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  1. Brisebois could show Hainsey how to let players slip by him, and, get a good plus minus by gettin off the ice just b4 a goal is scored against you. He could also teach him how to get injured, and collect pay. :idea:

    lol, all joking aside though, anyone ever read Jack Todd's collums in the Gazette?... he's definitly my fav sports writter :clap::P... and we all kno he luvs brisebois. (aka... broken wood)

    Anywayz, its true though, Brisebois has been around the league quite awhile, and could probably teach Hainsey some things, but I'd rather not see them paired together... lol, put hainsey with souray, as he has lost his partner Quintal.

    (might have to check which way they shoot tho... lol)

  2. LOL... well, i guess just the fact that he was playing hockey, even if at minor league level was his career... meh

    Wow, what can I say about Heatley. I was a HUGE fan of his b4 the accident... and i still support him, and if my word isnt enuf for you, ill find a way to show u all his poster in my room... lol. He made a BIG mistake, driving 2 fast, and, will suffer from the damages for the rest of his life, it will forever haunt him.

    I would like to see him get off alright, just so that he could play for Canada:can:, and be the superstar he is for the years to come.

    Thing is, if he wasn't a superstar, hockey player, with millions of dollars... and was an ordinary everyday person like us.... he would b facing some serious charges, and probably already be behind bars. So is it really right that he gets off the hook? Just because he is an allstar.... there is no real answer, as its complicated, and more of a moral thing...

    it really comes down to the Jury AND/OR Judge. (aka... money... money... money) ....

    Heres hoping he can still continue to play hockey :hockey:... Good Luck Dany! :clap:

  3. I agree with what you said about Dyhuis helping out, but its a high price to pay, i mean... 1.7 million.

    I'm a fan of Rivet's... as he shows up game in and game out as well, and I hate to see the fans get on him about it. He is getting paid rather too much for a player who isn't able to put up that many points.

    And, Don't get me started on Brisebois... but lets just say, I know that next year, the habs got an option to buy him out at 1 million instead of paying him 4 million to stick around... lol...

    Don't get me wrong, i know his heart is in the right place and all, but, He just tends to make some of the weirdest decisions on the ice... :wall:

    [Edited on 17/7/04 by Macaskill]

  4. We need a Kovalev standard player.... I believe Gainey realized this when the city immidietly took a liking to the guy... and if even only having him for a short time, got used to having that threat on the ice. He made every dollor spent to a ticket... worth it.

    We need a goon... Langdon did so much, by doing so little for this team... and losing him, i can assure u will be HUGE.

    We need at least another role player on offence... and possibly a defencemen...

    I would say who best fits the role, but its 2 am around here, and, i just havent the energy ;)

  5. I rather like Ron Hainsey, but i have to agree that he has to do something soon, or, he will not be staying. I'm sure there are other teams who may b interested in giving us something for a prospect like him, so If we were to trade him, I hope we get somehting in return.

    I do hope Montreal sticks with him though, i have a feeling he will turn up eventually.

  6. Yea, I will never forget the fight he put up against Tie Domi in that epic game against the Leafs this year, that left the whole city wishing for a Habs/Leafs match up in the playoffs... well All I can say, is I think we got something better.... Habs/Bruins :D.

  7. I think it depends on Kovalev. If we Can't sign Kovalev, then, we would probably look for a guy like Selanne who can have chemistry with Koivu. We would also probably sign a second good player, for whatever the difference is in $$$ that we saved on not signing Kovalev. Either that or he will sign a big name like Demitra (or however you sign it).

  8. 7/10 (would be less, but being a habs fan, i just cant bringmyself to do it) ... i mean, i KNO, this guy has a huge future ahead of him... look what he did to thorton... he is only gonna get smarter, and better at laying out those hits... and ohhhh boy... when he does... look out... he WILL be a 9 {my fearless prediction}

    Brad Richards (my 2nd fav player... b4 tampa went as far as they did... but not everyone believe me... but i've had him in my hockey pool since november, and routing for him ever since.... and now that u all kno my life story... go ahead and vote :D)

    [Edited on 15/7/04 by Macaskill]

  9. Im anxious to see if Ribs can put up the same numbers he did last year, or, if he just got lucky. I think he can, but, that might be what the whole 1 year thing is about. Maybe Gainey figures if he has a bad year, he can sign him for less money when the deal is up, incase theres a Salary Cap finally instated.

    I think as soon as Hossa's comfidence goes up, he will do fine, I'm hoping a fresh start will get him going. Too much pressure is put on him thx to his successful older brother.

    Begin, what can i say, i luv the guy. He should be signed for 15 years with the habs, cuz, i mean, he shows that he would do anything for the team, even re arrange his face. (maybe im a fanatic tho... 15 years... lol, quit laughing at me :P )

  10. The way I see it, unless Koivu goes down with injury, he is for certain our #1 center...

    after that, we all know Riebiro won't be a defence first type of player, so i figure he would play center on our second line.

    Bonk, seems best fit for 3rd line, because he is that much of a role player, and can handle himself well in the defensive zone. The difference is, unlike Juneau (nothing against him, i luv him for playing with his heart)... Bonk WILL be able to put some points up on the board. as he is still in his prime, even thought sum bad seasons with Ottawa.

  11. Those who spoke of the injury/prospect thing... great pts. We need Sunny there to have a back up. I mean, like some of you may have stated.... even if we dont need him, we can have him for backup incase sumone goes down with injury. That is something i believe Gainey has worked on, is to have a roster which contains a backup of role players incase an injury occurs, so that the team is not left in shambles.

    in the past, we would get an injury or 2 to some core players, and the team would b forced to look to some very inexperienced prospects... but Bob Gainey has built up a sturdy foundation for us.

  12. Bringing this back to life, just for my pleasure... hehe...

    now that Garon is gone, i guess its not hard to see who management chose. But i still think that Garon will be the Better Goalie eventually.

    Sure Theo got the break and did everything he did 2 years back with the heart and vezina... but he has to prove he is not just a one hit wonder...

    I really hope That Garon steals the starting job over in LA... he deserves it...

    I find it interesting, if you follow the habs well, you will remember what im talkin about.... Montreal had a western road trip, and we had a game in LA, and Garon got the nod. He let in one goal... but.. stoped 40 of 41 shots in the game... and he did it standing on his head. if it wasnt for his play, we would have lost big time. Now, LA is the team who picks him up, mostly because they had an on ice view of the "Garon Show"

    I really believe he is capable of having these games all the time. But... only time will tell i guess. One thing is for sure, I'll be following Garon for the rest of his career, as he is one of my favorite goaltenders.

  13. I agree, they say he might be our future captain... but as long as Koivu is still along, I doubt that will be the case. I hope Koivu stays with Montreal for his whole career, but, who knows. (This is a little off topic... lolz... maybe I'll start new thread about Koivu)

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