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  1. I think this ruling was great news for Gainey, not so great for Theodore. I think he should be offered 3.5mil/year He has never returned to the form he showed before signing the big contract, and he isn't even amonst the top 5 goalies in the league, in my opinion. I would have been happy to go with garon, if he were still here.
  2. I think you'd want to switch up Perizogin and Zednik, if periz. makes the team....Zednik would work better with Ribero and Ryder. Also, Dagenais will probably be reserved for 3rd line and power play duty. As well, Higgens might look good on a third line with Bink n Bulis. Another prospect or 2 could surprise in camp, in which case, Dagenais becomes a press box player.
  3. The fly in the Panthers ointment is that Luongo is unhappy, and wants more money than he is being offered....I think they will clear this up..but could be trouble, since Keenan is not known for his patience, and had been known to 'make an example' of his best players in the past (ie, Brendan Shannahan). Also, I don't think adding Gratton (who has worn out his welcome everywhere), Roberts and Newendyk(old!!!), and Stumple (injury prone and on the decline) is going to make them a contender.
  4. I am a huge habs fan, and a huge Leaf hater. This year the leafs have dropped Niewendyk, Roberts, Mogilny and Nolan, and replaced them with Allison, Lindros and O'neil. Also, they have a 40 year old goaltender, and no d to speak of. Is this the year the horseshoe drops out, and they fall flat? We can all only hope so.
  5. I think Gainey will stand pat, unless he has problems signing any of the 3 remaining restricted free agents. I think Perazoigen (can;t spell) and Higgens and Hainsey will be given every chance to make the team...and also, Chipchura has an outside chance as well.:hlogo:
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