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  1. Originally posted by ap79

    Use it against her. Tell you find it "weird" and "freakish" that she would like old geriatric losers with an ego problem. Then probe her on her relations with her dad, her self-esteem and hint she might have a psychological problem.

    If that doesnt turn her into a Habs Lover, leave her. She might really be messed up! :P


  2. I like the quote "All things considered, the Habs might be poised to make a dramatic jump in the Eastern Conference standings even without flashy free-agent signings."

    I've been seeing a lot of "We'll sign this UFA and this UFA, buyout these two guys and I think we'll have the cap space to sign 3 more UFAs at a reduced price!!!"

    I hate new bodies with unknown chemistry. Yes, sign a top winger for Koivu to play alongside - the bar has been set high. Yes, sign some D help - the Habs need it.

    But I'd hate it if half the team were new players that didn't leave room for our great prospects to jump to.

    What will the Habs look like this season? Hopefully not a whole lot different from last year.

  3. Originally posted by HABS Fan Nr.1

    Perhaps we can also change our UFA list:


    I could do that if you want.

    That would be excellent. When I was talking about free agents with my friend (alas, a Leafs fan) I brought up that article as a reference. He looked at the list and said "Apparently Montreal fans don't just focus on Montreal"

    I liked that. He cares about who's coming to Toronto to help them win. I care about who goes to Montreal, and who goes to LA with an overpayed deal (Conroy :nono:), or how many underachievers currently are going through the motions in the Rangers roster.

    It's nice that this site caters not just to Habs fans, but hockey fans as well.

  4. Turn it into a competition.

    There will be 8 games between them this year. Just strike a deal that if the Habs win, she becomes your sex slave for the night. If the Leafs win, you become her sex slave for the night.

    It's called a win/win situation

  5. The Habs defence is weak. This is no secret. Buying out Brisebois and Rivet essentially requires Gainey to sign two free agent d men, and still have Hainsey as our 6th man.

    That's awfully shoddy.

    Sign a free agent D man, resign Brisebois to a lesser contract, and make sure he doesn't play over his abilities.

    That would make me happy. In order of importance; Souray, Markov, UFA, Komisarek, Brisebois, Rivet, Hainsey, Boullion.

    I'm okay with that.

  6. Originally posted by Dalhabs

    Isnt Sidney Crosby a small talented player like Balej and those others that u say wont make it?

    I bet if we get Crosby he will become the new Alexandre Daigle. Wouldnt be too happy about that :P

    [Edited on 2005/7/14 by Dalhabs]

    [Edited on 2005/7/14 by Dalhabs]

    I never said small talented players won't make it. I even said Balej could become a great player.

    But I think small guys flourish better with big guys around them (wearing the same jersey of course.)

    So to reiterate more clearly, I think Balej and Crosby would be better players with a team with bigger players. When you think of the Habs, "BIG" never comes up.

    Put Crosby beside Bertuzzi. ###### me that's unstoppable.

    In fact, if the Habs draft Crosby they better trade for a talented power forward.

  7. My changes:

    Sign Kovalev or a Kovalev equivalent. - :contract: Gainey set the bar high with that trade. I, as well as most fans, now require an Elite winger beside Koivu for this, and hopefully many more, seasons to come. Anything less will be deemed a failure.

    Sign D help - Anyone that can contribute. Yes, Foote would contribute more than most, but even if we can't sign a top D man, I would take anyone. Hainsey or Boullion as the 6th D is murder. I'd rather Hainsey prove what it is that he's got with limited ice time to start. If he turns out to be what he was supposed to be, then he gets more. If he busts, then he can be used as Souray's slapshot target for practices.

    But that's it. I have faith in the graduating forward prospects this year, and would rather they play than sign more help. If the kids suck, c'est la vie. If they flourish, I'll see you on St Catherine for the parade. :/)

  8. Originally posted by ch_nl

    Dagenais, Begin and a prospect on the fourth.

    Dags can't be on the fourth line. He is a one-dimensional player; he doesn't play good D, he doesn't skate well, he doesn't use his body like he should.

    He shoots. And he does that very well.

    And while I fully agree with most who say he is a Press Box player, (a guy who comes in when someone is injured or just needs a break,) he has to jump to the second line to be effective. The man scored 17 times with limited ice time. But that limited time was usually with Ribs at his side.

    You can't put him on your 4th line. Make him an extra in your projected lineups, or maybe the 3rd line (or the 2nd if you really think the Habs can't find better,) but 4th liners are defensively sound, gritty fighters. Dagenais is not that by any stretch of the imagination.

  9. Originally posted by Spider-Man NL

    Some of those spots will be filled by youngsters who are under contract. Chris Higgins, Andrei Kastitsyn and Tomas Plekanec are ready to take a run at the NHL after strong performances in Hamilton last season.

    Kostitsyn isn't NHL ready. He needs another season in the AHL, but with time on the top line to let loose his offensive talent.

  10. Originally posted by Fanpuck33
    Originally posted by Trizzak

    If it's rigged?


    Why do you think the NHL would rig it to get Crosby in Columbus? Wouldn't it make more sense to rig it to put him in a bigger market, like LA or NY?

    I say that because Columbus needs the fans and Crosby will bring in anyone just from people saying "Apparently this guy is tremendous, maybe we should check him out..."

    Not Columbus? How about Carolina? Florida? All those places that shouldn't have hockey teams. So I say "If it's rigged" based on Bettman wanting to create a hockey town.

  11. I look at Balej and I see a guy that I'm all too familiar with on the Habs:

    Small but talented.

    How many more small but talented guys can fit on one team? Even if he turns into Pavel Messier Gretzky with the Rangers, he probably wouldn't have with the Habs playing with other small but talented guys.

    Balej and a second rounder for Kovalev and the possibility he'll stick around? I'll take it.

  12. Keep Koivu as Kaptain

    Alliteration and a potentially racist acronym aside, Koivu should stay the captain. If any rifts or cliques amongst the team were to be solved through a leadership change, then I suggest switching about the Assistant Captains first.

  13. Originally posted by TheAussiePosse
    Originally posted by Trizzak

    haha, i wander on almost a month later. sorry about that.

    Best songs on each album (IMO) is:

    Silent Steeples: Elias (and Hey Hey)

    Bang Bang: Bang Bang (and Mission)

    Four Day Trials: Headlights

    Who Are We Living For?: Time Served (and Prince of Spades)

    Gut The Van: Even (and Here we Go)

    Under The Radar: One Truth (and Gasoline Dreams)

    I see this over a month later...

    I'll check out those songs and let you know what I think of them.

    I look forward to your reply in August. :lol:

  14. Zednik - Koivu - Kovalev (until he isn't signed, he's in)

    Perezhogin - Ribiero - Ryder (pretty young line, but fits)

    Bulis - Bonk - Sundstrom/Dags/Higgins

    Higgins/Sundstrom- Begin - Ward

    I get the feeling I'm really gonna enjoy watching the 3rd line this year. Also of note, I think Plekanec will be traded cause I don't think there currently is a spot for him on the team.

    Souray - Komisarek

    Markov - Rivet

    Brisebois - Hainsey/Boullion

    Hainsey in till he's traded.

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