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  1. If I'm Bergeron, I'm offering two years at $3M per, or five years at $4M per. If I'm the Subban group, I accept nothing less than $4.75M per on any term four years or more.

    Subban could cash in later if he goes with a short-term deal now. Bergeron would probably be comfortable with giving a two year $3.5M per deal, but the Subban camp likely wants $4M+ in that scenario. If he takes the two years now, I don't see why he can't build upon his success and secure a deal in the $5M to $6.5M range once his second contract is out.

  2. I glanced through the League News tab to look at the highlights of the Skills competition (the ASG was this sim), apparently 89 MPH is enough to win the Hardest Shot contest. That's a far cry from the real skills nowadays...

    That's so 2003.

  3. lol jaques was a waiver pick up :P

    Yep. As was Casey who I sent to VAN for a 3rd + Spiller... Some guys give up on players too early. In Jacques case, he had a 6-month injury when he was placed on waivers. I picked him up because I had the caproom and time to wait for him to return, knowing he'd be a valuable asset once healthy. :)

  4. Cheers! Wanted to get some more picks in the pipeline. Jacques has been great for me, but unfortunately my team isn't ready to utilize his services yet. I'm hoping he'll carry this season's success in Philly.

    The move opens up a roster spot for someone on my Farm to move up to NHL.

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