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  1. lol... it would be disrepectful to remove the captaincy from a person who deserves it as well.

    Did you think Rejean Houle, and Mario Tremblay did a good job?...

    and... from what i recall... Koivu was assigned captaincy... BEFORE he had the ordeal with cancer. This shows there was something about this guy that made him well suited for it...

    He is a smaller player in the NHL, who plays the size of his heart, and that is huge. He never gives up on the ice, and is constantly looking for the good plays on the ice... and he is a game breaker. When you need someone to get the job done, you can be assured that when u put him on the ice, he is gonna be one to set it up. He is a playoff performer, we have seen him elevate his game in the playoffs. He fits the mold, as he can be very much compared to the habs team as a whole. It is a small team, who finds ways to succeed, and there is a ton of good outlook for the team.

    Maybe you think because this is quebec, we should have a french captain or something like the good old days.... well i'd hate to burst your bubble... but the majority of great french players are now goaltenders. Thank you Mr. Roy.

    I think everyone here, can find even more reasons why Koivu is a better captain than mr Damphousse.

  2. Rivet never went to Paris... I really cannot see the team giving Briser the C... the fans would have a field trip... plus i dont kno how stable he is, It would probably either make him go krazy, or, turn him FINALLY into a great player that he should b with all that expericence.

    I forgot about Souray for some krazy reason, I think he would definitly make a great pick.

  3. Hey, if you go to the following link on TSN.ca... you will find the Poll sumwhere in the middle of the page.


    The question reads as follows

    Can Sidney Crosby break at least one of Wayne Gretzky's 61 scoring records?




    The vote currently stands at 50/50... which i find surprising..

    I mean, Crosby, I think we all know, has a very successful NHL career ahead of him. Sure many of Gretzky's main records are "untouchable"... but, with 61... i think the kid is bound to break a couple...

    What are your thoughts?

  4. 7.5..... and i almost want to give him an 8... He has been there for the team through it all, and suprised just about everyone when... a team with Hasek and Joseph, he was starting... I think he is good enough to be a starter, but, not one of the best. He is however, the best backup in the league.. IMO... (besides matthieu garon)

    Craig Rivet?

  5. Ok... I d0 not follow baseball completely, (and especially in the past) but going by what Fanpuck33 said about the team being dismantled after they were so close... then its no wonder we didn't do good afterwords. (The habs 1994, after they won the cup... we changed the team completely after... and... well, no cup since... ringing any bells?)

    anywayz, The CFL is a lot better than you make it out to sound. If you watch some more games, maybe you'll see these guyz got a lot more skill than you think. And wow, they actually have enough teams to have their own league in canada.... I don't everrrr see that happening in canada... (in sense of a Major league)... And its not like the Expos or Jays are all canadian players...

  6. So what would you prescribe he did?... Sit around, listen to his team gettin bashed on the radio?... I think calling in, and making himself heard, in the defence for his team... was pretty noble. Thats the kinda person you want on your team... He stood up for them... even if they do have some terrible luck and such...

    Maybe their team does have some clowns on board... (Cloutier)... but in my book... Ed Jovanoski is certainly not one of them.

  7. OKKKK, get Captaincy from Koivu... sure... lol i think we all know thats never going to happen....

    Think about it... when Koivu was gone with cancer, the team did not even assign someone to take the C in his place, instead they displayed his sweater in the locker room, and we went with only assistants..... NO ONE is going to take that C away from him, unless he decides he wants to play for another team, or gets traded for some KRAZY reason... lol

  8. oh dear, My post wasnt supposed to be taken seriously... lol... I used to be a huge baseball fan, even played for 5 years when i was younger.

    What it comes down 2, is that, ppl in montreal are used to the fast pace hockey games. You, and everyone else, I am very sure is well aware at how alive the whole city becomes when the habs do good.

    You don't get this is baseball. Sure it is not completely boring, as there are some great plays, and, a whole lot to watch when u kno the game. But, when u get a whole community, a whole City, used to, and loving one thing... such as hockey... Baseball suddenly isnt as thrilling.

    BTW... ppl are not as close minded as you may think... look at how much fan base the Alouettes have. One argument is it could be due to their success in recent years. But it is much more exciting, like hockey. You have the contact, the fast plays, and all that.

    Canada has never been very big on its baseball. If you look around to most big city's... usually there is one sports team which most of the city loves.

    I believe another reason why The expos have not brought in much of a fan base... is because during the summer, the football season is on... and, with the Als doing so great, they get more attention. Then when winter rolls around, its time for hockey again.

    Anywayz, I wasn't completely serious about my previous statement, but, being this a Habs boards. I thought it would be slightly amusing.

    Start a petition... lol, keep the expos.. It would get a lot of signatures I'm sure, but, only a fraction of ppl who sign it would actually show up at the games, or watch from home.

  9. I watched the whole game on tv... it was very good, first game I've seen all season. Most of our passes were great... and ohhh boy... all those hits... gotta luv it.....

    Anyone else think the Als can pull off a perfect season?

  10. 1) Boston.... Cry baby team

    2) Leafs.... Apparently they are going to win the cup every year?!

    3)Buffalo... Dirty team, for sum reason we never play good against them.

    4)San Jose.... Maybe because i hate the colour of their jersey...

    5)Colorado.... They're the ex-Nodiques.... what else can i say

  11. Koivu is, and alwayz will be, one of the NHL's best playmakers.... we need to get him someone who can put it in the net... Kovalev or Murray would be a perfect fit.

    When you've got a team with great playmakers, but no "great" scorers, you won't go as far. IMO.

    (Yet, we do have some younger tallent still developing, so maybe one or 2 of them will fill this void, but I think we need at least one veteran to help that out.

  12. I'll take anyone who will put up 50 goals, and 60 assists for the habs next year...

    ....Too bad it will never happen.

    Either way, if we can have 2 guyz who add up to that total, then, its the same, as long as everyone one the team... plays as that.... "A Team"...

    Anyone who will fill that, is well deserving a roster spot in the habs lineup.

  13. Another comment, only cuz it just popped in my head... We know that montreal has yet to sign a big name player, I think this shows that we are obviously trying very hard with Kovalev. If or When the Habs hit a point where they know they can't get Kovy, because he isn't agreeing with the money, they will move on, and probably quickly sign another big name... (I'm hoping this made as much sense in written form as it did in my head... lol)

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