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  1. I'm crazy and want to see how Eller develops. I honestly think he could be the big center Montreal has been clamouring for. Maybe not an 80 point guy but last year 65 points meant top 15 NHL centerman. I can see Eller becoming a 55-75 point center.

    Nothing crazy about that. I'm a little more cautious in my optimism though. Let's start with a 20 goal season.
  2. Didn`t he pull a no show at the top prospects game? or was that someone else who is draft eligible? If it is him then IMO the Habs should not fail for nail. But then again I still have hope for some playoff games this spring. I can`t ask them to fail for anyone... well maybe Mario back in 84, but that would be the exeption that makes the rule

    No ehjay, no. This is the website where the ONLY way to build a winner. The only hope we have, is putting all our faith, hopes and dream into some teenager from Russia. Kindly fall into line, we're supposed to tank around here.
  3. Don't worry Habsy.. you are in the denial stage. Grief and acceptance will come to you as well, and we will be here to support you. Just remember, you will eventually fall in love again, with a tall Russian Center, and the blush of happiness will come to you. And we will be there for you. And we will share your love.... All will be well.. buck up buddy.

    Sounds dreamy!!! Ok, you just made my evening brobin.
  4. I've watched my Leaf fan friends do this for about 87 years now come February, and even watched them get their hopes up as the late season surges result in nothing but a move towards ninth. I didn't understand their thought process and I don't understand this one. Yes its mathematically possible, but I think the writing is on the wall. This team just isnt good enough to go on to win 15/20 games necessary.

    I agree, and thanks to your work, I've learned about those young players we could draft. It doesn't change that they were close. And I prefer when they win.
  5. I can't understand how with about 20 games left, people expect them to accumulate 8 more pts than the Leafs and Jets will, as well as 6 more pts than the Capitals will and all the other teams in front of us. Look at how lifeless we are, and we are gonna win 4 more games than both the Leafs or Jets?

    Nobody expected anything. We were told the cut off date was December 1st. We just beat the Leafs twice in a row. And still play them 2 more times. This doesn't really need to be explained. Until they're mathematically out, it's ok to think about the possibilities. If I were you, I wouldn't admit you don't understand it.
  6. Still in this one headed to the 3rd. The PP has been good all night, they keep this up and they'll get one. I've got a good feeling about Bourque scoring, he has been more active than he has been lately. Campoli is having a strong game, made a good read and defensive play as the 3rd PP was expiring to prevent the breakaway and break up the 1-on-1.

    Good observation, RDS agrees with you about Bourque.
  7. Garbage period. You can only be a seller if other teams want your players. I couldn't see anything positive, but i did like Emelins play.Maybe a White fight can spark the team !!!

    You're right about that. Pierre Lebrun, before the game, mentioned AK isn't plan A, B, or C for any team in the league. Another one of our players nobody wants.
  8. Habsy and Hab29 are you guys on that four man ignore list, because I want to be on that list. Common sense sometimes is pretty thin around here. If you remember a year ago we couldn't get rid of Gomer Pyle because we couldn't get anyone to replace him. We know how that turned out. Now we can't get rid of Kaberle, because he is way too valuable on power play, which just happens to be last or close to it. We suck. Let's move forward, instead of in circles.

    I don't know anything about that list, or that feature. The idea of an ignore list I find lame anyway. I'd never use it. I have broad shoulders, if someone doesn't like my opinion, I can take it.
  9. When evaluating Gauthier's work this season, the acquisition of Kaberle goes into the reason for firing his ass column. That's how I feel about it. The trade was universally laughed at. As has been reported by so called insiders, who speak to actual GMs in the league. It doesn't, at least, raise the eyebrows of you Kaberle defenders? when it's suggested that not a single team would be interested in trading for him?

  10. You both make convincing arguments for Kaberle. But I'll say this. If you play GM, would he really be on your team? He certainly wouldn't be on mine. Like the coach Martin debate, it seems people defend just for the sake of defending. If we're selling, Kaberle is the top of my list to sell. Trouble is, I believe there's something to the notion that nobody is interested.

  11. DON, absolutely, Kaberle is an NHL player, whereas Darche could be playing in Europe next season. The reason why the rest of the league allegedly laughed at Gauthier for acquiring him is his cap hit. When you factor in the big pay raises some of our young core players are due to receive. Feel free to dismiss what others say, I often do myself. This is a trade proposal thread, and according to these insiders, any trade proposal involving Kaberle is a waste of time, because nobody is interested. If that's true, it works out well for you, because you like the player anyway. My personal opinion? I would have preferred to keep Spacek and his expiring contract, and have that money to spend this summer. I'm not all that thrilled with his play, and the occasional point he chips in. I suspect you DON have a harder shot that Kaberle does!

  12. I like how someone has said this after the last 5 losses.

    Yet another win will get everyone salivating again. "Only 6 points out! Two games against Toronto!"

    Actually, another win would put them 4 out, with 2 games remaining with the 8th place team. See how that works? Until they're mathematically eliminated, this talk is going to continue. It has no bearing on tanking or selling.
  13. What's the best situation? Not having a circus by hiring a French-speaking and not knowing if he is good enough for the job or giving the job to Cunneyworth if he has proved that he is competent and can do the job. For me, the answer is clear. As for what the Quebecers will accept or not, let me know what I think. I am a Quebecer and I will be very glad if he brings the team to the playoffs. And I would be pissed off if he did not get the job after that. Sure, there would be some lunatics whow would still ask for a French-Canadian, but they would not be hockey fans. In Quebec, we want a winning-team; if Cunneyworth is part of the solution, he should get the job.

    JC? Maybe you should fire off a few emails. Bertrand Raymond, Ron Fournier, people like that need to hear from you.
  14. Excellent post from The Cucumber. In my opinion, the top contributor speaking honestly about hab29, who in his own way, is a must read as well. The only problem with Kaberle, is the one we all know. He's a luxury we might not really be able to afford. It's his cap hit going forward. It's all about Gomez. Lose that contract, everything else falls into place.

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