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  1. Why get rid of Campoli? I thought we were going for the pick? lol

    Ya, let him play. Sure, he's terrible. But in a season where the team has lost some of that classy feel, putting him on waivers seems like another example. Let him try and earn a contract for next year, with another team.
  2. "Money talks" didn't work for Daniel Briere, Brendan Shanahan, Jason Arnott, Brad Richards, etc.

    Sometimes, you just can't pull it off. So why put the team in that risk when you can draft an 18 year old you'll have for five-seven years at the least? Who could easily be everything you need and keep your players?

    Exactly...I even recall a helicopter tour of the city for Shanahan. Didn't work.
  3. According to Trotz it was because Nashville had other guys up on the depth chart like Wilson and Smith that pushed him down to the minors. It was similar with Lars Eller in his last season with St. Louis but I don't think any of us are complaining.

    I was looking more at the season, than Geoffrion himself. I hope he succeeds. But he projects to be a 4th liner. Maybe a 3rd, but that's a stretch.
  4. I don't know the source but someone has been claiming that these Molsons are the same as the last Molsons and are penny pinching and don't have a lot of money. And people are believing it.

    If so, should be interesting to see what becomes of Gomez. I've got him penciled into next years starting line up. Due to the money involved in getting rid of him. Which we've gone over 100 times.
  5. I rated deadline day B-, C+. We got assets for the only two UFA's that had any value. Moen may be hurt long-term so no offers were made.Campoli,Darche and Nokie have zero value. They were basically unwanted UFA's/journeymen. Kaberle and Gomez are untradeable because of their contracts.

    Excellent assessment of the day.
  6. That was fantastic, hab29 and The Cucumber, just brilliant. I can't believe hab29 went straight into an attack, from out of nowhere. The fact that CC easily handled all points doesn't take away from the entertainment value. I'll say this to hab29 though. We both agree on how dumb the Kaberle trade was, and how the team was ridiculed for it. Well, those same insiders revealed in the days leading up to the deadline that AK wasn't worth much. A 2nd round draft pick was about as much as we could hope for. I'd like nothing more than for those media types to be proved wrong. Sadly, in these two instance, they're right.

  7. 2 more years of Kaberle, sweet eh! I am joking a bit, but overall i am glad he is signed for 2 more, sure he is a bit pricey and a bit soft, but you cant argue with his offense and the experiance the young d-men will need next fall, especially if Tinordi/Ellis or Beaulieu get called up.

    And Spacek and Cammalleri were 2 i have crapped on for past 2 years, so am quite pleased both are gone.

    I guess no one wanted to trade for Gomez.

    Anyways, hopefully Moan will now sign for a fair salary?

    Yep. I've given my thoughts on Mr. Kaberle. I'm not a fan, but he's here, and we might as well make the best of it.
  8. I'm guessing it's along the lines of the Habs got something for Spacek while Carolina couldn't get anything for him.

    True, we certainly did get "something" for Spacek. Ridiculed being one. But that ship has sailed. I hope for the best now. We've got two more seasons of it.
  9. Minnesota traded Nick Schultz without telling him he was about to be traded. Found out from an Oiler tweet when Gilbert got told directly by Tambellini. Everyone in the organization is shocked they dealt him.

    I guess Gauthier ain't alone in doing that. Condemnation of Chuck Fletcher than defence of Gauthier.

    False report anyway
  10. What's wrong ? Duh, almost losing your franchise cuz your arena is empty cuz you offer a damn shitty product to your fans for YEARS !

    You make a good point Joe. Pens were moving to KC. Chicago had no local TV. The Islanders are a joke, you should see the arena. I hope this works. And what's that fantasy pick? Another Russian teenager.
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