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  1. I must admit, the contracts noted above do make the Desharnes signing seem reasonable. However, just because we can find two players who just got overpaid, doesn't make the deal a great one. My problem with the contract is that we have Eller, Plekanics, Galchenyuk (who must be slowly transitioned into a centre) as three top two centers already. I think we need to move one of Plekanics, Desharnes or Gionta in the next year or so. I hate hearing how the Habs are too small, but with Gallager,Gionta, Plekanics, Desharnes and Briere all playing top 9 minutes, well, we are too small.

  2. I get that they lost players, but on the overall picture they all seemed to improve. Frustrating when watching Sportsnet and all the "winners" of the offseason so far are in the same Division as Montreal.

    As I said before though, something has to be coming... I'll wait and see what rolls out... BUT, at this point, playoffs look like a stretch.

    Actually, I believe Boston was fleeced on that trade with Dallas. I think Toronto paid a heavy price for Clarkson, but I think they are an improved team. Ottawa is a team I've really been impressed with the last few years too. I am, however, content to actually build through the draft, its the only way to build a contender.

  3. Laraque should explain to us how useful he was to us when he signed here? The only fear he put into anyone was a buffet owner. What a waste of space. I am glad we sign parros even if it is for only a few games he will play. It will allow prust to play hockey and not be in the box as often.

    That idiot should be taped to a chair with his eyes propped open and forced to watch a video of all his shifts with the Habs, then asked if he feels the same about Parros. I don't know how Parros will do here, and I'm not a fan at all of fighting in hockey, but I've seen Laraques sorry antics, and I was not impressed. Perhaps politics is the right arena for this idiot.

  4. He will not win the norris. There is still to much bias against him. The media types will not vote him in because a.He is black. I could be wrong, but unfortunately, there are still a lot of closet biggets out there. b.He plays with swagger. The conservative types do not like this. c.He plays for the wrong team. You don't see him on coaches corner/leaf love in sitting on that old idiots knee. I believe PK is the clear favorite for the Norris, and I hope I am wrong about these things, but I fear I am not.

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  5. After listening to both Tsn and Sportsnet all day, the lack of respect for the Habs is palpable. Its all about the pens and bruins. They seem to give more hope for Ottawa and even Washington. The Habs could be tenth in the east for the chances they were given.

    I so want to destroy Pitts and Boston in the playoffs.

    TSN has created the whole trade deadline buzz in Canada, they push it like crazy, and so if you don't make a deal, they act like your team has missed out on a shot at the cup, which is just crazy. Todays biggest deal, for instance, was gaborik moving to columbus. Have you seen him play this year? I wouldn't take that guy and his inflated paycheck for the proverbial role of hockey tape. The fact is, trade deadline is much more of a big deal for teams who are terrible and are trying to reload on young players and draft picks, than it is for teams on the right road, looking forward to some good playoff hockey.

  6. I understand the logic of keeping their picks and prospects, and this probably isn't "the year, " but there's no guarantee we're going to be this healthy in upcoming years. If we just get Drewiske and a 13th forward, that's not an acceptable deadline for a division leader / number two team in the conference.

    Actually, it is acceptable. There is no rule that says you have to start firing picks and prospects away on trade deadline day just because its the deadline. If there are no decent pickups at a reasonable price, then leave it. Especially if it is felt Bourque and Diaz are going to return for playoffs.

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  7. of course they should have. Calgary got lower value from Pitts than they were offered from Boston because Iggy wanted to go to Pittsburg. MB would have to be a fool not to take Iggy with one of those prospects you mention and a low first rounder going the other way. Calgary painted themselves into a corner by not trying to deal Iginla last season.

    I disagree. Iginla is a rental, wether or not he sees it that way. The Pens will not be resigning him next year, unless he is willing to take less than half of what he is being paid now. Habs have had a great season, but no need to start throwing away assets for players who will be around for 1 or 2 months.

