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  1. Well, the way I see it, is if he doesn't sign with the Habs, I hope he goes somewhere out west where he can't hurt us. I believe the stat is sumwhere around 32 goals against the habs in only 30 sumtin odd games... since we traded him. He is a true habs killer :wall:, so either bring him realllly close, or have him go reallllly far away.... :eyes:

  2. Heyz, great site you got here, i already sent my application to maybe do some writing, but I'd be willing to help out around here in any way needed, if I can complete the task. :D. I watch almost every habs game when they playing, and follow any news I can find out about them. I already enjoy writing about them, and attempted to do articles on my website and such, but with no one reading, I eventually stopped. Anywayz, feel free to contact me at Psycing@hotmail.com .... I'm here to help out if ya need it :D.

  3. I could definitly see him going to LA, either that or Colorado to play with his friend Mr Rob Blake. Colorado might be interested if they choose not to keep Karia and Selanne. (& I highly doubt that they will keep them). The Avs will also be pressed to pick some high talent up if they can't manage to get Forsberg to come back.

  4. Hey, I'm a HUGE, and i mean HUGE habs fan, but i'm sure many of you can say the same. And I'm glad this forum gives me the opportunity to talk with you all.

    I'm 17, and from Montreal. My fav player is Richard Zednik. Fav Defenceman is Craig Rivet, and of course, everyones gotta luv Steve Begin.

    In other stuff, I play lead guitar for my band, we just starting up so we aren't the best or anything, but its all good :D. I'm Going to Vanier next year for commerce program, should be loads of fun, and hard work.

    Uhh, what elsE?... lolz. I hope to be a writter soon for the HW site, and all. It's kinda a dream job of mine, to just work in someway with the Montreal Canadiens, and I follow them alwayz, so, writting about them certainly wouldn't be hard.

    You can check out sum of my sites...




  5. If Sunny can stay Healthy, he is usually a great role player for the habs. I noticed this year he would get injured, and then when he finally got back into the line up, he was rusty, and it would take him a week to 5 games to get back into the system, and would finaly start to get back on the score sheet again. I figure he will be playing a role on the 4th line mostly this year, unless he makes an impact in training camp/beginning of the season.

  6. Originally posted by simonus

    one could imagine that a kovalev/Koivu/Zednik line would be forced into less of a system than other canadiens lines.

    I couldn't agree more.

    I mean, with the "new NHL" immerging, with teams like Tampa Bay winning the cup with their run and gun style, but with a twist of defense, this has to be playing on all teams management’s mind. If Habs resigned Kovalev, or someone else similar to his standards, it would make that top line a scary one to play against. With Julien and his defensive system though, he would have 3 lines to follow it, which would go out, and be capable of shutting down the other teams top lines. With the way the team is currently shaping up though, it looks like these other 3 lines, will also have the ability to score, which, has been quite the problem in the past, as the Habs only had one good line to put the puck in the net.

    SIGN KOVALEV!... lol

  7. Well, the way I see it, is Montreal would like a good big strong player, who doesn't have a long history of injuries. The last thing the habs need is another player who is known to get injured all the time, because he cant shake that black cloud that follows him around.

    If it were possible to sign the P. Bure of Past, I'd say go for it, but, I think Gainey will be looking to someone else.

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