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  1. I like Dowd too, but I doubt he would come back as a part timer.
  2. Zednik-Koivu-Kovalev Yeah, so Kovalev isn't currently signed. Shoot me. I want him back. I love Bulis. I really do. I'd love Bulis on the second line... but the guy just can't find the back of the net like he should with the opportunities he creates, so I am resigned to put Dagenais in his place. Dagenais-Ribiero-Ryder Bulis-Bonk-Perezhogin Ward-Begin-Sundstrom I love the options the Habs have. Maybe move Perezhogin up to the second line. Bring in Hossa and bump Ward to an extra skater for a bit. If Sunny starts to suck again, perhaps he is given a break and they bring in Plekanec for a few games. Trade a forward for a defenceman, there's a lineup of guys to take his place. Hot damn! I love the depth on this team! Souray-Komisarek (good for Komi's development) Markov-Rivet (I can't be the only one that is neither impressed nor unimpressed with Rivet. He just seems to fade into the artwork, though that's not necessarily a bad thing) Brisebois-Boullion ...we need D help... Huet Theodore ...just kidding! Theo #1, Huet backup :/) Any comments? Insults?
  3. And to clarify my statement on Aebischer, I think he's good enough to help get a team to the playoffs, but not good enough to see a team through the playoffs. Yes, he put up great numbers this year, but it was a great year for goaltenders all around. If he continues to put up those numbers, I will glady shut my mouth and tip my hat to him.
  4. It's no longer a rumour. Tommy Salo has retired. http://www.nhl.com/onthefly/news/2005/03/227276.html
  5. I'm currently listening to Tool - Lateralus
  6. Does that leave the Avs with Aebischer as their number 1 for next season? Yeesh. That won't win you a cup.
  7. Greetings all! I'm a longtime reader, and probably would have joined earlier had there been a season. Just want to mention that I like the attitude surrounding this board (especially after reading the sportsnet forum. If I have to read "crotch itch" one more time!) Anyways, I look forward to being a part of this site, especially when we start getting some real Canadiens news to discuss! Go Habs Go!
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