  8. I think we've all seen Markovs game slipping slowly over the last 10 to 15 games, does anyone else think it makes sense to sit him for a bit? I think there has to be a time when management asks itself if its more important to win the division or have a well rested Markov in the lineup. maybe no more back to back games, or perhaps no practice during those rare 3 days off, but personally, I'd like to give him a game or 2 off and turn one of those 3 day gameless stretches into a week off for the guy.

  9. I've said before, I think Julien's bitching should be seen as tactics. He is worried about the Canadiens, and he wants to plant a seed in the refs' minds about us. This sort of thing is as old as the hills - Scotty Bowman used to harrangue refs between games accusing them of favouring the Bruins. In a weird way, it's a compliment to us.

    The danger in this tactic is that you provide your own team with a subtle excuse for losing. Dryden argued that Harry Sinden's moaning about ghosts and unfair treatment ultimately made it acceptable for the Bruins to lose to the Habs.

    The other danger is that, if your players truly come to believe it, they begin to look for illegal ways of expressing their frustration. That's what happened to Pacioretty. But I'm sure Julien has no problem with this.

    Thats one of the things about the 'new' Therrien I've come to appreciate this year, he could easily freak out and fire back in the media, but he keeps his cool, on the bench and after the games. He really has grown as a coach.

  10. Maybe we can get Brian Burke in the mix. He can suggest some blockbuster deals that energize the fan base, but do little to improve the on ice product. How about Galchenyuk, Eller and a 1st for Corey Perry? Or two first Rounders for Iginla? Perhaps Subban for Letang?

    I hope you are joking. And, all kidding aside, if you look back at Burkes deals, other than the Kessel blunder, he actually did pretty good. It was his ego and attitude which lead to his demise in T.O.

  11. Subban for Norris

    Voters won't hold a black man down anymore, see Obama.

    We just gotta go to the Urban centres and get the vote out.

    I don't believe Subban will win the Norris this year. Is he the best defenceman in the league? No, honestly, he is not. Is he top 5? Yes, and he still has a lot to learn. He has all the tools to be the best, he just isn't there yet.

  12. is this the 2nd straight game eller led centers in ice time? or the first? any how this kid is growing by the game. at this rate he'll be our #1 in no time. his poise with the puck is staggering compared to last season (although he showed flashes at times). kudos to MT for allowing the kid to finally start to blossom right before our very eyes. is it me our does he play similarilly to peter foresberg in stlye (just not even close to as clinical offensively)

    patch DD gallagher

    ryder plex gio

    bourque eller galchenyuk

    arm white moen

    bourque ple gio

    patch DD gallagher

    prust eller ryder

    armstrong white moen

    galchenyuk sits when healthy. he is the odd man out right now in the top 9. he hasnt been to good and he needs a break from action to reset his mentality, he needs to start driving to the net with and without the puck!

    id also like to see tinordi play his left side with PK as he gets more games in. tinordi is staying with this team make no mistake about it, with hamilton's season virtually over he sticks....

    markov emelin

    tinordi PK

    gorges diaz

    will be our line up going into the playoffs




    bold= puck mover

    our defense is looking really deep right now. they move the puck out of our zone with ease it seems overall

    You do not sit a kid like Galchenyuk. As long as his attitude is good, he plays. He is dangerous out there, and he is slowly finding his way. When you keep a kid like that with the big team, the intention is that he does not sit.

  13. Wasn't a penalty, but Subban still needs to learn a little self control. I know its easy to say but thats a play where he needs to play the puck, not go for the monster hit. I still think he's one of the most talented d-men in the league, and I think he will win the Norris some day soon.

  14. Dumont has done nothing that would make him needed once Bourque is back. Good road game by Habs, I like how this team stays patient and confident when the momentum swings against them. As for the Islanders, I think they really have an excellent core of young forwards, especially Tavares, he is, in my opinion, one of the top 5 players in the league, he is amazing with the puck. Nice to see Bourque back soon, our forward lines are just a little off, I'd like to see him, Galchenyuk and Eller out there for a few games, I really think that could work.

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