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  1. I agree with giving Damphousse an "A" if he comes back. He sure as hell deserves it more than Rivet.
  2. ya, exactly my thought, i choose breezer because he's been in the team for a long time, or else i totally agree with you
  3. http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?ID=92569&hubName=nhl I'm not a big fan of Dan Cloutier, 3 million is too much in my opinion :?-
  4. No doubt Chipchura will be the habs captain one day if he ever makes the big leagues, but in the meantime Brisebois would get my vote.
  5. I doubt Crosby will break Wayne's records, puck is right this ain't the offensive era.
  6. epilepsy is something serious but can easily be treated by taking your medication, i hope andreai gets healthy and im sure he'll be a training camp, im sure gainey will offer him a contract
  7. If Damphousse comes, he gets Captaincy. That could piss off some fans :/
  8. Well the obvious reply for a habs fan is Toronto which is my answer for this case. Frankly I think the bandwagon of Toronto fans are morons. From what I hear they plan their Stanley Cup parade in advance when they make the playoffs but I could be wrong. As for the players I don't like Tucker and Domi because their both dirty players and a bunch of goons. No one else is ringing a bell right now.
  9. Heh, thanks for the welcome. I don't dislike Lindros, like you said he's an impact player and I couldn't agree more. He just has to play more safely but that isn't his style since he's a hard hitter.
  10. I like Sundstrom. I overheard one time on RDS (I don't know who was talking, I think it was Julien) that Sunny was the type of player you could depend on because he can get the job done. Not to mention he can skate pretty well and kills penalties. My guess is he'll play on the third line (assuming kovalev is signed). The line should look like something like this Bulis-Bonk-Sundtrom/Begin.
  11. Glenn Murray - big winger who could help out the team, would like to see him sign Paul Kariya - had a bad season, should rebound in the next, would like to see him in habs but for right money, paying more than 2-3 mil is too much, i'd give him some bonuses if he can put his game together Michael Nylander - i dont see him with the team Valeri Bure - i doubt he'll sign, if he does im sure he'll be on the 2nd line Brett Hull - could be the goal scorer the habs need, but they need a longterm deal, not someone who might retire soon, (remember gainey saying something about a youth movement? ) Petr Nedved - forget it, he wants too much cash Jason Allison - same as nedved Adam Deadmarsh - couldnt think of something bad if he signs with the habs ignoring his last season in jury Ziggy Palffy - another player who's hungry for big money Pavel Bure - he might be the russian rocket but his injuries are sure slowing him down, for his numbered amount of games he plays in a season he would help out the habs if he signed but not as much as they wish (big salary too) Eric Lindros - this guy is a concussion away from death, i wouldnt even bother answering his phone calls if i were gainey Peter Bondra - for cheap he'd be alright Pavol Demitra - big salary, forget it Scott Mellanby - heh looks like he a trasher now Vincent Damphousse - for the right price he'd be good on a 3rd or 4th line Alexei Zhitnik - i'd rather let komisarek play don't get me wrong i'd like to see some big names in the team like bure nedved kariya and so on but only at the right price - i would hate to see the team sign big names are big prices and raise ticket prices like in toronto
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