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  1. He was 15 years old when he yelled at the coach, meh, who hasn't done stupid things at 15?

    If its a repeative pattern of behavior over the next few years ill be concerned but for now its just one incident.

    Thanks to you Commandant, I've got my eye on Brendan Gaunce. I've given up on hoping and praying for a lottery pick.
  2. It may be cool but it isn't smart. I want to see a Stanley Cup not f////ing around trying to slide into last playoff spot every year.

    I was hoping this thread wouldn't be about tanking. Yet it is. Well, we're not tanking. And that's all there is to it. In fact, that's not the only way to build a team. So, no, it has nothing to do with being smart or or not. We're too good to be a lottery team, and have under achieved this season. If we trade more than Hal Gill and Travis Moen, I'll be surprised. Getting back to the point of the thread, we beat the Leafs tonight, that's 4 in a row. Then we host Carolina. We could be looking at 5 wins in a row. I expect this team to fight like hell to the end. Get used to it.
  3. While tanking is never something to cheer about, I absolutely understand why people are advocating this. We have had such a dissapointing season that it seems we might as well endure a bit more to gain a franchise changing player.

    What I am more interested in is your comment about hoping for the leafs, making you no fan of this team.

    Hypothetically, if we came to the last game of the season and were out of the playoffs, and losing to the leafs meant getting top pick, would you still advocate that hoping we lose means you are not a HABs fan?

    I get the whole leafs/bruins hatred thing and could never support either team, but in my opinion people hoping we tank (even if this includes losing to the leafs) can still be habs fans (they just can see the big picture, not just the next game)

    Ya, last game of season, we lose and get a good draft pick, I could stomach a loss to a rival.
  4. I welcome this thread. It would actually be nice to have it free of people repeating over and over the idea of tanking. We have other places to talk about that. Until we're mathematically out, it's fun to think about the possibilities. On a side note, when we play the Leafs on Saturday, I'm curious if some fool is going to drop a fail for nail post. If you'd rather lose to the hated Leafs, you are no fan of this team, in my opinion.

  5. I for one was very pleased with the 07-08 season,and the off-season acquisitions that followed. And was pleasantly shocked and ecstatic about our ECF appearance.I thin k the last two season have been a downward spiral and not much to be pleased about. And on your flip side,I have never seen a management in any sport get defended by it's base like this one. And I am a big 3 sport fan (not NBA though).

    I don't see what you're seeing. In fact, most here wouldn't care if Pierre Gauthier was replaced this summer, they'd probably welcome it. What I see is people using common sense and logic, trying go evaluate the moves the management has made. It's better that screaming player X sucks, and player Y blows. And on a personal note, I'll be 41 soon, and have fond memories of Bob Gainey as a player described by the Russians as the best in the world. In hindsight, all that spending in the summer of 2009 may not have worked out. But I get defensive when people start ripping him from their basement.
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  6. I don't mind Gio,overpaid or not,if he has a big body on his line. Bourque-Pleks-Gio isn't a bad 2nd line to go with DD-Cole-Pacs.he definitely has heart and being captain,and his style,may push Bourque to be more of a consistent force.

    Do I detect something positive from Mr. lafrous10? There's hope for you...
  7. No one said he was a minor leaguer. I agree with this whole post. it seems if you don't say how great a player is,you're bashing him. Do these people realize we're battling for last place?

    You bashed him, along with most of the roster. We get it, they're having a bad season. The team won't be gutted in the way you desire. That's just the way it is.
  8. And how does Gio's 2 yrs/$10m after this year left on his contract disappear?Gallagher is a crapshoot,neither I nor you know how he will perform as an NHLer

    That's why I said suggests. That's the point of drafting 18 year olds. That's the system in place. And Gionta isn't going anywhere, why should he?
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