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  1. What's that? Going against the grain of the majority here who like to be negative about everything?

    It just get's old quickly. Constantly quoting someone. I'd prefer to read what you're thinking. Carry on. Any Hab fan is a friend of mine, even the negative ones.
  2. We finally traded for some offense, and didn't give up much. Now our coach says Vanek "Has to make adjustments to his game". As time goes by, I'm starting to believe Therrien isn't qualified to make that assessment. Meanwhile, D are continuously played on their wrong side.

  3. Typical knee jerk reaction from many on here, let's fire everybody and the season is over. I would swear I was reading the comments section on TSN, not the intelligent, thought out forum that this is supposed to be. We just completed the hardest part of the our schedule without our MVP and were able to scrap together 7 out of 16 points. No that is not ideal but it's also not the end of the world. It's going to take some time for Vanek to settle in and for his linemates get comfortable with him. They created chances out there, they just didn't bury them, it happens. If they weren't able to create any scoring opportunities then it would be cause for panic but they did. Budaj has shown recently why he is a backup, many have been let in that normally wouldn't if Price was in. Everybody take a breath

    That's fair. But there's a fine line between taking a breath, and waving pom poms with Habs underpants on. I come here for intelligent talk. But I like how hab29 seems ready to throw a tv through a hotel window at any moment.
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  4. Personally I care more about the Montreal Canadiens than Team Canada but I'm sure it means a lot for Price. For me it just creates another thing for someone to point at positively or negatively about the team goalie that has absolutely zero to do with the entire team performance, which is the real indicator of how far the team can go.

    I agree. Let CBC and TSN put Bernier and Reimer on the team. I really don't care.
  5. Dallas Eakins should do more coaching then shit-talking in his end-of-game presser. He responded with a 'slight' by Eller, by then insulting Eller, real high road coach.

    We as fans bemoan the Sidney Crosbys of the world with their cliché that when a player speaks the truth we're all like.."dont give them motivation", really as someone mentioned earlier, if you NEED motivation to play this game, then just retire.

    You're bang on bar. I saw the comments, they made me cringe. Oilers came from behind, and won on the road. Get out of town and keep your mouth shut. Act like you've been there before.
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