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  1. Call me silly but at this point, no matter who the GM is, they'll be expected to pick Patrick Roy as the new head coach. Maybe that might turn off a guy like Jim Nill that he doesn't get to choose his coach but Nill might like that, having a coach with GM experience in the juniors. He'd probably relate to him better.

    I see you working, and I like that suggestion!
  2. That's interesting about McGuire, but it's also a long time ago. Not sure youthful mistakes should be held against the guy forever. That being said, I don't want McGuire either. His main claim to fame is being a self-promoting loudmouth with an encyclopedic memory and a long list of blaring opinions. None of this makes him a self-evident choice to run an organization. We need a SERIOUS, impeccably qualified candidate with the right combination of people skills, knowledge, sang-froid and driving will to win. Too bad you never hear Jim Nill's name in this context.

    For what it's worth, Francois Gagnon did mention Jim Nill as an excellent candidate. He even tweeted that a francophone GM is not as important as coach.
  3. I agree entirely, but if you read some of the posts there are still people here who would fall on their sword for him. What we are talking about is real honest hockey value and not some slirpy love fest. What we are talking about is habs fan overstating their case.

    What the **** are you talking about? This entire website agrees he stinks, and seemingly forgot how to play hockey. People seem to hope he at least finds his game, as his contract is tricky to move, or deal with.
  4. I suppose it's the rumored offer from the Leafs for Nash that got me thinking. None of it excites me, from a Columbus perspective. And it really helps the Leafs long term. Provided it's true, and actually happened. You start negotiations by saying Subban is untouchable. You want our 1st round pick, what else, to get desired player? Didn't anyone see Moneyball? Good movie...

  5. Ok, say Rick Nash. Off the top of my head. He's said he'd waive his no trade. It would give C-bus two high picks. It would be very complicated to pull off, he might not even want to play here. And, no doubt, we can all find stats that say he's not worth it. Just a thought....ok, Nash is a winger, but...

    I do it for Eric Stall,but it would take more

  6. Let's face it, this lottery pick stuff is not how we roll. This website would implode, but what if we trade our 1st round pick for a bonafide number one center? It's a proposal thread, so I'm proposing. I'm not suggesting it's the right thing to do, but Cole, Gionta and a hopefully healthy Markov are not getting any younger. To do such a deal, the player would ideally be signed long term, and I suspect the Gomez contract would have to be dealt with to make the numbers fit. Now that would be wild.

  7. Interesting stuff. To me, Bourque looks like a Bruin/Flyer. He'd fit right in with either of those teams. He might be another one of those generic pieces, but he'd make them that much tougher to beat. That's why I like the trade. If he brings his A game when playing the Bruins, at least it gives them something to think about. In the long run, our small feisty players can't get over the hump anyway. They came close in 2009, sure. We still have Plex, Desharnais and Brendan Gallagher in the pipeline, to maintain that style.

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