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  1. That's exactly why he should thank the fans, and decline his invitation. He doesn't deserve to be there, no matter what everyone's opinion of the actual game is. This is supposed to be the NHL, not the WWF.
  2. For what might be the first time in my life, I actually agree with Don Cherry's take. If he goes to the game, the other players are laughing at him, not with him.
  3. I've spent alot of time travelling the 401 between Montreal and Toronto. In the same day, I'd hear McGuire do radio spots in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. What happens is he tends to tailor his comments to each market. I imagine he gets paid by each station, so he's got to try to please everyone. I've also heard that he might have a little resentment towards the Habs because he applied for jobs with the team in the past, with no success. Having said that, he's a proud Montrealer, grew up a Habs fan, and wants the team to win, and continue to be the worlds most famous hockey team.
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