

    Gagné - Thornton - Morrow

    Not too much change.... I would Say that St. Louis would be better with Mario and Heat... And have him on a line with Vinny on the power play... (Or Vice Versa)

    I think Draper has a better chance to make the line up than Morrow... just my thoughts...

  5. I don't have any autographed stuff :( .... YET... lol... ive got a couple card/plaques u can buy....

    for favorite... I'd have to say my Vintage Jerseys. My Dad managed to get both of them last year. I prefer the white one.... (I have all 4 habs jerseys... lol)

    Ouuu my Zednik bobble head :D :D... and Jean Beliveau

    (my best friend happens to have a autographed jersey of Jose Theodore... and he doesnt even watch hockey :o.. the horror... lol)

  6. Give it time, I'm sure that BG and Ryder's agent are talking. Like alwayz, the agent is trying to get a ton of money for Ryder because well, look at the breakout season he had. BG prob wants a much cheaper, long-term contract. 3 seems to be the magic number... as most of our key players are signing for that.

  7. Great to hear. Hope that we can see him in habs's uniform shortly :D.

    It's occured to me, that, for 2 years in a row, our first round draft pick has been a very skilled player, in one sense or another, who was simply passed on by the other team. Hopefully this luck will prove well for the habs in the futur... (as long as those prospects can stay healthy)

    Anyone else think that injury curse has been lifted yet?... The habs have had terrible luck in the past couple years with injuries. Last season wasn't too bad. (Except when Zednik went down late in the playoffs)

  8. I never played online, but, love all the NHL games. I made a pretty good version of Ryder... not too good, but good enuf to make it on the 2nd line and such, muahaha, lol.

    Im anxious for 2005, i also liked the controls. Each year it gets better so, we shall see.

  9. Sorry for the double post... but, i saw something pretty interesting today when i was in line for my Metallica Tickets...

    Theres a big poster at the Bell Centre of Alexei Kovalev and Jim Dowd.... pretty interesting considering neither has been resigned yet.... :P... i took it as a "sign" tho... lol... good news ahead maybe?

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