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  1. 4 minutes ago, sbhatt said:

    Are you kidding me?  Kotkaniemi is an offensive black hole himself!


    4 minutes ago, GHT120 said:

    Funny ... that is what his wingers have been saying much of the season

    Kotkaniemi - 20 points

    Evans - 10 points

    Lehkonen - 9 points


    I'm not saying Kotkaniemi is leagues ahead, but he's clearly not the weak link here. 

  2. 3 hours ago, hab29RETIRED said:

    I meant that I would have thought that a deal like that (kraken select Weber and trade him back to us fir lower cap hit, would be treated the same way as when a team buys out a player, they can’t than resign the player for the same season.  Not sure if there any restrictions like that for the Kraken, but it sounds like the same end result.

    I have a vague memory of there being a rule against players being traded directly back to the team they are selected from for one year.

  3. Bricka2.png


    "Let the big dog eat!"


    Final road trip of the regular season begins, and this is the last chance the Habs' will have to feast on a weaker team. A win here either vaults the team into 3rd or keeps pace with the Jets and drops the Flames out of the playoff race. 


    Lineups changed at practice signaling a potential return from one of the injured forwards. More info to come...

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  4. 1 hour ago, dlbalr said:


    You just noticed that now?  He is pretty good about jabbering on about nothing of importance and filling in time but in terms of saying something meaningful, I can't remember seeing that happen.

    Let me rephrase: I noticed before but I am just now really starting to care. Waste of air time. 

  5. 1 minute ago, Neech said:

    When Gally, Tatar and Drouin come back, who sits?  Frolik obviously, but I say Staal and keep Drouin out as well.  Unfortunately, it'll probably be some of the kids taking a seat instead.  I wonder if KK is a winger from here on out.

    In the regular season it's Frolik, Evans, and Caufield (because they are the emergency recalls.)


    In the playoffs... Lehkonen?


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