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  1. Option 3 is a possibility, but its one that has been diminished greatly by gomez's play this year. If he had bounced back and had a better season than last year (like say 50 pts) he might have value for that, but not so much now.

    Exactly...I just don't see someone taking on that contract. Even if a team has to work at getting to the cap floor. That's how useless Gomez has become.
  2. I hope you mean by Darche replacement you mean Darche upgrade. Boomer committed to 4 years at Wisconsin and only just turned pro 2 years ago. I wouldn't put much stock in the fact he is 24 and can't hang in the NHL. I think this guy is going to surprise a lot of people.

    Well of course upgrade! Just don't get too carried away, that's all.
  3. I see what you did there Machine of Loving Grace. If option 3 doesn't happen, it's because the GM isn't smart enough to craft such a deal. I want Gomez gone, but I'm guessing even the poor teams have capologists. Is there a precedent for that reach the cap floor stuff? I highly doubt teams come to the realization they won't make the floor, and seek out the leagues worst contract. Let's play GM, would you take Gomez, even though he's owed 5 million per season? I'd rather have two players thet work hard and contribute for the same cash, and cap relief.

  4. What is this, 1996 again?

    Molson didn't purchase the Montreal Expos. He purchased the Montreal Canadiens. If he is unwilling to spend an extra $10M in Hamilton for the better of the team, he might as well go ahead and sell it to someone else.

    It is what it is, we shall see. That's a lot of cash to bury.
  5. Comparing MAB and Kaberle is not really serious. The problem with Kaberle is cap hit, and that's all there is to it. Our young core is due raises, and we're carrying the leagues worst contact with Gomez. And if we can all refrain from saying Gomez is gonzo next year, because that remains to be seen, it's not that simple.

  6. Exactly...if I was GM, and we didn't have a salary cap, MAB would be on my team. He would watch the game from the dressing room, while eating hot dogs. He would walk up the tunnel only when we have a power play, and would play just for the crazy shot from the blue line. And the bonus is he could satisfy the francophone media, and answer some questions after. Kaberle doesn't even have a good shot.

  7. I don't hate Kaberle at all. I was making a comparison to how Bergeron and Kaberle are pretty much glass cannons. They'll provide offensively but don't do much in their named position.

    I also don't believe he's untradeable. There's no such thing in any sport.

    The problem is cap hit. A 7th dman being paid that much is ridiculous. Bergeron makes way less. More reasonable cap hit, and actually more entertaining to watch. I think Kaberle is useless. If he's on pace for 42 points, that's not much more than 1 assist per week, over the course of a season. That's why the trade was laughed at, cap hit. We're stuck with this player.
  8. Trade proposal.

    Kaberle and Campoli to any team for anything from a 7th to Daniel Sedin. Anything.

    I love your proposal. Trouble is, nobody wants Kaberle. The hockey "outsider" Darren Dreger said if he's available, the team wouldn't get a single phone call. Not ONE inquiry. Feel free to rip Dreger, but on this, I believe him.
  9. If we want to trade AK, the coaches should stop devaluing him. Play the hell out of him. Sing his praises in the press. Don't question his work ethic even if it is true.

    PG reminds me of the guy selling a car who starts the negotiation with "it doesn't run very well, but if you are interested in it...."

    You're absolutely right. And isn't trading a 20+ goal scorer when he's soon to be ufa another dumb move?
  10. The Habs still have to go out west and you know how that story goes, lose the 1st two for sure and lucky if they can grab a point or two before they come home.

    I much prefer to look down and see that the Habs are only 6 points out of 29th with the Oilers having played 2 less games

    It's worth repeating, this thread is about trying to make the playoffs. Not what your opinion is on where you'd prefer the team wind up. The eighth place Leafs have a tough game on Saturday in Vancouver. It's possible we make up ground this weekend. Friday night in Buffalo, which normally has many Hab fans in attendance. Then a day off Saturday, and a Sunday night game vs the Devils at home. This game against Boston shows this team still has plenty of fight in it.
  11. They are not making the playoffs.. I don't get why people keep fantasizing about it. Dump the UFA and get working on next year.

    You're the one doing all the fantasizing, for a lottery pick. This team just fought back against the champs, and got a point. The players and coaches are not giving up. And I realize this pains a few of you, but neither is management and ownership yet.
  12. It's bizarre, as Leafs keep losing. We win tonight, which is obviously not easy, we're 5 back. Leafs could lose tonight, as it's second game in two nights. Then they've got Vancouver, which radio says they don't do well against. We were supposed to be dead on December 1st, that was the magical cut off date. We're still alive. Crazy year.

  13. Desharnais is better because of his linemates, not the other way around. His linemates are the two best wingers on the team with more proven track records than he has. I'm fine with Dessy, but let's not get carried away here. He's easily the third best player on that line. Pacioretty was scoring at that rate with Gomez in decline as his centre last year.

    The card in hand is usually better than the UFA option. Kostitsyn at $4m-$4.5m is reasonable. It'd be nice if we had a coach who didn't so enthusiastically bench him for a change. When you're down a goal, you play Kostitsyn over Palushaj and Darche, no matter how good Palushaj or Darche have played the past week.

    AK is playing himself out of the organization, and you want to give him a million dollar raise? I honestly don't see it. Especially considering the raises Pacioretty, PK, and Carey are going to get.
  14. No they are not. They will be the same team five years from now if they don't start taking advantage of opportunities availed to them. They are in the wilderness. If they don't take stock of where they are and how to get out of there, they will be there for a long time.

    Sure, and that's the feeling I get. We'll continue to fight for 8th. Hope I'm wrong. It's like 2009 in reverse. With Halak we over achieved. This year, with all the stuff that's gone on, we've under achieved. It's given us a sniff at a lottery pick, and everyone's excited. We're not trading Cole, and playing Budaj the rest of the way, to get that pick. The ufa's? I hope they're gonzo.
  15. That's all great, but not realistic, and not something that's going to happen. We've spent the last five months debating why this team has under achieved. It's not at the Bruins level, but it's also not a lottery team. Selling off the pieces that we all believe are available probably won't help us next season, as they'll likely only get us draft picks. The idea that we could trade up is pure fantasy, if it happens, wonderful, but don't hold your breath. We started the season as a team that would fight for 8th, and that's where we'll finish. The core of this team won't be traded in an effort to "tank", in my opinion. I think we're going to have to accept this. Let's see if I'm wrong. This fighting for 8th stuff is garbage, but I don't see it changing for now. As the Cucumber suggest, this team is probably going to stay the course, and hopefully improve slowly, in small increments.

  16. Even though it's happened my entire life, soon to be 41, I'm still surprised we blew the Leafs out of that library they call an arena. They hand pick this game against us for the magical Mats Sundin night, on Hockey Day in Canada, and they get destroyed. All my life, Leaf fan telling me how great they're going to be. Asking me how can I possibly be a Habs fan. Canada's team, the Mecca of hockey, the most knowledgable fans, all complete and utter drivel. I actually felt sorry for Mats Sundin. So much for his big night. If that's Canada's team, what does that say about our country? In my opinion, the Leafs are just a crappy team in a big city. Nothing more, nothing less.

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