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  1. F Zack Parise - Offensive Forward w/ Stanley Cup ring = late 1st round pick or early 2nd rounder++

    F Justin St-Amant - Young offensive forward = 2nd round pick

    F Ladislav Zakora - Young 2-way player = 2nd round pick or prospect

    F Alexei Shkotov - Solid faceoffs and can play either end of the ice for your 4th line! CHEAP!

    F Kyle Wellwood - Offensive skills and a R-shot faceoff man. Could be a go-to center for your R&G line. CHEAP

  2. The New York Rangers send:

    RW/LW Martin St. Louis - 93-77-84, Age: 32, $2.5M x 3yrs + TO, CON: 93

    2008 2nd Round Pick (STL)

    To the Atlanta Thrashers for:

    RW/LW Andrew Ladd - 86-84-77, Age: 22, $800K x 1y + TO + 2W, CON: 84

    2010 1st Round Pick (ATL)

  3. I think it could be for a conditional draft pick, which will raise in value depending on how far the team makes it into the playoffs / how many games Campoli plays / etc. That said, I don't know that Gauthier has made many of those deals previously, so his natural tendancies may trump it.

    Overall, I'd say he's worth a 4th round pick to a team that believes his offensive abilities will help their powerplay and moving he puck up 5-on-5. They'll also need to have a defense partner or system in place that will make of for his defensive gaffes.

    If there are enough teams looking for a defenseman as we close in on the deadline (and I read that there are) &&& Gauthier actually takes the time to shop him, he may be able to raise the return to a 3rd round pick - at max - in my opinion.

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