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  1. Simple deal. Was looking to move Casey out for a pick as I have some young guys on the farm I'd rather try out. I take on the older Spiller to warm the bench or take an occasional shift when the young guys need tutorials between whistles.

    Cheers Brett

  2. dude your block has been pretty much the same for 1-2 seasons now...

    Yep, and in 1-2 more seasons it'll be retired.

    I haven't exactly been around the last two seasons - so check it out. Something might be of interest to your team. A hidden gem!

  3. Check it out boys - some new players for your team if you trade with me! Not looking for lots - just decent picks or prospects.

    C Zack Parise - Offensive Center

    D Ron Hainsey - Offensive Defenseman

    D/W Doug Lynch - Can play D or F

    W Jordan Tootoo - One of the best Fighters in the league

    W Jean-Francois Jacques - H&G plugger

    W Ladislav Zakora - 2-way player (75s all round)

    C Kyle Wellwood - Offensive R-shooting Center. Old, can go cheap.

    D Oscar Hedman - Depth D-man

    D Cameron Casey - H&G Depth D-man

  4. NHL Protected:

    Anze Kopitar

    Rostislav Olesz

    Jeff Deslauriers - G

    Andrew Ladd

    David Ruzicka

    Zack Parise

    Alexander Berezin

    Lauri Tukonen

    Andrei Miroshnichenko

    Mike Egener

    Ladislav Zakora

    Cameron Casey*

    Berg Hauge - G

    Ron Hainsey

    Oscar Hedman

    Jean-Francois Jacques

    Tomas Rukic

    Doug Lynch

    David Toews*

    Jordin Totoo


    Kyle Wellwood

    Alexander Tupikov

    Jaromir Krachl

    Gabriel Snyder

    Simon cardin

    Steve Weckworth

    Oscar Standlund

    Petr Sachl

    Mark Bowen

    Astrid Bochnig

    Ross Dawe

    Jean Brochu

    Ty Spears

    Joe MacDonald

  5. NHL:

    C Zack Parise - YES

    RW Lauri Tukonen - YES

    C Anze Kopitar - YES

    D Mike Egener - YES

    D Branislav Mezei - NO

    G Mattias Modig - NO


    G Berg Hauge - YES

    LW Zac Rinaldo - YES

    C Joey MacDonald - YES

    C Ty Spears - YES

    LW Jaromir Krachl - YES

    LW Tyler Hawes - NO

    LW Michael Theriault - NO

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