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  1. I don't really understand the cap space advantage being talked about. Bourque and Cammy both make $12m. Cammi's contract is done in 2 years. We're stuck with Bourque for 4. Do you think that extra $3m of cap space would really help us become contenders the next year or two ?

    It's about the annual hit. If he continues to score 27 goals per year, his hit is good. And we save money. The savings does help us be contenders in the next year or two, if you believe we've under achieved and can improve with intelligent moves. I don't think you believe that, and you're certainly entitled to your opinion. You might prove to be right, and we'll lose for years to come.
  2. We've gone over Kaberle and that trade since the day it happened. I won't repeat the leagues perception of it. Sadly though, perception fits reality in his case. For those who defend the trade, you're in luck. As this week we learned that not one single team would call if he was made available. So we'll get to enjoy his 40 or so assists, and minus play, next season. Also, I posted a while back that without Gomez, Kaberle's contract becomes easier to accept. I too, am in agreement with Mr. Cucumber.

  3. Ya, but he's -5, and was brought in to help the power play and didn't. The value in Specek was his expiring contract. If we kept Spacek, our power play would be the same, and we'd have that money to spend this summer. We could have possibly flipped Spacek for a draft pick as well. The problem with Kaberle goes even deeper than what Mr Cucumber points out. All that, and we're not even looking into how bad he plays on the ice.

  4. Deja vu, all over again! I believe on this board we are all pseudo managers to some degree. I like to believe I am. I deplore waste whether it is opportunity or my kids reluctant to eat their vegetables. I believe to succeed we got turn over all the stones better than the next guy. The competition for success is off the ice as much as on it.

    Get used to it. It's called reality. Unless they start Budaj the rest of the way, and start sitting the core of the team, they're going to compete and win some games. I'm not going to waste my time thinking what might or could be. I'm still going to enjoy it. I've never once questioned the common sense approach that the organization needs to take, the one I believe you called your vision. Anyway, Caps tonight? Hope we win 5-0, with players like Leblanc and Eller playing significant roles.
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  5. If you read Dlbairs post he clarifies were we both stand. I agree with him. I singled you out because I had applauded your wisdom previously and pointed out that I don't agree with anybody all the time, and pointed were I disagreed with you. I appologize if i have offended you. I just don't agree with you.

    No offense taken. This isn't the first time this has come up. The players and coaches won't give up, and I hope they become spoilers, and give the younger players a chance. And hopefully some wins in the process.
  6. You can play as hard as you want. Look you are not doing very good this year. Take care of your assets. Move some veterans, look at your kids otherwise you will be doing the same thing next year. Watch Stevie Yzerman and learn.

    Who are you telling to watch and learn? If it's me, you're taking this site too seriously. You're a nobody, a zero, so are we all. You've added nothing to the discussion by saying take care of assets, move veterans, look at kids. That's obvious common sense. You singled me out for thoughts on another thread. Like dlbalr backed me up on, it's about the players, who are playing to win. I never suggested hang on to vets, trade youth for rentals, all in the hopes of eking into 8th.
  7. Au Contraire: I never accepted your vision of what we were doing on that narrow pathway any more than you accepted mine

    I give up. It's not a vision. It's the fundamental of sports. The team plays to win. If you don't understand that they're not following your vision, there's not much to say. Your vision is not all that deep. We get it, finish low, hope that the team selects a great young player. I'm not against that.
  8. BlueKross, I've never done that my friend. All I've done, on the other thread, is continue to look at the possibilities. Because that's what the players, coaches, management and ownership are doing. They don't care about people's fantasies about draft day. And please, if you don't mind, getting a high draft pick isn't the only way to build a team. If we fall lower in the standings, great, I hope we select the player who has the best career. But we all know that even the first round can be full of duds. Like Benoit Pouliot.

  9. I found what Vincent Damphousse said on l'Antichambre interesting about Gomez. He's ok with Gomez playing now, before the trade deadline. While he's virtually impossible to trade, how's the time to showcase him. But, after the trade deadline, play the younger guys. No point in having Gomez twirling around, avoiding contact.

  10. I'm with Commandant on this. AK's gotta go. It stings a little because he's homegrown. And I've always questioned how the team has handled him. For example, I sorta hoped that playing with his brother would create some Sedin magic, on a smaller scale. Also, Commandant is right about the Kaberle comparison, as I'm one who believes he blows and is paid too much. A raise for AK would be ridiculous.

  11. There is no chance in hell the habs will be able to move gomez this season, they must wait for the offseason when his cap hit will go down to 5 million and hopefully trade him to a bottom feeder who need to add cap to reach the limit. that is your best bet of moving gomez, that or dump him in the minors.

    His cap hit isn't going down, his actual salary is.
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